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I staggered lazily opening my eyes, I woke up in an untidy space which seems to be an abandoned warehouse, I saw some old and rugged vinyl blue chair not too far from my right and a table filled with drinks and drug at my far left. I saw two guys discussing with masks on, I couldn’t make out what they were talking about clearly but I could hear little whispers.


“That’s Ryan girl, they hangout every time at jerks café by seven pm” one of the guy told the other.


“I’m sure boss would be happy with what we have done, Ryan is going to learn the hard way” the other one says. I weeped as I thought about the harmful things they could do to me and how hurt my knees were. “Ple-ase” I managed to find my voice.


“Shut it!” One of them said moving close to me, my body went cold immediately he touched my face. He looked into my eyes, I could see his green eyes through the masks he was wearing.


“Please, don’t touch me” I cried moving backwards as I saw lust in his eyes and how he bit his lower lip, I knew he wanted something s£xual with me. “Please” I cried some more.


“Have you ever had a threesome?” He asked me peering his green eyes on me my body.


“Please” I breathed out but he wasn’t having any of it.


Suddenly I heard footsteps from the other room far away and the guys left me to


attend to whoever just walked in. Save by the boss! I sighed and breathed out


relief, I clinched my hands together supporting my knees with my clinched hands


so I wouldn’t feel the pain much.






I just called Aaliyah for the umpteen times and yet no reply, her phone just redirect


me to voicemail every damn time I call her. I picked up my phone to call Harvey;


the only friend I know she have other than me. Who knows maybe those two love


birds are hanging out without me.


“Hey Harv” I said over the phone.


“Hey, what’s up” he yawned.


“You are asleep?” I questioned surprise.


“Yes it’s two in the morning, what am I supposed to be doing? Flying?” He joked and I just lost interest in his joke because I was damn worried about my friend.


“Have you by any chance seen Aaliyah because I thought she was with you or wait


is she with you, like you two…”


“No way” he interrupted.


“And what do you mean if I’ve seen Aaliyah?” He asked and I imagined he got out of bed.


“She hasn’t come home since yesterday after class and oh my God!” I exclaimed.


“What?!” He asked.


“Don’t tell me Aaliyah is with Ryan, maybe she decided to spend a night with him” I said and hoped that was the case because that would be better than anything I can think of right now.


“Aaliyah is not that kind of girl, you know what I’ll go check Ryan’s room to see if he came home” he replied my sarcastic idea.


“Sure, please call me when you find anything” I hung up and fell into my bed feeling some type of way. Hope Aaliyah is safe? .




I was fast asleep when I heard a light knock on my door, I managed to remove my duvet and staggered lazily to the door, I wonder who that could be at this hour. I opened the door and I saw a guy who looked familiar, I don’t know because I don’t pay attention to other students at school but he looks so familiar.


“Hey, is Aaliyah here?” He asked looking into my room. I stay in my room alone because I don’t get along with people much and Madame Meghan being a friend to my mom and also I being a long time student who contributed immensely to the school made me entitled to my own room with privacy.


“Wait what? Aaliyah here?” I asked really surprised because that was the last thing on my mind right now.


“I know you guys met at jerks café yesterday and since then her roommate can’t find her, we’ve tried contacting her but her number ain’t going through” he said really concerned and then it struck me, this is the guy Akiya normally hangs out with. I’m sure they are even dating because they seem so close.


“I don’t know where she is, yes we had a meeting yesterday but after then we separated. Can I go back to sleep now because I had a heck of a day. Goodnight” I banged the door and went back to bed.


What’s up with that girl, I wonder where she wandered off to this time. I was about going back to sleep when I got a call from an unknown number. Damn! Who’s this again? I really need my sleep. I lazily picked it up. “Hello” I said lowly.



“We have your girl Ryan, meet us at Gigs by nine tomorrow and we can talk more” a husky voice said and hanged up.


Fear griped me because they’ve got Tasha, I quickly put a call through to Michael.


“Hey dude” he said weakly.


“They’ve got Tasha” I replied fast.


“Who’ve got Tasha?” He asked but this time his voice was more alert and high.


“You know who” I replied.


“Don’t tell me it’s the…”


“Yes it’s the Johes” I competed his statement. The Johes are my dad’s rival and they’ve been on my family’s tail for years and they would do anything just to squash us.


“Okay calm down we need to carefully plan this, Tasha is I’m real trouble man” Michael said.


“I know and that shit is driving me crazy” I replied trying to calm down.


“But they never came after Nadia, why Tasha?” I asked.


“I don’t know. But you know there is only one way out?” He asked and I raised my


brow in confusion.


“What way?” I asked.






At Gigs


It was exactly nine and I was waiting for that unknown caller to show. I made sure to arrive before time and I reviewed all Michael told me last night. Soon I saw a big guy walk into gigs and he tilted his head up signalling me that he was here. I slowly went to join him at his booth.


“You said you’ve got my girl” I said and he nodes.


“How am I sure you’ve got her?” I asked and he laughed bringing out his phone. “Here, isn’t this your girl?” He showed me the photo and I saw that Akiya girl badly injured and on the floor. My eyes were wide open because she wasn’t the girl I came to fight for but no wonder her friends was searching for her but thank God they don’t have Tasha. I breathed out a sigh of relief. “What do you want?” I asked.


“Simple, just help us bring down your father and you get the girl” he replied.


“Well I can’t go against my father” I said.


“Then we will kill her” he said with his big and deep voice.


“Do as you wish” I said and stood up to leave. I got in my car and drove off, I called Michael on the way home and he was really pissed at my decision.


“What do you mean you told them to kill her” he yelled over the phone.


“I can’t marry her man” I said. That was our plan, the only way to keep her safe is to marry her because once she is a Pierce, the Johes can’t touch her, they can only throw tantrums at is but they can’t kill her or hurt her in any way. I liked the idea thinking it was Tasha but now that I know it’s Akiya I can’t oblige to such nonsense.


“You have to, that’s the only way remember what they did to your uncle joe’s girl, the one he didn’t want to marry, tell them your wedding is in a few weeks and they will let her go and never touch her and of course you have to marry her unless she dies.” Michael blabbed on but I can’t marry her, I don’t like anything about her, her fashion sense, the way she behaves I hate it all! And besides I like someone else. “You got her into this mess Ryan” Michael reminded me.


“I didn’t, the instructor did and he should go marry her!” I ended the call pissed.






I remained pained as they kept me there, I haven’t taken my drugs today, if they knew I got cancer and the shit they doing is only helping the inevitable, they wouldn’t be doing this. I feel very weak right now, I can’t breath, I might even faint soon due to this pain. I adjusted my position and prayed hoping my guardian angel would come sooner.


“Hey, what did he say?” I heard one the guys.


“He said we can do as we wish.” The other guy replied.


I felt scared, I never knew death could scare me this much because I’d be gone in


three months anyways, why is this scaring you Aaliyah. It’s death, that thing that


has been knocking on your door for years now maybe it’s the right time to answer.


Who knows?…












[Broken vows]


by berlie






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