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Cakes, cranberry pie, chicken and turkey was on the table waiting to be devoured and every one of my family member was in Australia to be a part of my big day; at least not everyone though but Uncle Henry and his family was there at least that’s something, uncle Henry never visits or attend any family weddings. “Hi” I hugged him and his wife accompanying it with a peck.


“You look ravishing” Aunty Kim; Uncle Henry’s wife patted my cheeks and I let out a smile.


Today was rehearsal dinner with my family because apparently tomorrow is my


wedding. I wondered how Lala pulled this entire thing off because I still can’t


believe my eyes. Well Ryan was outraged at first with Lala’s decision but later


agreed. Lala and her ways….






Lala walked into the room with a beaming smile.


“Be prepared, you are getting married tomorrow” she announced and my eyes were widely opened.


“What?! How? Where? Why?” I questioned and she smiled.


“Well I was planning to surprise you but I hate surprises so I just scratched that out, your family are on their way here and we have rehearsal dinner tonight” she said and I still couldn’t believe it.


“How did you know my family and…”


“Your uncle Henry, your Aunty Kim, your mom and your dad, your cousin Freddy


and trust me I didn’t forget your favourite cousin Lena and some other of your


family members which I can’t really remember their name” Lala interrupted me


while I still sat with my mouth agape.


“How?” I asked.


“Oh forget that, when you’ve got money shit works, I just did a little findings and


all those crap” she rolled her eyes.


“But Ryan?” I asked.


“Oh forget that asshole, I’ve got you and my dad would be here for the rehearsal dinner tonight and your family will arrive in three hours so get prepared and pat my little niece for me” she winked and walked out the door but later came back. “Forgot something?” I asked.


“Yes, I totally forgot; your Paris friend Louise!” She exclaimed.


“What? You know her?” I asked.


“Of course not but I know she is your friend.” She put her hands in the air.


“And…” I tried to say but mumbled the words instead.


“I’ll arrange a flight for her but I’m not sure she will make the rehearsal dinner because Australia is far and before she get her shit together, it would take time but I’ll try” Lala said and flung the door open happily as she danced out humming some kinda song. Such a baby but very sweet. But can someone wake me up from this bad dream? I’m getting married to Ryan Pierce soon I won’t be Aaliyah Thompson but Aaliyah Pierce. I don’t know, maybe I’m having second thoughts. As I sat restlessly on the bed, the door clicked open and Ryan came in with rage. “What’s up with all this decoration and why is my sister mumbling something about our wedding being tomorrow because I don’t understand.” Ryan poured out fuming.


“I don’t know either, I’m just as confused as you” I stood up and walked towards the window.


“Anyways I’m not gonna be a party to this” he stormed out of the room and I sighed and moved back to the bed to rest. .





“Lala what the hell are you doing?” I yelled as she was holding flowers and giving instructions to the decorators.



“Just put the yellow one there” she gave an instruction to one of the decorators and later faced me.


“You were saying?” She said blinking her eyelashes.


“What the hell Lala, what’s all this?” I asked and she smiled.


“Oh c’mon, it’s your wedding and I want to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow” she said and I groaned.


“You know what I mean, why tomorrow?” I questioned and she rolled her eyes. “She is pregnant and needs to rest or would you rather her stomach protrudes out before you guys get married, you know that would be stressful for her and the baby” Lala blabbed on and I was shocked. “Pregnant? I don’t understand” I said and she hissed.


“Don’t play with me okay? I know your dirty secret now” she pushed me with her hips and walked ahead.


I was totally confused, how can she be pregnant? What’s Lala talking about or is this one of her crazy scheme.


“Fine but I don’t want to marry her tomorrow” I said bluntly.


“Do you love her? If you love her enough you would be happy to marry her any day and any time unless there is something you ain’t telling me” she walked closer to me and I went back a little. Lala could be scary sometimes or all the time. “I do I love her but we ain’t ready” I replied sternly.


“But she seemed perfectly fine with the wedding, how about a deal, you marry her tomorrow and I get dad off your back, you don’t have to worry about him disturbing you to run for office or those kinda shit anymore” she bargained. “And how do you plan to do that?” I asked and she blinked her eyes and smiled.


“I have my ways” she giggled and punched my hands.


“Oh stop that. Fine!” I agreed and she did it one more time again.


“Go get ready groom, dad would be home soon for the rehearsal dinner tonight”


she held my shoulders stretching her hands up because I was taller than her;










I greeted everyone who came in for the rehearsal dinner. Ryan’s dad wasn’t here yet and Ryan seemed natural, smiling and laughing with everyone like today really meant something to him. I glanced at him so many times and when our eyes meet I’d look away.


“Have you prepared your speech” a voice creeped up on me.


“Oh-yes- not really” I turned around to see my mom smiling at me.


“Oh my darling, just speak from your heart and you would make a fantastic speech because when we find love we just know what to say and how to say it because that person means so much to us” my mom advised patting my cheeks. “Oh mom” I hugged her tightly.


“Ryan is kinda cool. I like him already” my mom commented as we broke the hug. “You have no idea mom” I smiled. I wasn’t so happy deep down but what more can I do, I have to marry him so I wouldn’t break Harvey’s heart and also not die before the stipulated time.


“Hey” Harvey walked up to my mom and I.


“Hi” I replied and was surprised he came.


“Errm..” He said facing my mom indicating he didn’t know who she was.


“Oh! Mom this is Harvey; my friend and Harvey meet my mom” I introduced.


“Good day ma” he greeted.


“Good day dear” my mom replied.


“You have an amazing daughter and a very nice hair” Harvey complimented.


“I do? Thanks” my mom thanked him touching her hair with a smile.


“Alright I’d live you too” my mom said and I pecked her.


“Really? Nice hair?” I faced Harvey.


“I didn’t know what to say” Harvey said as we walked from where we stood. “You literally couldn’t find any other thing to say?” I smirked and so did he. “I’m sorry if I found your mom hair attractive” he said and I laughed. How much did I miss him. So f**king much.


“You look beautiful by the way” he complimented and I blushed.


“Thanks” I replied.


“Let’s come to the dinning table and eat dinner, I’m starving” Lala shouted and we all retired to the dinning table, we didn’t use the normal house dinning table, Lala arranged chairs and a long table at the back of the house and it was beautiful and royal.


I sat close to Ryan and my mom. Ryan’s father was still no where to be found. “I’m sorry for my dad not being here he must be so…”


“Excuse me people, I’m sorry for being late” Ryan’s dad dashed in and pecked Lala before taking his seat.


“I’m sorry once more, I was caught up in a meeting and my flight was delayed.” He apologised.



“No worries” my grandma Esthy said lowly because of her age and she looked fragile and old. Grandma Esthy is my dad’s mom and she being here is a big blessing to me.


“Ah, which one of you is my daughter in-law” Ryan’s dad asked.


“to be, daughter in-law to be” Aunty Kim added and we laughed.


“Sure, sure!” Aunty Gwen; Ryan’s Aunty said and we laughed again.


“Me” I said and glanced at Ryan. Harvey left immediately we were asked to come the dining table because the Johes are not welcomed in the pierce home and I wonder how he came here in the first place.


“You are so beautiful” Ryan’s dad complimented and I smiled.


“Good choice boy” one of Ryan’s uncle said.


We were about eating when my grandma asked us to say the grace before eating. We said the grace and I started with the turkey barbecue while Ryan went straight to the pancakes. After we had eaten for about ten minutes chatting amongst ourselves and making merry, Lala stood up hitting her glass cup so we’d make a toast.


“I’d love to make a toast to my lovely brother and his soon to be wife who I have taken as my sister also, I wish them love, joy, happiness and so many children. Cheers! I love you” she blew us a kiss and I did so too. “Cheers!” We all said and clicked our glasses together.


“It’s time for the couple to make a speech” one of Ryan’s relative said and I cleared my throat as Ryan stood up reluctantly.


“Well, I didn’t write anything or make a composed speech because I don’t need to write anything to tell you how much I love you Aaliyah, I can’t even explain it, you mean so much to me and I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you…


And thank you to everyone who came here to celebrate with my baby and I, we are so much grateful…” He said and I guess he is pretty good actor because it felt real but I think he had Tasha in his mind while he said all this things. I could see the hate in Tasha’s eyes as she sat opposite us. I stood up after Ryan finished his and everyone clapped.


“Errm-I- I -I- I want to thank you- I mean for- thank you for- thank you for coming-to…” I stuttered and everyone had a puzzled look on including Lala.


“She is nervous, she gets like that, it’s okay baby” Ryan held my hands and looked into my eyes.


“Thank you for coming to join Ryan and I on this beautiful day, once more thank you and to Ryan, I- I just wanted to say that I’m lucky to have you in my life and



thanks for shinning light into my life. I love you” I concluded and everyone clapped as I took my seat.


“It’s okay baby” my mom whispered to me and I smiled.




After the rehearsal dinner, I stayed in my grandma Esthy room because she said


she wanted me to stay with her. My mom later came in just to see how I was doing.


“Baby, how are you?” She sat by me and I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore.


Honestly I felt pained; very pained.


“Mom I’m fine” I sniffed.


“Oh baby” she held me in her arms.


“Why is she crying ?” Grandma asked and my mom looked at me in a way of asking if she should tell grandma about my health and I gave her a ‘go on look’ “Mom, she has cancer” my mom said with pain. “What?!” My grandma exclaimed.


“Yes- yes mom and the doctors said she has two months to live” my mom said with tears.


“No no, who is he that sayest a thing and it come to pass when our lord hasn’t sign


it, Katherine you should be better than this, where is your fire for God, I knew you


to be a strong Christian those days when we were in our local church in brooks


town and when Pete says he wanted to marry you, I was the happiest mom on earth


and now you let the devil say this about your daughter’s life.” My grandma scolded


and my mom and i were in tears.


“But mom…”


“You have to go back to Jesus Katherine, because Jesus is the healer and cancer is


too small for him so you better find your way back to him” my grandma cuts in


and went to bed while I sobbed in my mom’s arms. I expected this from my


grandma because she has passion and too much love for God but I didn’t believe in


God, if he exist why did I have cancer in the first place? After sobbing, my mom


left me in my grandma’s room and I drifted to sleep after thinking ready for my


wedding tomorrow…












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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