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I woke up and got a call from my private investigator who has been helping me


track down my mother’s murderer. My mother was murdered right in my front


when I was just six years old by and unknown person. That day has been playing in


my head over and over again, memories of how we went to the resort here in Paris


to have fun and my mother was shot by an unknown person, ever since I have


planned on tracking down the person who did it, that’s why I have spent over six


years in Paris and even enrolled in a fashion school that my mom loved so much.


She bought all her clothes from Madame Meghan and I’ve been here helping out


and honouring her memory.


“Hello” the voice came.


“Anything new?” I asked.


“Yes, meet me at jerks café by seven” he replied me and I remembered I have an appointment there also with that crazy girl and I can’t call and cancel because I don’t have her number.


“Let’s make it five” I said over the phone because by then I’d be done with that crazy girl.


“Sure, see you, trust me what I’ve got is gonna blow your mind” he sounded excited.


“Yea yea, you said that the last time and countless other time” I rolled my eyes.


“Trust me Ryan, this time is different” he scoffed.


“It better be” I hanged up.


I sighed and had my bath, I picked a very peculiar outfit today, the type that would suit my mood. I stopped by my favourite restaurant to have breakfast and made an order for lunch because I was tired of having that cafeteria food. I was about entering the school when I bumped into someone.


“Hey watch where you are going to” I scolded but I was distracted by her beauty and her smile and how she carried herself although she had just a simple trouser on



and top that covered most of her body but she looked like she rocked the best clothes made by top notch designers.


“I’m sorry” she said picking up her books and I helped her. This is kind of the second girl I think I’m getting attracted to. The last one moved to Italy and asked me to go with her after she finished her program but I declined and that was the end of our relationship.


“Tasha” she extended her hands to me with a smile.


“Ryan” I replied acting all cool and she just laughed.


“What?” I asked.


“Look here how about you give me your phone” she snatched my phone from my hands and dialled her number.


“Call me” she smiled and walked ahead of me. She literally got me spinning because I couldn’t recover myself for a while. I had to snap myself out of it and go to class.


After school, I went to jerks café to wait for Michael; my private investigator who apparently is also my best friend.


“What’s up man” he stood up for a brotherly hug.


“Hey! Don’t hug me like that most people might think I’m gay” I joked and we laughed and sat down.


“You ordering anything?” He asked.


“The usual” I replied and he signalled a waitress who walked towards us and I was surprised it’s someone I know.


“Ryan, you come here? Man, I thought I was working far from school” she smiled. “It’s not that bad, there is nothing to be ashamed of eighty percent of students around the world work while studying” Michael told her and she laughed some more.


“Tasha. How come I’ve never noticed you, I come here often” I said and she smiled.


“Just started working here, so what are guys ordering?” She asked facing me. “Two cups of coffee, black and some burgers for both of us” Michael said because I couldn’t speak, only Nadia; my ex had such effect on me. “Order coming up” she walked away and I kept staring at her.


“Hey” Michael waved his hands on my face.


“You back to earth now?” He asked while I just smiled.


“I’ve never seen you all over someone since Nadia” he said bringing out some files.


“C’mon bro, you know I’m not into girls” I huffed.


“But you are completely into this one” he opened the files.



“Let’s get serious man, so what’s the update?” I asked looking at the files he pulled out.


“So I finally contacted mani, the guy who was in charge of the resort workers employment the day your mother was killed and he said he got few more workers a day before and they said they were from Gems agency” he explained. “I thought we’ve been over this before” I scoffed.


“Yes me too but I did a little digging on this so called gems agency and it’s connected to Pierce industries somehow but I can’t seem to put the puzzle together” he glanced through the files tiredly.


“But my father does business with so many companies, this is nothing man” I said while he nodded his head negatively.


“No Ryan, there has to been some sort of connection, my guts is telling me that there is something fishy going on” he continued.


“Sorry your order came late, the cook is something else” Tasha walked in on our


conversation while I smiled.


“No problem” Michael smiled.


“One coffee for you and a burger” she faced Michael and placed it on the table from the tray.


“Thank you” he thanked her.


“And one for you mister Ryan” she smiled.


“Anything else?” She said looking at me.


“No” I managed to say.


“Don’t forget to call me, I’d get really mad if you don’t” she winked at me and walked away.


“Call you?” Michael tapped me excitedly.


“C’mon man” I shrugged.


“You sure kicking it” he teased.


“Fuck you” I said and we laughed and ate our food trying to crack the case.






After school, I decided to have another meeting with Ryan so I took a taxi to jerks café, I saw him in a booth far away from the window this time with some guy who stood up and shook him. I wonder who that is. I walked to the booth. “Hey” I greeted.


“Hey young lady” the other guy looked at me and turned back to Ryan and I could see him wink at Ryan.


“She is my project partner Akiya…”


“Aaliyah” I corrected.


“Yea right Aaliyah” he huffed.


“Nice meeting you Aaliyah, I’m Michael, Ryan’s friend” he introduced.


“Ryan has friends!” I exclaimed.


“Okay Michael, see you later” he escorted his friend out while I took a seat.


“So, any ideas?” I asked as he took a seat opposite me.


“Remember the rules, I’ll talk and you listen” he orders.


“That’s wasn’t part of the rules not that I’m following the rules anyways.” I half-yelled.


“Big mouth…”


“Hey” I signalled the waitress who walked to us with confuse face.


“Oh you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend” the waitress said facing Ryan. “Oh no. No no she can’t be my girlfriend”


“Yes, he can’t be my boyfriend either, we are just…”


“Project partners” he interrupted.


“Okay project partner, what are you ordering?” She asked.


“Just a hot latte, thanks” I tell her and she walked away while Ryan literally drool over her.


“You like her” I snapped at him.


“What?” He stuttered and I chuckled.


“No it’s perfectly fine, I like that you like someone it means you ain’t entirely heartless like you pose to be” I pressed on.


“Didn’t I say no personal talk, strictly work?” He asked and I curved a smile. “How about we make a deal, you threat me right and my designs and yours are merged together and I help you get the girl. It’s a win win” I said blowing my fist I’m the air.


“No deal and what makes you think that I need your help to get a girl?” His face


turned angry.


“I’m a girl…”


“You are?” He asked.


“Yes I am and I know how a girl thinks…”


“You do?” He interrupted me.


“Yes I do” I rolled my eyes.


then you should know you can’t match Gucci top with a Nike sneakers” he said peering deep into my eyes.


“And who says that you can’t do that?” I threw my hands In the air.


“Look who says she she wanna merge her designs with mine matching Gucci with


Nike. You are breaking fashion rules, solid ones which says you can’t pair two


brands like this” he scolded.


“C’mon I’m a fashion pro…”


“Who said, I’m going to draw the designs at least I’m agreeing to sharing the credits with you” he blurted out and this time I’m the angry one because he just toyed with my integrity.


“Look here Mister fierce I’m a fashion designer, a stylist and a whole motherf**king crazy ass girl so you don’t dare me okay unless you want to get on my bad side.” I half-yelled while he just continued with his drawing. “And where the hell is my damn latte” I yelled.


“Right here and please calm down” she said and I took a huge sigh.


“I’m sorry just this guy here” I pointed to Ryan.


“What he is bullying you?” She asked and Ryan raised his head up looking at both of us.


“No, he is a very nice guy” I said, I didn’t want to destroy one good thing that makes him happy so he wouldn’t be so grumpy all the time. “I hope so” she flirted with him a little bit before leaving.


“Ask her out” I mouthed to him and he shook his head. Poor thing, he can’t even ask a girl out.


After the meeting which led absolutely no where, I tried looking for a taxi to take me home but I couldn’t just find one at the entrance. Ryan was still inside apparently he has something to tell his crush. I decided to walk a little although it would be stressful for me.


“Say a word or I’ll kill you” someone creeped up on me from behind with an handkerchief over my nose. Slowly I felt weak and slumped on the person’s body… .










[Broken vows]


by berlie







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