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“What are we gonna do?” I asked Louise while I panicked.


“Simple, we are going to pretend like nothing happened” she calmed me down or let say she tried calming me down because what the hell I’m freaking out!


The next day, we had sewing class and fortunately for me, Ryan wasn’t in the same class with me. Thank the stars! I’m planning on looking for the taxi man after school, I can’t leave like this forever.


“You are in my way” I heard a voice from behind.


“Oh I’m sor-” I turned back to look at the person before I could finish my statement.


“Ryan” I managed to find my voice.


“Rule number eight, do not associate yourself with me at school or call my name like I’m your nine years old kid” he said still with that fire in his eyes and walked ahead of me.


How did this happen, I thought I was avoiding him all day. I sighed and found my way to the cafeteria so I could meet up with my buddies.


“Hey Aaliyah” Harvey stood up to hug me as I walked towards them.


“Hi Harv, Louise, we didn’t have the same classes today and I missed you guys so much” I pouted.


“Awww” Louise smiled adjusting her glasses while Harvey just stared at me.


“I got something on my face?” I asked him touching my face.


“No. God No, I ju-st you know, never mind” he smirked.


“Okay, now that we are all together, let’s plan our trip to the fair!” Louise announced and I felt guilty because Harvey and I went out without telling her. “Lolo, you know I’m in no mood for trips, I can’t find the designs” I said with a sigh.


“Design? What design?” Harvey asked dropping his spoon.


“Aaliyah here forgot the designs that Ryan gave her for their project in a taxi” Louise told Harvey.


“So? How’s that going to affect our trip?” Harvey asked facing me.


“C’mon Harv, you know how Mister fierce can be with his rules and bossy attitude.


Oh my God” I rested my head on the table tiredly. For real I was so stressed out.


“Rules?” Harvey curved his brow.


“Never mind” I shunned him off.


“C’mon Aaliyah, it’s a Thursday, we need to blow off some steam during the weekend. Don’t worry I have faith you will find the designs before on Saturday and then we can go to the fair” Louise raised her hands up.


“I don’t know, I plan on looking for the taxi after school” I sighed.


“I could help, my dad is a cop and they keep track of all the vehicles so if you can find a simple clue…”


“Oh my God Harv, that could really help and your dad is a cop?” I asked curving my brow.


“Yes, the old man is a cop” he smiled.


“Tushe, now I can break the law and go scold free because my friend dad is a


f**king cop” I teased and we laughed.


“I remember!” I exclaimed.


“Remember what?” Louise asked.


“If I have the plate number of the taxi, we can track it down, right Harv?” I faced him and he nods.


“Well…” I brought out my phone scrolling through my pictures.


“Here!” I showed them the picture.


“Okay…that’s a cute selfie, what does that have to do with anything?” Louise said really slow and confused.


“Not that!”I sighed and zoomed on the picture.


“Here!” I said again.


“That’s the plate number” Harvey realised.


“Wait you took a selfie at the back of taxi? That’s crazy”Louise commented.


“I just needed memories” I defended myself.


“Wow, like I said crazy” Louise rolled her eyes.


“Now that crazy stuff is gonna get me the designs back. Harv I just sent you the picture so that could help right?” I asked and a beep came into his phone. “Seen it, gonna see what I can do” he smiled.


“Thanks Harv, you are a life saver” I cliched my hands together happily.


“Now let’s plan that trip!” I half-screamed.






I sat in the cafeteria watching that crazy girl having fun with her friends and


smiling. man, she piss me off every single time with her nice character and her


feminine s£xy looks. What’s wrong with me? I can’t think of her like that. I got


back to my food when a call came in.


“Hello” the manly voice came in.


“Hello” I replied. I could tell he is struggling with English with his French accent.


“I saw this number on the things you leave in my taxi” he said.


“What do you mean, things I left in your taxi?” I asked.


“Designs! You leave designs in my taxi”


“You know jerks café, right?” I asked.


“Yes, I’ll meet you there by five, I’ll be free by then” he said.


“Thank you” I hanged up.


So she lost the designs and she is busy laughing and smiling. Well look who just entered Ryan’s black list, she is going to be my new victim.






“Oh my God mom! Please tell dad I’m okay, I’m perfectly fine, although I get tired sometimes but I can cope” I tell her and she laughed. “Why are you laughing?” I asked over the phone.


“Perfectly fine, my foot!” She blurted out.


“Talk to you later mom, bye love you” I hanged up and walked into jerks café, Ryan wasn’t here already so I chose the booth this time. I took my seat and ordered a hot latte. I was scared because all my efforts to find the designs was futile so I decided to girl up and tell him the truth. I saw him walk in looking ravishing, if not for his rotten character, he could pass for an every woman’s dream kinda man but he is so…Argh I can’t really say what he is.


“Good evening” I greeted but he just sat down looking really angry.


“The designs?” He asked.


“I burned them” I said really bravely and I was surprise I said something like that because that wasn’t the plan.


“What do you mean you burned them?” He asked.


“Look here Ryan or whatever your name is I’m Aaliyah Thompson, a fashion designer and since this project involves both of us, it should involve both of us and not just your proud ass so let’s start thinking of another design because that one is gone” I replied almost yelling. What did I just say? I never knew I had this in me, this wasn’t the plan. He looks very furious what’s he going to do? “Akiya…”


“Aaliyah” I corrected breathing heavily.


“Don’t ever talk to me like that, not now, not ever! I think we gon have to find a new project partner because I can’t work with a clumsy dummy like you, clean that hot latte from your mouth, you ain’t a baby” he stood up to leave as I licked my lips embarrassed.


I went back to my hostel thinking about what happened between Ryan and I. God now I hate him so much, his pride, his ego his everything. “Oh my God you look pale, hope Ryan didn’t…”


“Louise I wanna sleep” I interrupted her and found my way to my bed.


“Poor thing” I hear Louise mutter.






“Oh Dad, you know I’ve nothing to do with your business, I just want to leave a free life” I yelled at my father.



“No son of mine is going to spend all his life here in Paris in a fashion school when real work awaits you in America” he yelled back at me.


My dad is a well resourceful man, a politician and he wants me to run for office and I want nothing to do with that. They say I’m proud, arrogant and full of myself but I don’t think I’m any of that, I’m just simply being myself.


“Talk to you later dad” I hanged up and staggered to bed thinking of that crazy girl. That girl must be so bold to think her ideas in fashion could match with mine, she has no idea who is Ryan Pierce. I’m going make life a living hell for her. .










[Broken vows]


by berlie







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