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Episode 60




Clara’s side of the story continues from the previous






I was so happy making up with Val, so happy to be in his arms. I had this insatiable urge of making love with him over and over and yes he never disappointed me. He gave it to me the way I wanted, leaving my entire body burning hot with desire and love. But unfortunately my mother’s


unexpected phone call nearly spoilt my mood, everything.




‘’yes disobey your mother this one night for me’’ Val


pleaded, dropping a soft kiss on my lips. I trembled as I felt


the hotness.




‘’what if she follows her threat and barges in here?’’ I asked






‘’do you think she can go that far?’’ he breathed with






‘’hmmmm I don’t know but her disdain for you could make her but don’t worry I will give her a call and talk to her’’ I suddenly promised, dialing mum’s number without hesitation. It was something I never planned doing but had to it if I was to spend the night with him. .







‘’why are you calling me?’’ mum harshly asked as soon as


she picked my call.




‘’dear mum I have always given you the ultimate respect and admiration. Please don’t spoil tonight for me. Allow me to stay this one night with val. I’m an adult. I know what is good for me. By tomorrow I will be back in the house, you can deal with me, you can kill me, you can do anything to me but please allow me this one night to be with the man I


love. Val is a good person. I beg of you mother’’ I


desperately begged while she kept quiet for a while.




‘’so you are begging me to approve of this insanity?’’ she






‘’yes mum I beg of you. It’s for my happiness; it’s for my


well being. This is what I want. Don’t tell me you don’t


understand how I feel right now, come on mum’’ I pleaded






‘’be home by 6am’’ she muttered and abruptly ended the call


while I heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, holding Val






‘’let’s make love one more time’’ I demanded with all my










Early the next day Val took me home and waited to meet my mum. It really was a pensive moment as we waited for her in the living room. It equally was a good opportunity of making her accept Val as part of the family. Seriously I really didn’t know why she disdained him so much. Val was a federal worker, young with good prospects and future, with every opportunity to build his own name and fortune, not like others who rolled with an inherited family name. .


‘’are you okay’’ I softly asked him with a comforting smile.




‘’yes I’m fine, I just pray she doesn’t cut off my head’’ he breathed, smiling back while I playfully eyed him. .






Mum soon walked into the sitting room with a frown on her






‘’Mr. Val, the agent sent to protect my daughter’s life but


instead became the thief and stole her heart. Now you


equally have taught her how to lie to everyone just to be


with you’’ she muttered coldly, drawing out the deepest


gasp from me.




‘’dear mum, I’m very much in love with your daughter and I


promise to make her happy for the rest of her life. I will


work day and night to provide all her needs. She will never


lack a single thing’’ Val suddenly stood up to say, stunning


me with his boldness which kind of impressed my mum. I


noticed her face change.




‘’and how do you really plan in maintaining her lifestyle?. Can you take her to Dubai for shopping, to Paris for holidays and to London for childbirth huh?’’ she asked him




‘Mum!’’ I screamed




‘’mum all that matters is love. Money can’t happiness


neither can it buy love. All I have is the love of Clara your


daughter and that same love is equally what I’m offering


her’’ Val calmly replied, leaving her speechless with his


matured response.




‘’oh please that’s what you all say but at the end you see..’’


she tried to argue but I quickly cut her short by grabbing her




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‘’mum this is another opportunity to make things right for me. Charles is dead and gone for real so please stop this attitude you are trying to display. You and I know that Val is a good guy. He has a good future and a good heart. I want to be with him and no one else’’ I pushed on while she breathed deeply and shrugged in resignation. .



‘’I hope you will stay for lunch?, the governor will like to talk with you, plus Vivian’s fiancée will equally be coming over. We are all going to have one big lunch’’ she softly said to Val, leaving a huge smile on my face. .



‘’thank you mum’’ I breathed with great happiness.








Val’s side of the story continues


Facing off with Clara’s mum wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. In fact Clara easily convinced her to accept me,


kind of making everything very easy for me. I had to stay


for lunch where I had a very cool chat with the governor


who asked lots of prying questions. The old man was so


inquisitive that I even feared he was going to ask if I had


slept with his daughter. Luckily he never asked such a






‘’I’m happy for you guys, yes it reminds me of my youthful


days when I had to beat every obstacle to marry Clara’s


mother but nevertheless losing Charles cost me a lot. His


father was a great political ally and now I have lost him plus


many of his influential friends. I don’t think I will win my


second re-election bid or any election in this state again’’ the


old man muttered with a faint smile while Clara nervously


pinched me.




Lunch with the governor was a huge success. I was


officially welcomed into the family and yes I felt very great. I equally proposed to Clara that very evening in the presence of Vivian. My life was back on the right track. .




However just like Jennifer said, I was transferred to Abuja


that same week, and yes I accepted the transfer with great


happiness because I had feared I was going to be


transferred to a remote northern state. Clara on her own


part finally opened her good heart and made Jennifer her


friend till this day.





Oh I forgot and our wedding which held three months after, was an event that left me totally stunned. To my surprise the governor and his wife sponsored the wedding to the last kobo, they even paid for our honeymoon to Paris. The only big thing I spent my money on was the traditional marriage rites. Vivian equally married a day after our white wedding and left for India the next day with her husband. .



Five months later Clara got me a very handsome baby boy, the pride of our love, turning me to a very proud father. .


Yes such a happy ending for everyone apart from Clara’s


father who lost his second term election bid to a candidate


from a smaller party and till today the old man is still


answering lots of corruption charges with the EFCC.


Perhaps in 2019 he could be elected once again as Imo


state governor.





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