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We touched down Paris, it was a bumpy ride, we almost crashed but I wasn’t scared because I’d soon die anyways. I took a taxi to my school so I’d settle in right. But please give me a minute to tell you how beautiful Paris is, I mean it’s more than beautiful but it’s heaven, paradise! Boy, I can’t describe how amazing it is. I got to the school with the help of my map, I already had the map to the school. I checked in my hostel.


“Welcome to Meghan fashion school” the young lady in charge of our hostel welcomed me.


“Thank you” I replied and she showed me to my room.



“You would be sharing this room with another girl who would be here shortly, I hope” she sighed and I nodded.


“Well, have at it” she said and left me in the middle of a large sized room with two small sized beds and beautiful furnitures.


I sat on the bed and released a sigh, I was feeling dizzy, I must have over worked myself, I took a nap but was interrupted by a phone call, it was my mom. “Hello” I picked up the call.


“Baby, are you okay? how was the trip? Hope nothing bad happened?” She asked and I flinched.


“Mom, how many questions are you going to ask at the same time? Well Paris is amazing!!” I screamed in excitement.


“Well I’m glad you love it, so how’s your room mate like, hope she is neat and eat healthy? you know your condition” my mom scoffed and I sighed.


“Mom, would you go one conversation with me without reminding me that I’m going to die in the next three months” I snapped and I imagined she rolled her eyes. “Baby, please be safe.” She worried.


“I would be, I was taking a nap when you called so I’d like to go back to that” I added with an eye roll


“Fine baby, I’ll call you later. Love you!” She said and I smirked.


“Love you too mom, say hi to dad for me when he gets back” i ended the call before she could talk further.


I wonder how my roommate is going to be, would she be weird or classy or those Cardi B wannabe or even… Enough of imagining! I went back to sleep because I still felt tired. I was awoken by the sound of the door opening and I raised my head tiredly to see the person who came into the room. It was a pretty nerd girl who wore glasses and looked at the room weirdly. “Salut, qui es-tu?” She asked looking at me.


“I speak English” I said and she tried to understand what I said.


“Oh! You speak english?” She said slowly and I nodded.


“You American” she added in her weird accent.


“Yes, I’m American” I replied and she smiled.


“Louise Lefebvre” she stretched her hands towards me and I took it.


“Aaliyah, Aaliyah Thompson” I shoke her hands.


We really got along, it was an instant friendship, we talked like we knew each other all our lives.


“time for bed, we go to class tomorrow but I’ll eat dinner first” she said again in her weird French accent.



“sure! Hope you would be able to cope in classes? because I heard it’s purely English” I said extremely slow so she could get me and she smiled.


“I hear English and speak, so don’t speak slowly” she shakes her head and I smirked.


“Oh! So it would be easier for you then since you can understand English .” I tell her and she nodded chewing the food in her mouth. She wanted to have dinner before bed but I wasn’t feeling food so I declined joining her. I guess she brought the food from home because we ain’t allowed to cook our food, the school cafeteria supplies all the meal.


“You sneak f-unch” she said with her mouthful so I couldn’t understand what she said.


“Pardon…come again” I tell her and she chewed her food properly before replying me.


“You speak French or hear French?” She asked and I smiled.


“No, I didn’t fin…good night” I lay on my bed and turned to the other side stopping


myself from telling her my life story, I want to be a normal human for my last


three months on earth.



The school bell rang and we had foundation classes with Madame Meghan, she is such a fashion pro around here from what I hear, I’ve read about her in the past and I must say she is good and I’m honoured to be learning from her. “Good morning all” she greeted.


“Good morning” we all replied her.


“Today, we are going to begin with the basis of fashion…” She started off


The class was over but it was so fun, I’ve missed being taught and coached. I lazily strolled down the hall because I was feeling dizzy, I held the wall for a while when an invitation card was given to me.


“Come to our Meghan fashion welcome party” I read aloud. From my findings it was a party organised by the students to get to know each other and welcome new students. I tucked the invitation card in my bag and headed for the cafeteria, I’m starving! Luckily after lunch we had design class, I love design classes because I get to create things.


After the classes had ended, I got back to my room and met Louise devouring my Friz chips.


“What’s the meaning of this?” I collected the chips from her and she licked her lips because it was filled with Friz chips stain.



“I’m sorry, I saw it close to your things and it attracted me so I took one, I didn’t mean to hurt you” she pleaded and I rolled my eyes and gave her the one she already devoured.


“Keep your hands to yourself, don’t ever touch my stuff again!” I scolded and she looked scared. Well that’s good.


“Were you invited for the party?” I asked as I arranged my things properly.


“Yes, but I’m not going” she licked her fingers.


“Why?” I questioned and she turned towards me.


“They will mock me just like high school” she said still licking her fingers and I looked at her.


“This is a fashion school Louise, no one is going to mock you, besides the school is filled with Americans, British and Australian freaks anyways so don’t let that stop you.” I advised but she shook her head.


“I’d spend my evening watching movies instead.” She said climbing her bed. “Suit yourself!” I said and got dressed, this is my last three months and I’m not letting any negative vibes spoil my positive vibes.


I wore something comfortable since it was a school party anyways. I strolled to the location of the party, it wasn’t too far from the hostel.


I got inside and saw people dancing with different types of light everywhere, I didn’t have friends since my annoying roommate wouldn’t come with me, I found a spot to sit and watched from there, I was getting bored so I went to get a drink. “Hello miss, do I know you” a guy held my arms before I could reply he spoke again


“of course I know you! On instagram; @lily…”


“@lilygof**kyourself” a boy interrupted him and he just quietly walked away, I guess he was scared of him.


“Hi, don’t mind them, they are perverts that’s how they get girls to talk to them” he scoffed and I chuckled. He looked familiar but I just can’t remember where I met him before


“You are new?” He asked.


“Yes, I’m new, you?” I returned the question.


“Started last year, wasn’t consistent but at least I would be this year” he joked and I laughed.


“Harvey” he said smiling.


“Aaliyah” I replied.


He got a drink for me and we talked, my night was fun filled, kinda stressful but it was so worth it, thanks to Harvey.



“So what’s your favourite desert” he asked while I watch people dance. “Definitely cranberry pie” I said and he twisted his mouth in a weird way. “What are you doing with your mouth?” I chuckled and he continued with his funny face and I laughed some more.


“Okay Harvey, you are very funny” I laughed harder.


“So, what brought you to Paris?” He asked.


“Fashion, obviously” I stared at him for a while because he did the same. “Err-ehnn-i-had a nice time” I stuttered as the gaze got uncomfortable. “Sure, do you want me to escort you, I can be your bodyguard” He offered. “No please no, my hostel is not far from here so I can find my way around” I smiled.


“I insist and besides i want to protect you from all this perverts” he smiled revealing his dimples and his words made me blush. “Okay, if you insist” I added as he led me out of the hall.


We walked silently for a while not saying anything.


“I don’t…”


“It was…” We both spoke at the same time.




“Be…” We spoke at the same time again and laughed “You go first” he faced me.


“Have you lived in Paris all your life?” I asked and he chuckled.


“Do I look like some crazy ass weirdo who grew up in Paris” he dramatically


flashed his hands in the air.


“Yes you do” I laughed.


“I do?” His eyes widened.


“Yes, so why did you come here?” I asked.


“It’s a long story but abridged version, I love fashion so I’m here to be a fashion


designer” he rushed his words.


“I see” I nodded my head.


“You, what’s your story ?” He asked and I suddenly felt cold because I can’t tell him I have cancer, I seriously can’t.


“I don’t have a story” I lied trying to avoid his gazes as we strolled down to my hostel.


“C’mon everyone has a story” he shrugged and I sighed.


“Well not me” I stated clearly.


“Fine! Since you don’t want to tell me I won’t force it out of you” he smiled and we walked down to my hostel.


“My work is done here” he prostrated playfully.


“You are such a clown” I laughed.


“Thank you for tonight” I smiled.


“You are welcome” he said and we parted after goodbyes. I got to my bedroom and found Louise watching movies, she got up when she saw me. “Aaliyah!” She exclaimed.


“Hi, I can see you spent your time well” I teased and she laughed.


“So tell me how was the party?” She asked sitting close to me.


“Why are you interested? I told you to come with me but you refused.”I replied her.


“Please” she begged.


“It wasn’t much, I spent most of my time with Harvey anyways.” I arranged my


bed and lay on it. Louise kept on asking questions but I kept mute because I was


feeling very tired.












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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