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“…I’m Aaliyah Frances Thompson, I’ve been battling with cancer for years now and I’m more than honoured that I was part of the cancer cure program because now I’m free from cancer. Although I’m the only surviving patient, I know that God did this for me because I don’t deserve this and that’s why I’m telling you not to give up or worry because your healing is next” I said and everyone clapped as I stepped down from the stage. I was invited to the ‘world annual health talk’ in the big city and I was more than happy as I saw so many cancer patients prepared to hear my story.


“You did great” Ryan whispered to me and I smiled as he took my hands in his. We listened to other people as they shared their healing story and I was more than blessed.


“I thought my mom would be here,she was so excited over the phone” I said sadly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure she is stuck in traffic. It’s the big city after all” Ryan comforted me with his words.


“Too late, they missed it already” I sighed. Soon the conference was over and a lot of people ran towards me congratulating me and asking how I beat cancer. “Aaliyah” I heard my name.


“Hi” I turned to see the neatly dressed woman smiling.


“Hi, I’m so happy you came. Congrats” she tells me and I grinned.


“It’s the Lord’s doing” I replied her.


“About that, we have a women’s club meeting in Hales town and I’d love to invite to come share your story because some women need a little push” she winked at me.


“Sure” I smiled as I greeted others before leaving with Ryan.


“Really? Women’s club meeting?” Ryan arched his brow as we walked towards the car.


“I’m happy, so happy because that meeting is for the rich you know?” I opened the


car door and entered.


“Yes, I know but…”


“No buts, just yes!” I stopped his words.


“Fine! If you are happy, I’m happy” he kissed my cheeks as we zoomed off.


“So about Church, have you decided?” I asked knowing where he stood but I was praying silently that he’d have a change of heart, I’m cured. God healed me of cancer, isn’t that enough to convince him?


“Let’s talk about that later, I’ve have somewhere to take you” he had a mysterious


look on.




“Let’s see” he smiled.



After a long flight to Paris, we finally stopped at a hotel, I was tired, very tired. I went into the room we booked alone because Ryan asked me to go ahead. I entered into the room and all I saw was people holding clothes and make up boxes. Immediately I entered, they bow their head down and walked towards me.


“What the hell? I’m sorry, so sorry, I guess I’m in the wrong room” I attempted to walk away


“You are in the right room Mrs Pierce” one of them said.


“Who sent you?” I asked but they remained quiet, all they did was drag me lightly and asksd me to take a bath.


“Who sent you? Harvey?” I inquired because I didn’t want Ryan to walk in and see all this but still they didn’t reply me.


“I won’t take a bath unless you tell me who sent you” I folded my hands across my chest and sat on the bed. They talked between themselves and one of them left. Minutes later, the door clicked open.


“Stop being stubborn and go have a bath” Louise said as she walked inside.


“Lolo” I hugged her happily.


“Congrats by the way” she whispered slowly in my ears. I’m really happy that Louise forgave me so easily about not telling her I had cancer earlier, she is such an angel.


“You organised all this?” I asked



“Stop asking questions and do as you are told” she scolded as she pushed me into the bathroom.


“Have a nice bath” she half-yelled. I wondered who organised all this as the water poured down my skin and the soap lather clouded my body.


“Come out already” Louise shouted and that was when I knew I had spent too long. After bathing, the stylist and makeup artist worked their magic on me, they curled my semi straight hair and finally handed over the milk coloured gown designed with pearls and fine shinning dripping pearls at the bottom, it was beautiful. “Beautiful” Louise smiled as the makeup artist did her make-up too. “Why are you doing your make-up?” I asked.


“Are you the only one permitted to look good” she glared and she was right.


“I’m sorry” I muttered slowly as I got ready.




The limo took Louise and I to a very familiar area, as we pulled over I noticed the place and I finally knew where we stopped.


“What are we doing in jerks café dressed like this?” I asked and Louise gave me an eye roll.


“Stop acting dumb Aaliyah, of course you know, doesn’t this place ring a bell?” Louise angrily came down from the car. “You ready?” She smiled.


“I don’t know what I’m supposed to be ready for” I truthfully said.


“Just say yes” Louise winked at me.


“Yes; I guess” I said unsure and wondered what all this is all about and also I was scared because last time I dressed to meet up with someone, Harvey proclaimed his love for me.


“Relax girlfriend because tonight is going to be your night of so many yes” Louise giggled as she opened the door for me and I walked in, it was really quiet and unusual as no one was in jerks café which was really weird because this place use to be the heart of the city with different people going and coming.


“Would you care for anything” the waitress asked in her French accent “Sure, and Lolo…” I looked back and she was no where to be found, what’s happening?


“Just get me a glass of wine” I said because I haven’t had good wine in years because of my health.


“Sure” she walked away as I took a seat wondering what this was all about.


“Aaliyah Frances Thompson” I heard my name from behind and turned.


“Ryan!” I exclaimed happily, at least something that makes sense out of all this.


“I don’t know how to say this” he smiled.


“Say what?”


“Akiya” he started off and I was surprised he’d call me that.


“I didn’t know I’d fall for you the first day you came through that door for our project” he pointed to the door and I get it now, he brought me here because we had so many crazy and cranky Ryan memories here but why?


“But deep down inside I knew you were different and I didn’t like you at first but as every moment passes by, I realised love is the greatest art of all time that can match two different brand of people together and make it magical. You Gucci and me Nike and yet we made the perfect match and I know I said you were bad at fashion matching Gucci and Nike which I still think its bad fashion but you are incredible and beautiful in and out and I love you with every part of me, Aaliyah-” he went down on his kneels and I gasped knowing where this is heading to. “Would you marry me? For real this time” he asked and my breath hitched as I thought of marrying this amazing, handsome and wonderful man kneeling right in front of me.


“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” I screamed and I started hearing chants and people clapping as they all came out, my parents, Louise, Michael, Scott, my cousins, Len and even Harvey.


“I love you” Ryan took me in his arms hugging me passionately.


“I love you too and more” I said smiling.


“I don’t know if it’s too much but I don’t know if I’d live long so I called a pastor to


come renew our BROKEN VOWS” he scoffed and I was sad about the part of him


not living long, we’d talk about that later but why not marry him again because we


are already married technically.


“It’s not too much” I smiled.


The pastor wedded us all over again and I was really missing Lala, she’d have said something out of the box but she not being here is more than painful and I knew Ryan felt the same way too.


After the little ceremony, we decided to stay a little longer with our friends and family to eat something.


“I’m very sorry” I walked towards Harvey who I noticed have been drinking since he came.


“No problem, he won right? But I’m still your best boyfriend right?” He asked trying to force a smile.


“Right and no one is going to ever take your place, I promise” I smiled as Ryan hit the glass with a fork.



“Gather around everyone, I’d love to make a toast to my lovely and beautiful wife who means the world to me, cheers!” He raised his glass up. “Cheers” we all said raising ours too.




“Mom” I ran towards my mom and dad hugging them tightly.


“I’m proud of you Darling and I’m happy that you are alive, thank you Jesus” my mom said with tears patting my cheeks.


“I’m sorry for lying to you about Ryan and I” I apologized.


“It’s okay, that was the best decision, I’d make the same too and besides you guys really love each other now right?” My dad asked. “Yes, with everything within me” I said happily.


“Go be with your husband then and let my wife and I be” my dad scoffed.


“Oh stop it Pete” my mom grinned.


“Love you both and thank you for standing by me” I pecked them.


“Anytime” my mom said




“So you are a married woman now” Louise said hugging me.


“For real this time” she added.


“Yes I am and I’m happy. I never knew love felt so good, I mean I’d have fallen in love a long time ago.” I huffed.


“With the wrong person, thank God you waited for the right person” she smiled. “You are right…”


“And Aaliyah because I literally saw you being healed from cancer, I believe in God now and I’ve given my life to Him and I hope I’d grow too spiritually too” she beamed with smile.


“Really? I’m happy for you, it’s the best decision you’d ever make, trust me” I


hugged her.


“I hope so”


“Hey ladies” Michael walked towards us.


“Hi Michael”


“Hey handsome” Louise said flirting with him; obviously.


“Hi beautiful” Michael flirted back.


“Okay, I’d leave you both” I got uncomfortable and ran away.




I walked towards Ryan who seemed very happy as he grinned from ear to ear.


“Hey” I whispered.


“Oh excuse me, husband duty call” he snagged away from his friends.


“What’s up?” He asked.


“Nothing” I replied tugging my hands in his arms as he gasped.




“Look” he pointed to Michael and Louise kissing.


“What the… They literally just met and they are lip locking” I gasped.


“I’m happy Michael finally moved on” Ryan said and I knew he was talking about Lala.


“I miss her, very much” I said as he glanced at me.


“Me too”


After the wedding, we decided to have our honey moon in the Bahamas and I picked that location because I’ve always dreamt of going to the Bahamas but Ryan chose Dubai, after a little playful argument, I won!




He sat on the balcony watching the stars as I joined him smiling.


“So you still like watching the stars” I joined him.


“It calms me very much” he sighed and I did too.


“I saw you once watching the stars, I hated you then” I groaned thinking about


former Ryan; cranky Ryan.


“When?” I asked.


“Just one night while I was doodling” I rolled my eyes playfully.


“Okay Ms doodler, how about we go inside and have a little fun” he suggested as he turned to me.


“What kind of fun?” I asked but I knew what he was talking about.


“You know the kind that make babies” he said and I almost choked laughing really hard.


“Seriously? The type that make babies? So how many are we making tonight?” I asksd teasingly.


“It depends” he held me in a bridal style and took me inside and I wouldn’t tell you the details but that was the best night ever because it was amazing. .


A week later we were back to Paris, I prepared myself to take Ryan to his chemo session when a message got in his phone that our project was the best in Meghan fashion school and I almost forgot I was even in a fashion school. After chemotherapy, we drove to Meghan fashion school and collected our award and the design was sold for millions.


“Ah!” We both screamed on hearing that part but we had to split the money with the school but it was cool, it means was are badass in fashion.


“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Ryan asked as we walked back to the car.


“What?” I entered the car.


“How about we open a fashion house?* he suggested.


“I thought you didn’t want to merge my designs with yours” I mocked him “C’mon Aaliyah, I thought we’ve passed that” he grunted.


“Apology first then I’d think about it” I tell him. “Fine! I’m sorry, your designs are the best. Happy?”


“Not really but like I said I’d think about it” I rolled my eyes and we zoomed off.




In less than six months, our fashion house was popping, we sold thousands of clothes every week and our social media platforms was blowing up. Thanks to Louise who agreed to be our partner, GDG has grown to a global outreach, GDG in honour of Grandma Esthy, Daniella and Gramps. I try my best using our platform to reach out to lost souls and Ryan is still in chemo but we are hoping for the best as he HSS given his life to Christ too. As I was working on the Loyah collection with Louise, I thought about how far our friendship have come and that was what this collection was all about, matching clothes with your ride and die.


“How about a bomb short and mini crop top since it’s summer” Louise suggested. “I don’t know” I shook my head touching my baby bump and I forgot to tell you, I’m pregnant and it was miracle getting pregnant while Ryan was in chemotherapy. God works wonders indeed.


“Let’s ask Ryan” Louise was so sure her idea was good.


“He is not around, he went to see his mom” I tell her.


“His mom is getting better?” She asked.


“Yes, she even starred talking” I smiled.


“Cool, let’s hurry because Michael is taking me out tonight and I need time to


prepare” she winked and I smiled.






After postponing due to my busy schedule, I finally had time for the women’s club meeting. I was about entering the hall when I got a call from Louise. “What’s up” I said.


“He proposed” she screamed.


“I’m so happy, thank you Jesus” I said happily.


“Yes, God is awesome, are you busy?”


“Yes, I’m in that women’s club meeting* I tell her.



okay, I’d get out of your hair for now but we sure would celebrate later” she sounded so excited. Who wouldn’t be?


“Okay later” I smiled as I hung up.


I walked in and most of the women greeted me with a smile.


“Oh Aaliyah, thank God you made it today” the woman I made the other day smiled.


“Now let’s welcome our very own Aaliyah Thompson Pierce” the woman with the mic announced and I walked to the stage. Lord guide me and speak through me Holy Spirit


“Hi everyone, I’m Aaliyah and you know that. Well what do I have to say? I was a twenty three years old girl staying in Hales, I grew up here but I spend most of the time with my grandma Esthy in Brooks, and she taught me one thing that I didn’t understand up until now, she always said without God you are nothing and I was nothing, I had cancer and I was empty, I knew that program didn’t save but God did, I used instances of healings he performed in the Bible to boost my faith and trust me receiving Jesus was the best decision I made, it was what made me who I am today, a proud wife of a loving husband and soon to be mother and he healed my pain when all hope was lost, he gave me hope. Long story short if you have any problem, sickness, pain, deceit, there is only one solution; JESUS. He is the way, the truth and the life. You have no other other option. You can put him in remembrance of his word like in the book of Genesis 4:9 and other scriptures you can go through to understand the instant healings are Mark 5:25-30 talking about the woman with the issue of blood, Mark 11:24, Isaiah 58:7 2 Corinthians 8:9 and so many more but bottom line is GOD IS THE HEALER!” I concluded and they all clapped but I saw a familiar face and as I stepped down he stood up to leave but I ran after him.


“Gregg” he stopped on his track.


“Do I know you” he turned and I saw his face it wasn’t Gregg but I know I saw Gregg just now.


“No I’m sorry, I thought you were someone I knew” I apologized and he nods and walked away.


I smiled knowing that was confirmation that Ryan would be healed soon. Although we lost so many people but our losses made us stronger. Angels exist and God is real! Thank you Jesus for saving me! And I know this isn’t the end of our love story, it’s just the beginning of something amazing.







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