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Blood, I saw blood but it wasn’t my blood, it was my best friend’s blood flowing as I held on to her applying pressure on the injured area as Tasha escaped. People rushed out to see me panting on my best friend, Ryan called an ambulance as people whispered within themselves.


“Stay with me, stay with me Louise” I cried, I didn’t know how she got here or who told her about the funeral but she put her life in line for me, why?


“Lolo, I’m right here so stay with” I persisted as she lay weakly in my arms.


Soon the ambulance arrived and she was rolled in.


“I’m going with her” I announced and went into the ambulance before anyone could stop me.


“I’ll go with her” I heard Harvey tell my mom and she nods. Harvey joined me in the ambulance and they headed towards Brooks central. They gave her first aid treatment and immediately we got to the hospital which wasn’t far from my grandparents house, nurses rushed out and rolled her in as I panicked and Harvey held me.


“I can’t lose her too” I cried and Harvey held me.


“I know, she’s my best friend too and I promise the person who did this is going to pay” Harvey held me tighter.


“It’s Tasha”


“What?” Harvey asked.


“Tasha shot Louise and she also set fire on the house and killed my grandparents” I said with an obvious rage.


“Wait what? Sweet Tasha?” Harvey couldn’t believe and I didn’t blame him because Tasha had this innocent girl face, you’d think she can’t hurt a fly.



“There is nothing sweet about her, she kidnapped me once and almost killed me” I finally spilled the beans.


“Really why didn’t you tell anyone?” Harvey seemed really surprised.


‘Because-” I stopped and I sighed. What’s the use of keeping it, they are going to find out anyway.


“We made a deal, she let me go because I told her I had…”


“Cancer?” Harvey arched his brow.


“Yes, how did you know?” I asked surprised and I also felt stupid.


“Do you want the long version or the short version of the story? Because…” “Harvey!” I exclaimed.


“Okay I’m guessing you want the short version, the doctor told us when you got in an accident” he tells me and I sighed.


“So Ryan knows?” I asked and he nods.


“Why didn’t he say anything?” I scoffed as I lift my head up and saw Ryan walking in with my mom.


“Baby” my mom opened her arms and I ran into it. “You dad stayed behind so he’d deal with the guests”


“I’m sorry for ruining the funeral” I apologized.


“You didn’t ruin anything” my mom squeezed me sweetly.


“She’s going to be okay” Ryan added and I nod.


“We are going to find out who did this…”



“It’s Tasha” Harvey cuts in and I gave him an eye roll.


“Tasha?” Ryan asked with the same expression Harvey had but his was filled with rage.


“Yes and she burned down the house too” Harvey blabbed. Such a blabbermouth, so much for trusting him.


“Aaliyah, is this true?” He asked and I nod.


“She is going to pay” Ryan said with rage and anger


“Can I speak to you in private please?” Ryan referred to me and I nod following him away from everyone.


“Would you be okay?” He asked.


“Yes, I’d be fine” I tell him.


“Good because I’m going to Australia to see Lala” he placed his hands on my shoulders.


“Do you think that’s a good idea” I looked him in the eye.


“Yes, I need to stop my father, save my mom and hopefully stop Tasha too”


“About that, there is something you need to know” I sighed.




“Tasha kidnapped me after the Johes kidnapped me and attempted to kill me so this isn’t the first time or the second” I rolled my eyes thinking why I was so dumb, I wanted to keep my secrets so bad that my grandparents died and my best friend is in the hospital all because I didn’t say anything.


“What? Why didn’t you say anything?”



“I was scared you’d find out my secret and beside the only way she let me go was if we made a deal. I won’t tell you she kidnapped me and she won’t tell anyone I’ve got cancer so I was left with no choice” I whispered.


“So you are telling me now you’ve cancer?” He arched his brow and suddenly started acting like he didn’t know “oh my God you’ve got cancer? Since when?”


“Stop being stupid, I know you know I’ve got cancer, why didn’t you say anything?” I whispered because we were in the hospital and I didn’t want to disturb anyone.


“The same reason why you didn’t tell me anything, I wanted you to be comfortable with telling me not me prying it out of you” he held my hands sweetly and I sighed.


“Fine!” I shrugged.


“So how many months do you have left?” He asked.


“Six or seven” I lied because I can’t tell him I’d be dead in less than four weeks, it would break him.


“We still got enough time to fight it then” he smiled and pulled me in for a hug.




After Ryan and Harvey left, I was still in the hospital with my mom waiting for the doctor to tell us something positive.


“She is going to be fine” my mom placed her hands on mine and I smiled.


“Are you Aaliyah?” The doctor walked towards me.


“Yes, yes, yes, I am” I stood up with agitation.


“Okay, we just finished removing the bullet, the operation was successful” the doctor smiled.



“Mom” I hugged her with relief washed all over me.


“So can I see her?” I asked.


“No, she is still sedated and would be up soon so you can see her then” the doctor smiled.


“Thank you doctor” I sighed and ran my hands through my hair breathing fast.


“It’s a miracle baby” my mom sat down.


“God is real” I smirked because I was really happy. Thank you Lord for saving Louise.




I was now able to see her as she was awake, my mom went to meet with my dad for some last minute arrangement.


I walked into the room and met Louise on the hospital bed with machines beeping and she was fixed to most of them.


“Louise” I ran to her side and let out a sigh of relief.


“Hey” she smiled.


“Don’t you ever scare me like that, ever! Do you hear me” I tell her.


“Yes ma” she sarcastically replied me.


“Why did you put your life in line like that, you’d have be killed” I argued. I wanted to save it for later but now seem like the perfect time.


“I’d do it all over again, you are my best friend, Lo-yah forever remember?” She raised her hands in a high five manner.


“Lo-yah forever” I clapped my hands against hers and she smiled.


“Is there any food? I’m starving, I could use some cranberry pie right now” she arched her brow.


“Seriously? Anyway you are only allowed to eat hospital food” I said and I was expecting that, typical Louise, always the foodie.


“Do that for me, that’s the least you can do for not inviting me to your grandparents funeral or even telling me they died” she rolled her eyes.


“I’m sorry, I was just in a bad place and had so much going on” I apologized.


“Fine but I still need that cranberry pie though and a big bowl of ice cream” she said and I laughed.


“I’m serious”


“You wish” I winked at her. I really need to tell her about my cancer, not now but soon.


“How are you guys handling that bitch Tasha?” She asked.


“Ryan is on that” I replied.


“Ryan? I see, are you guys a real couple now?”


“No, we are just- just-” I couldn’t find the words to call our relationship.


“Just what?”


“Friends, I guess”


“Friends with benefit?” Louise asked.



“Oh stop it Lolo and I gave my life to Christ” I announced. I filled her in on most of my life and she did too. What more can I say than I’ve missed the Lo-yah duo. The old magic is back!








The private jet just touched down Australia, Michael and I went straight to the mansion and luckily for us we met Lala in the garden, she was very busy.


“Hey Lala” I beckoned and she groaned.


“What are you guys doing here, I thought I scratched that apology part a long time ago” she dropped the garden fork she was with and faced us.


“Oh that’s where you are wrong sister, I’m not here to apologize, I’m here to ask questions” I walked towards her.


“I see, so ask away Ryan” she gave Michael an eye roll.


“Mom, she is alive and you know, why didn’t you tell me?”


“I don’t what you are talking about” she attempted to walk away.


“I found the note” I yelled and she stopped.


“One, bring your voice down, two, I can see you’ve met that Len freak and he told you everything, three, leave me alone” she blurted out and I sighed.


“Lala, something happened to mom again, I was talking to her and the line went dead” I explained.


“Ryan, stay out of this okay?” She whispered.


“How can I stay out of this? My mom is alive and she might be in trouble again” I emphasized on the ‘again’



“You are putting mom in danger if you involve your self in this” she said.


“I’m already involved”


“Fine, dad found out that mom has been talking to people outside so he transferred her” she explained.


“To where?”


“I’m still working on that genius!” She grunted.


“Are you working with dad?” I asked.


“I’m not working with dad just leave me alone and stay out of this” she walked away.


I don’t get this, Dad transferred mom, why did he lock her up in the first place?


“Ryan, I don’t know but I think Lala knows more than she we think” Michael suggested and I agreed.


“But how do we get her to talk?” I asked.


“I don’t know man, I don’t know” he replied and I sighed.


“We could…” I was almost done with talking when something hit us and we both started having blurry visions and I turned around to see Lala with a bow and I think she hit us with a sedative.


“Lala” I said slowly as she walked towards us.


“I’m sorry brother but you are snooping around and I don’t like that” I heard her say as my consciousness was snatched away… .











[Broken vows]


by berlie








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