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My heart beat increased as Lala was face to face with my dad and John Johes.


“Who is this?” I heard my dad say.


“She is just some intern who serves the patient food” John Johes replied. “I see, she looks familiar and never mind” my dad said


“Maybe it’s because you saw her last time, you know she was the one who helped you with taming your wife the other day” John Johes explained.


“Hmmm, I see so young lady where did you attend high school?” My dad asked.


“Parkville” Lala’s voice was screaming fear.


“Okay, John please show me to my wife’s new room” my dad said and my breath came back because it kind of seized earlier.


“Sure, Yara please bring her food and drugs too” John Johes said and walked away.


“Thank God!” Lala sighed.


“Are you okay?” Scott asked.


“I’m fine just a little shaken but I’ve seen worst but guys whoever this Yara is, she is very important to John Johes so tell your guys to keep her in custody while I go get the food and drugs” Lala said and I flinched. “Lala no way, get out of there!” I yelled.


“Yelling is not going to solve anything and Ryan I’m going to see mom, this might be our only opportunity to save her” she scoffed. “Lala, your life means more to me right now” I tell her.



“That’s sweet but I have been doing this for seven years without your help so don’t treat me like a baby, right Scotty?” Lala blurted out. “Scotty” I pronounced disgustingly.


“Babe your brother is right, you need to be safe” Scott said and I kind of like him now.


“Right, you boys always find a way of agreeing with each other” I imagined she


did one of those her squeaky eye roll.




“I’m going in, are you in support or not because if you boys do not support me I’d turn off the cams and do it myself so you choose” she threatened and I know her, she is damn serious.


“I’m in” Michael finally spoke.


“Fine” Scott and I said the same time.


“Good, I just need to get this food and drugs” she sighed and I was damn scared. I waited for a few minutes praying silently that nothing goes wrong.


“Sir, I brought Mrs Pierce drugs and food” Lala said and my breath hitched.


“Good, drop it over there” I heard him.


“Mo–” Lala stopped her words and cleared her throat and I knew she saw mom. “I’d administer it to her right now” I imagined she dropped the tray because I heard noise.


“Guys mom is quiet, I think this drug they are giving to her is making her dull and


insensitive” Lala whispered.


“Do you see her?” I asked.


“Yes genius and she looks sad” I heard Lala’s voice.


“Who are you talking to?” I heard my dad’s voice.


“No one- I mean- I’m talking to me- I’m talking to me and no one else” she stuttered.


“And is there anything delaying the drugs?” He asked.


“No- no, I’m sorry” she apologized and I glanced at Scott who paid close attention


to every little detail.




I heard her footsteps as she moved forward.


“So Yara, how’s your brother?” My dad asked.


“Brother?” She asked surprised.


“Yes- yes- my brother, he is fine” she played along.


“Hope she is going to be okay” I worriedly asked Michael.


“She’s going to be fine bro, just trust” Michael tells me and I nod.



“Fine young man, what was that his name again?” My dad voice blared. “Errm- I-”


It was obvious that Lala had no idea Yara had a brother or his name, I panted and


breathed heavily.


“Pe- Jonathan” Lala breathed.


“Hmmm, nice try Lala but I’d recognise you anywhere” my dad said and I gasped.


“We need to get her out of there” I stood up.


“Ryan relax, just trust Lala” Michael said as Scott was busy calling the patrol team. “Relax? My sister is in there with that monster you call a dad and you expect me to relax? Fuck you bro!” I exclaimed running my hands through my hair.


“Listen” Scott drew back my attention as I went back to my chair listening closely to Lala’s conversation with my dad.


“How did you know?” Lala dropped her Russian accent.


“First, I had a soul to soul conversation with Yara the last time I came here, I knew immediately I saw you because Yara has a mark on her wrist, so I observed and saw no marks and I threw the brother question and trust me Yara doesn’t have a brother. So Lala what are you doing here?” My dad asked.


“I’m here to take you down and save mom” she replied as dad started laughing. I was scared, angry, feeling so bad like I had the worst father ever. “We’ll see about that” he said as the cams went dead.


“Lala? Lala are you there?” Scott asked.


“Of course she isn’t, that monster is with my sister and mother, thanks to both of you telling me to trust, trust? Look at where that got us. Just hope nothing happens to Lala” I yelled dialing my dad’s number. “Hello” I heard his demon voice.


“Let them go!” I yelled.


“As you wish” he said and I heard gun shots and screams.


“Dad that’s your family, you’ve got no heart” I cried as Michael ran to me holding me.


“I didn’t kill them but I’ll if you don’t bring me all the evidence Lala has on me…”


“Being shady?” I cut in.


“Being a d**k?” I continued.


“Call me whatever you want, just do as you are told” he said and I hated him more. “Dad…” He hanged up on me before I could finish. I felt really bad that I had such a monster as a father.


“Are you okay?” Michael asked knowing the obvious answer.



“Okay? Lala is in deep shit because of me, because I let her go in there” I ran my hands through my hair.


“It’s not your fault man, it’s…”


Michael’s was interrupted by a call, I quickly picked up my phone.


“Hello” I said with an obvious rage in my voice.


“Ryan? Hi, errm- it’s me-” I heard a voice stuttering.


“You? who?” I asked.


“Tasha” I heard her voice and why the hell is this demon calling me? “Tasha! Why are you calling me?” I switched to a more angrier mode.


“I- Ryan- I’m sorry, okay? I’m very sorry for all I’ve done but I did all those because I love you very much and I wanted us together and I saw that Aaliyah was getting your attention so I had to do something. I’m sorry baby” she pleaded with a sad tone and I imagined or knew she was crying or faking it because it’s Tasha; the crazy bitch who almost killed the woman I care about.


“I’ve a very big problem and I don’t have the time for this” I blared over the phone. “I could help, I know it’s your dad right? I know a lot about all his shady deals, I could be of use to you. Please Ryan baby, just give me a chance” she begged some more. Should I let her?


“Fine! I’m in Gaven city by the way, where are you?” I asked.


“I’m in Sherlocks, it’s not far from Gaven so I’d be there in a few. Thanks Ryan I love you so much” she sounded very excited. “Yea no biggie” I sighed and hung up.


“Seriously man, you are letting that trash into your life, she could worsen the situation” Michael explained and I gave him a calm look.


“I could use her as bait to draw dad out, he is after Tasha too and dad never let go a betrayal so I’ve got a plan” I felt really proud of myself thinking about using Tasha to draw my dad out and save Lala and mom. “Lala is also a betrayal” Michael pointed out.


“But she is his daughter, she’s more safer” I cleared his insinuation.


“Your dad is a psychopath, he cares less of his family so you need to be careful because if anything happens to Lala, I won’t be able to forgive myself” Michael said and I felt his pain, guilt and sadness.


“Nothing is going to happen to her, not on my watch” I assured him as Scott walked in talking to someone over the phone. “Okay thanks” he said before hanging up.


“So?” I inquired.



“Nothing just a dead end” he shook his head then he angrily scattered the things on the little table in the truck.


“Scott? Scott?” I called out holding him and then restraining him before he destroys any other thing.


“She believed in me and now I can’t find her, I failed her” he said in his perfect British English.


“I know, we all failed her but it’s up to us to save her. I’ve got a plan” I said and he glanced at me.


“What are you thinking?”






After praying and meditating on the word of God, I strongly believed that I won’t die anymore that He was going to save me from this cancer and I’m going to get married to someone I care about and have children of my own and celebrate my hundredth birthday in a boat cruise. I had faith because according to Hebrews 11:1


faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I knew that the same God who healed the woman with the issue of blood is going to rescue me too, he made the blind to see remember? He made the lame to walk, he healed people with sickness and even raise Lazarus from the dead. What’s cancer to him? Absolutely nothing. It’s funny how far I’ve gone in just three days of constantly studying the word and praying, it was hard on the first day but with time and patience, I’ve learnt a lot in just three days. Maybe in a week, I’d be more spiritual and in a month I’d be spectacular and more closer to him and in a year, a year? I’d be something else, I’d be crazy about God. I sat there with my Bible in my hands thinking about my grandma and how proud she’d be because in just three days, I’ve gone really far and I’m happy.


“Aaliyah?” I heard Louise voice call me. “Lolo, I’m here” I beckoned.


She walked out and rolled her eyes after seeing me. “Reading that book of yours again?” She said.


“It’s crazy how hungry I am for the word of God, it’s like someone is here with me teaching me, speaking to me…” I stopped when I saw Louise looking at me weirdly and that was when I noticed I was being dramatic but she won’t understand, no one will because I feel joy inside, so much joy.


“Yea right” she slumped into the chair with me. “How’s Ryan?” She changed the subject.



“I don’t know, we haven’t talked in a while, I guess he is busy with taking down his big bad dad and saving his mom” I sighed.


“Ryan is trying really hard” Louise placed her head on my shoulders.


“I know” I sighed again.


“I’d love to share the word of God with him, we both have cancer, we both would get cured” I placed emphasis on the ‘would’


“I have a better idea, how about sharing a bed with him?” Louise said with humor in her voice.


“You are serious? Stop being crazy, I’m hungry. Did you cook?” I asked yawning. “No, I’m still recovering here, you are supposed to be taking care of me” she shrugged.


“Really?” I arched her brow.


“I made pancakes” she rolled her eyes.


“Thanks!” I beamed with a smile.


I was about going into the kitchen when some men barged in.


“Uh uh” Louise eyes widened.


Oh no! Not again!






Everything was ready, I called my dad to come collect the evidence, we were to meet at an abandoned warehouse not too far from where Scott and Michael set up the truck. My plan was in full swing, taking down dad would be easier than I thought. Tasha on the other hand, you know what? Let’s just see. I stood there waiting with some files and clips Lala had on dad.


“Ryan, my son” Dad stretched out his arms.


“Dad” I played along hugging him.


“It’s be so long dad, I missed you and this reminds me of the time we use to go golfing and I’d poke you and you say…”


“Get off me boy” we both said the same time and laughed.


“But too bad you became evil and disgusting, you kept your wife locked up for years and made your children believe she was dead. How heinous?” I giggled sarcastically.


“Oh my boy, you know I’m little bit disappointed in you, you are a disgrace to the Pierce name and an incompetent fool but I still loved you dispite it all” he Insulted me.


“I’m disappointed in you too” I blared very angrily.



“You look good boy and I’m guessing that’s my package” he referred to the files in my hands.


“Yes and where is mine?” I asked.


“Be patient son, hand it over” he stretched out his hands.


“With pleasure” I placed it on his hands.


“Good” he smiled walking away.


“You get your package soon but not in full” he chuckled walking away. “You know dad, I thought you were smart. I mean, how are you sure I didn’t photocopy that? And how are you sure the files in your hands are real?” I laughed. He opened the files and went through them.


“they are merely papers which I took the liberty to type ‘f**k you’ all over it which I know you are grateful” I prostrated playfully like I just ended a show.


“And one more thing, I just came here to stall you because as we speak Tasha whom was very close to you is showing my friends where you kept my sister and mother or maybe they already freed them. You never can tell, at least she working for you paid off in a very good way. Sorry for all the troubles” I placed my hands together and was fulfilled as I saw the look on my dad’s face, it was glorious. “You fool” he blared angrily.


“Well I know this is disrespectful and shit but who’s the fool now? Because I’d be glad handing those evidence to the FBI. Bye dad” I laughed and was about walking away.


“You think you’ve won? You think you are smart?” My dad laughed and I turn.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“I mean I’ve someone else you forgot to save, someone special. You think I’d go through all this trouble and not have a plan B, you are really a fool” he brought out a gun.


“So that’s your plan B? Killing your own flesh and blood?” I asked.


“No! No! I can’t kill you, you are my son but I know who to kill” he snapped his fingers and some guys came in dragging Aaliyah as she looked frail and weak as she was gagged.


“Let go of her!” I yelled.


“Oh son, you never learn because I’ve to kill her and let you watch.” He laughed some more.


“Well not on my watch” I heard Lala walked in.


“Lala? Guys what’s Lala doing here?” I spoke into the cams.


“She is stubborn” Michael replied.



“Dad, I’ve watched you terrorize a lot of people but no more! Let go of my sister” Lala yelled.


“I see but Lala I believed in you and you betrayed me and that is unforgivable” he said and pointed the gun at me.


“Now you are going to watch your brother die just as you killed that boy, remember?”


“You made me do it!” She yelled back as I thought of a way to save Aaliyah. “Fine” he dropped the gun and gestured for his boys to grab her. Lala pulled out a gun and pointed at them, she kicked one on his groin and pushed the other one as I too brought out a gun and tried chasing my father as he ran away. I ran after him and caught him at the staircase holding Aaliyah. “It’s over” I pointed the gun at him.


“Please” he begged.


“I’m sorry” I was ready to shoot.


“I’m sorry too” he brought out something and threw it on the floor and everywhere was filled with smoke as I struggled with finding my breath, he ran away leaving Aaliyah.


“Are you okay?” I asked as I brought her out to where Lala was. I removed the gag


as she struggled with her breath.


“Ryan?” She breathed heavily.


“Aaliyah” I hugged her tightly.


“I can see you love birds are getting along” lala chipped in as we broke the hug.


“Lala” Aaliyah said happily.


“Hi Aaliyah” Lala said with a smile.


“Aaliyah…” Lala words stopped as I heard gun shots and she opened her mouth. “Lala” I shouted as I saw her slump to the floor with blood gushing out of her mouth and her stomach.


“Stay with me” I yelled louder as her eyes were closed slowly…












[Broken vows]


by berlie











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