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Episode 6
























Richie’s p.o.v


Fireworks begins to peep,making more excess condensed water to pour down on planent earth.


All the lights in the hallway went off, making the darkness that i love to see to linger around.


It happened just like this;


“Sir Rich,open the door”


the beautiful tender lady spoke,making her pure red lips to part at the center.


“gaaaaad,she behaves just like my mom!.


The two of them are so much scared of darkness.



“Sir rich,I want to pass and the door, I want you to open it” she mumbled, pointing to the door with her index finger.




I rolled my eyeballs and started locking the doors.




she said and make an attempt to get the key from mg hand but instead she end up jumping into my arms.


I mean it was a real hug….


it was really tight!!


I can’t even explain how I got my hands holding her waist so that she will not leave me alone.


All of a sudden,she started shaking with the way I held her tight to myself.


It looks like she will cry if I continue holding her and so,I left her but my eyes never left her f**king face of a goddess.


“Sir,the door!!


she shifted back and even more closer to the door.


“what happen to it??


I asked,pretending not to understand what she truly meant.


“open it!!


she added and made her lips gum together.


“I can’t!!


“its raining heavily! I smirk, she went numb.


“aaaah,I’m dead!!


“Alisha will kill me!!!


she made a pale face but I wasn’t going to open the door for her.


“sir,people are waiting for me!!


she said.


“Nope,they all went home!


I replied,she started crying.


Alisha will kill me!!!


“Natasha will beat me too!!


“They would have gone home since!!


she cried small with her face sealed on the door.


“okay,I will open it but……”


I stopped my sentence and stared deeply into her eyes.


She kept quiet.


“will you join my industry??


“I want to shoot a movie soon”


I said,she opened her eyes wildly in confusion.




“what’s a movie???


“is it food or what???


she asked,I puffed out air and pouted my lips with my hands on my jaws.


“is she really for real???


“she doesn’t know what a movie is!!


“this is really terrible.


“As beautiful as she is,she’s uneducated”


I mumbled thoughtfully.


“what is a movie???


she asked again.


I didn’t answer her because I don’t even know where to start explaining to her.


“How on earth can she takes a movie as a food??


It sounds really awkward.


“i dont want to do any movie!


“God will not allow me to be a movie!


“Sir Rich,I don’t want to be a movie!!!


“Poor people do not usually be a movie!


“I’m poor and I cannot be a movie!!


She started blabbing.


“Do you know you’re giving me headache!!!


“your shout is disturbing Me!!


i stood up and bounce walked to where she stand,beside the door.


I opened the door,she ran out in a swift,making sure she raise down each stairs.



“soon,I was on phone.


Alberto came on line and started asking me some sorts of questions.


i met her already but she’s not my sperk”


I sent him a message.


“Not your sperk!!!


Alberto sent back.


“Yes,not my type of girl….she’s really below my standard and she’s clumsy and uneducated for my liking.


i don’t think I can shoot a movie with her!!!


I sent Alberto.




Alberto asked.


“you’re still asking me why??


i replied him.


“As in”


he sent.


“she’s uneducated and sounds to local! I replied.


“but she have red lips!!


Alberto sent.


“what will my fans think of me if they out that I used an uneducated person for my movie??? “is it her dumbness or her nativity!!


I sent Alberto,then,I switch off my phones.


I picked my car keys and walk out of the ENCHANTED tower to my house.


The house was just opposite it,it was not far at all.


I got into my house,straightaway into my room.


There,I met Alberto standing beside the automatic smart door already.


“how fast!!


I smiled and placed my phones on the table stand.


“you behave like your dad” he smiled.


“good for me!! I smiled too.


“hun hunnnn!! he cleared his throat.


“Don’t clear it too much!!


I smirked.


“about the girl” he raised one of his brows.


“Forget about her,let’s look for another person” I replied him.


“why??? he asked.


“she’s uneducated!!


i replied him,he sigh and left my chambers.


Nare Nanare


I finally got out of Richie’s mansion, soon,I was on the road.


I didn’t walk but I run instead.


With the way I was running,I was also thinking about what I will tell Mhesha.


Like I could predicted,


I got to the gate.


I knocked at the huge gate,it was opened by Sir Badrah.


“Nare,you’re wet!


he pointed to my clothes.


“yes,but please when did Mhesha car move in???


I asked.


“3hours ago!! he replied.


My jaws drop dead down,my nails stood rotten fell.


“is there any problem??


he asked.


“No oooo!!


I fidgeted and walked hastily to the main door.


With one mind,I opened it and met them sitting on different pubs in the general living room.



I opened the door wildly and entered.


They stop what they were doing and diverted their attention to me.


“So, they’ve started kissing and touching you!!!


“I just pity your life because if you get pregnant,its your freaking cup of tea!!!


Alisha raised her voice like a mad dog.


“Too harsh on her!!


Mhesha rolled her eyeballs.


“So,they have started having s£x with you and you’re even opening your legs!!!


Natasha nagged,I started crying.


“Where are you coming from??


Mhesha flick her yellow hair backwards.




I starmmered.


Before I knew what was happening, I felt Alisha slapping me across my face.


“start talking!!!!


Mhesha snapped her fingers.


I shifted back in fear,she dragged me back by the black top that I wore.


“where did you go to???


she asked with a killer look and funfled my clothes in a tight way.


I opened my mouth to say something but i find my words floating.


I couldn’t say anything.


Say something!!!


“where did you keep all of you???


mhesha ranted…..


Alisha hit my back with a wire…..


she continue hitting it hard….


Nara was standing behind Seesha, she couldn’t do anything.


She only try to hide her tears.


Mhesha mustn’t find out that she’s crying with me.


if she do,its gonna be another problem for me.


“where did you go to??


“have you started sleeping around??


“with who???


Natasha laughed……


Alisha stop hitting me with the wire.


I fainted with blood flying out of my mouth.








tɦɨs ɨs ʝʊst tɦɛ ɮɛɢɨռռɨռɢ






(all of me!!!!!!!!!!)





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