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Episode 4
























Richie Diamonds


There was numbness and silence,


Nothing was heard at all,


And I wondered why this particular hallway sounds quiet.


“what the f**k is that???


“which type of school is Alberto asking me to sign into???


“A school industry is meant to be environmental friendly and not as scary as this.


“Am I even in the right place??


I better call Alberto (my manager)




his voice came up.


“what’s the name of the schooling industry again???


I asked with a smirk,while climbing down the hallway stairs.


“Richie,don’t panic.


“the schooling industry name is Daniels Royalties and it actually belongs to Emily Daniels”.


Alberto replied me over the phone.


“okay,who’s Emily Daniels???


I asked,feeling a little bit perplexed.


“you ask more questions!


Alberto smiled over the phone.


“just tell Me who Emily Daniels is?


I replied him.


“okay,Emily Daniels is a very rich Asian villian…..and she’s the owner of Daniel Royalties schooling




Alberto shrieked.


“is that all??


I asked.




he replied.


“she has only one daughter there in Daniels royalities schooling industry.


That her only daughter is really wicked and can be nasty most times….


“Also,I learnt that Mhesha Daniels( Emily’s daughter) was trained under the influence of drugs and


under harsh conditions…..


Those conditions coupled up together made her more worst to the general of the dead.


So Richie Diamonds, be careful of your ways in Daniel Royalties!!


“Remember you actually came there because of your script that was titled ENCHANTED!!!


“Remember you didn’t come there to actually study,you only came there because you need a half of all of you,



Someone that can act as the POOREST girl in your script!!


“I will be glad if you will find one because that alone will boost the moral of our works…..


And at least,we will be able to beat down the R.R.P of our co-competitors all across the globe!!


“Richie,don’t get carried away by the tricks in Daniels Royalities,it can be dangerous.


And please,try to reduce the rate at which you act arrogant towards people because we never can tell


who’s gonna be who tomorrow!!!


Alberto rants towards the phone.


“you’re not serious!!


I replied him and hung up over the phone.


as I climb down the stairs,my while attention was diverted to the phones in my hands.


Soon,I raised my head and placed my feet on the last plater golde. stairs,.


Then,I bumped into someone.


No,it was her that ran into me.


She made sure that her long hair covered the floor of my face.


Her eyes was slainted And her lips,it was pure red.


“Pure red!!


“just what I needed for the completion of my script!.


I blinked my lashes as she run into me with her hands on my both shoulders.


“please hold me tight!


“hold me tighter!!


“Alisha is coming to take me!


“I don’t want to go again!!!


“she’s going to tell Natasha to…to…


she stop speaking and left my expensive cloth.


she shifted back,


making me to realize how tall she is.


“she will beat me!


“she told me not to come outside ooo!!


she quickly covered her face and run passed me to nowhere in particular.


I turned back,I didn’t get to see her again.


I turned back over and over again but she wasn’t there.


I took the same direction that I saw her passing but she wasn’t there.


Not even a glimpse of her.


I turned back and met another person entirely.


Her hair was dyed yellow…..


“hi,I’m mhesha!


she waved.


I puffed out air and walk passed her gently.


“he doesn’t even gives attention!


I heard her saying.


I turned back to look at her,agte smiled.


“Gosh, he’s so cute!!!!


“he is so cute and he really fits for a president!


I heard her saying again.


I turned back,she was still following me.


I got into my car,she stop following me and stood beside my car.


“did you meet the admins already??


one of my guards asked,ignoring mhesha that that was standing beside my car.


“Does it really counts???


“I already saw what I wanted!!!


I replied.




“you met her already…..


“aaah,its so fast and easy anyway”


my guards said,Mhesha fumed and left my car.


“should I phone Alberto??


He asked.



“not yet!


I shunned him and got into the car.


“sir your seat belt” He bowed.


“ohhh” I interjected and wore my seat belt.


minutes rolled into hours,


we got home.


it was kinda late but I give no damn.


I stepped out and walk past all the maids that stood, bowing for me at the entrance till I got into my mansion.


I quick scan it before racing up the stairs to my inner chamber.


“Richie join the dinning!


my foster mom retorted.


“I don’t want to” I replied.




Shasha(my foster sister asked)


“I got a lot to do and besides, I want to be alone for now! I replied.


“is anything wrong??


mom solicited.


“I didn’t remember telling you something was wrong!


I winked and got into my chambers.


I bolted the automatic smart door and turn off all the lights.


slowly,I walked to the side and turn on the slivery lamp, making it to shine little lights, Then,I connected my earbuds to my phone while my notepad and pen lay on my other hand.


I wrote out some lines on the movie script for memorization.




“Like a dream,


“I saw you walking all around in circles,


“at first,I realize it wasn’t real but reality told me it was real……


“But then,I realized it that it couldn’t come true even when it was real….



“it just look too late….


“it looks too long….


“it looks more scary that I can’t even tell you that I love you.”


I memorized the first line really well and got to the second line, I started becoming dizzy that I slept off with my pretty face buried into my notepad.


Nanare Nanare


“mhesha,I didn’t do anything!!


“I swear I didn’t steak your golden bangles!!!


“it was not me!!!


I begged Mhesha.


“what’s she saying???


Alisha and Natasha walked into the general living room with the remaining maids.


“what do you expect???


“she’s denying the fact !!!!


Mhesha lied.




“I’m not denying!!


“I swear I don’t know what she’s talking about!!


“I didn’t take any bangles!!!!


I wept.


“shut up!!


“what do you know??


“you said you’re not denying!!!


“Do you know the meaning of denying???


mhesha laughed hysterically.


“haan haan!


“she’s a village girl, what do you expect,she doesn’t know the meaning!!


Alisha said,Mhesha and Tasha started laughing.


“that’s none of my business.


“all I want now is my golden bangles, or else??…


Mhesha shouted while dragging my long hair..


I can’t even imagine what will happen!!!


Mhesha stood up,Natasha brought out something and spray it all around the living room…



“aaaah ma’am, stop,I’m asthmatic!


Nanara pleaded while developing seizures.


“Go get my bangles before the counting of five!!!


mhesha shouted.


it’s a lie!!


She’s not looking for any bangles,she just wanted me to go and stay outside the rain.


“why is mhesha as wicked as this??


I mumbled under my breathe,not knowing fully well that she heard what I was saying.


She slapped me really hard across the face and phoned security to come and throw me out of her mansion.


“Mhesha,thats pure wickedness. you should at least look for your bangles very well!!! Seesha also came into the general living room.


“Nanare get out!!


she speaks in a fast way.


“god,I didn’t even hear what she was saying clearly.


“throw her out!!!


she pointed at Gangaa.


“I will go!!


i replied.


“sleep outside tonight!!


she added.




“can I join her???


Nanara asked.


“I don’t care! mhesha blurts out as Nanara followed me out so that we can sleep outside the mansion together.


“Nanare don’t cry!!


she said as we got to the mansion gate.


“I know why mhesha is like that??


Nara grumbled.




I asked.


“because… she’s really ugly that’s why??


nara said.


“I thought you will say something sensible! I frown,she smiled and hug me tighter.


“Nanare,if you cry,I will cry too .


so let’s close our eyes and cross our hearts together so that its gonna be okay!!


Nara said.


“will it ever be okay????


I asked her back, really confused.













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