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(aʟʟ oғ ʍɛ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




©aɖɛsօʟa aɖɛօʍօաօʟɛ.ʍ.












“Should I call them humans or gods that ought to be worshiped and celebrated by humans




(I never can tell)


They were just two girls ,


They are twins ,


They are very pretty and they look very much alike.


The two sisters are uneducated and are from a middle class family,


The twins can not even read and write because they lived in a local village in delhi.


One of the twins(Nanara) is asthmatic..


The other twin(Nanare) is really brave,her words are true and ruling. Though uneducated but the ability


to interpret life is still waxing stronger in her memory .


Then,the twins were sold into slavery to 4 famous stage dancers.


Mhesha (dream of all females),


Natasha(owner at trending gist),


Seesha (lover of tea),


Alisha(lover of the most feared vilian).



At first,it was good.


All of a sudden,it turned sour because the stage dancers changed their attitudes towards their maids.


They started starving them,


They made oversized clothes to become the body mingler of the twins,


They purposely kept one of the twins in a smelling room knowing fully well that she’s asthmatic.


Life sucks up


It became unbearable but Nara wasn’t dying… Instead she become more close to her twin (nare) not leaving a breathing space for any intruder.


The twins just wish their dream will one day turn into reality….


(What is their dream??)




Richie diamonds,, a hot and brainy script writer who is really ENCHANTED with plentiful of handsomeness came to India.


The cute rich guy had written many song scripts,drama scripts,short love drama and many more scripts that worth millions and even billions .


On many occasions,he had unravel countless mysteries….


50% of his time was for his script writing,


29% is for business,


20% is for his studies,.the remaining 1% was for girls.


He doesn’t waste any of his time …


Because of that,he was known by a few people as a no nonsense guy.


All of a sudden, his fames increased ..


Richie became rich…


Even richer than his foster parents.


At a very tender age,he became the next heir of India.


The next person to rule India with upmost superiority.


It continue sstrucking,


Richie was getting more rich and richer..


Circumstances led into circumstances,


He fell in love with (nanare) one of the twins.


Affections set in


Little hatred set out


Tiny jealousy intercepts because it was very difficult for the uneducated middle class girl.


As if that was not enough,


Wicked villians came knocking on the very cute and ENCHANTED guy’s door,getting ready to lick him up in its fury .


It looks so real to be true….


Richie fell more deeply in love with the one that cannot read and write .


It continue stucking harder even to the hardest


One of the stage dancers did something terrible to one of the twins ..


Something terrible that brought down the other twins “What could it be???




(Close your eyes and guess)


Abeg open your eyes…..






(aʟʟ oғ mє!!!!!!!!!!)





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