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I sneaked over to Tasha’s room so we could talk because we haven’t had a decent conversation for a while and I needed to explain the impromptu marriage to her. “hello” I whispered as I knocked on the door severally but no answer. Everyone was asleep already because it was midnight and I’m sure Tasha would be also, I tried calling her before coming but no answer so I just came instead. “hello” I knocked and this time she opened and yawned after seeing me.


“It’s late, what are you doling here” she asked in a sleepy tune.


“We need to talk” I said and she giggled sarcastically.


“Now you want to talk, where is your bride?” She blurted out and I knew she was angry.


“At least let me in first please” I begged and she groaned. Not too long we heard noise coming down the hallway and I knew it was Lala because I heard her voice and some other lady’s voice.


“What the hell is she doing up at this time?” I muttered under my breath as Tasha dragged me in and locked the door before Lala could see us.


“Nice meeting you Louise, I hope your flight was peaceful, you wouldn’t


believe…” Lala trailed off and I let out a sigh of relief. I wonder who this Louise is anyways well that’s not my problem, I need to patch things up with Tasha; that’s my problem.


“I’m sorry Tasha, I’m in a really tight corner right now and I can’t let an innocent girl die on my watch” I stated and she looked at me, I couldn’t really read her expression or the meaning behind it because she made sure to hide her feelings so I can’t say if she is mad, sad or just being herself, my lovely lady.


“She’d soon be dead anyways” Tasha said lowly and I couldn’t really make out


what she said.


“What?” I asked.


“Nothing” she replied wrapping her arms round my neck.


“I love you so much Ryan, promise me you wouldn’t let that bitch come between us or any other bitch. You are married and still single, okay?” She peered into my eyes sweetly and I let out a small smile.


“But I can’t still be single when I got you” I pointed out and she laughed.


“I know but just promise” she smiled.


“I promise, I’m married and still single and I’m all yours. I love you” I kissed her lips lightly.


“And I love you” she pulled from the kiss and smile before kissing me back and taking off her clothes.


“Come to mummy” she giggled as she led me to the bed.


“I’m on my way” I followed her and smiled as she let go of her bra and her panties and I saw her full cleavage. Damn! She is hot, so hot. After one kiss, we made passionate love and nothing else mattered, not even the fear of Lala walking in on us or any other person but just two people sharing a passionate moment. .




I heard a knock on my door and I squeezed my eyes and checked my phone for the time. It was midnight, I glanced at Grandma Esthy, she was still asleep, I yawned and stretch a little wondering who that could be at this time of the night. “Hey girl” I heard and was surprised when I saw Louise with Lala.


“Oh my God, I’ve missed you, how long has it been? Three months?” I said hugging her and closing the door behind me so as not to wake grandma as Louise chuckled.


“Don’t be silly, it’s just being three days and I’ve truly missed you, I’ve been in that room all alone” she drew my cheeks playfully and I laughed.


“Well, it’s good to see you girls getting along quite alright”. Lala chipped in.


“Oh I see you’ve met Lala” I said to Louise and she nods.


“She is quite hospitable, I took a first class flight here and I’m still freaking out” Louise said holding my hands and I smiled.


“I’m sorry for the poor service, all the good airlines was booked and our private jets was sent to bring Aaliyah’s other family member and my family member too so you see…”


“Are you kidding me? You call that poor service? It was amazing, the best” Louise cuts in and Lala laughed out loudly.


“I’m glad you like it” Lala said after finding her voice.


“Well, no bridal shower?” Louise asked.


“Since it’s an impromptu wedding, I don’t think there is anytime for that, I would have loved to arrange it for tonight but Aaliyah is pregnant…”


“Pregnant?” Louise cuts in again, this time looking at me as she arched her brow.



“Yes, I’m pregnant remember, that is one of the reason Ryan and I are getting married.” I said and winked at Louise and she understood immediately. Smart ass I must say.


“Yes right but ain’t no pregnancy going to spoil my groove tonight because we are going to party” Louise played along and Lala and I laughed.


“I thought you hated parties, you said they are going to mock you just like high school” I asked


“Well I took your advice and this place is literally filled with Australian freaks anyways” Louise winked at me.


“No worries, I can arrange that tonight just give me a minute” Lala said and walked away.


“Pregnant? Seriously?” Louise whispered and i nod.


“Tasha’s handiwork” I rolled my eyes.


“Well that girl is really getting on my nerves” Louise said.


“You have no idea” I scoffed and smile as I saw Lala coming over to us with a bigger smile.


“It’s all ready, party start in ten” Lala huffed.


“In ten? So fast!” Louise exclaimed.


“Shit works…”


“When you’ve got money” I completed and Lala smiled.


“Right!” Lala said and excused herself saying she wanted to go invite her cousins that were present and mine also.


“They are rich!” Louise tapped my arm.


“Ouch, is that a way to treat a pregnant woman?” I teased and we both had a roar


of laughter.






I was cuddling Tasha after two great rounds of s£x which totally left me weak and tired when a knock came on the door. Initially, I thought it was one of the maids and we didn’t answer but I jerked out of the bed as I heard Lala’s voice literally screaming.


“Hey crack head open this damn door, we have a bridal shower happening in ten or maybe five now” she shouted and I woke up Tasha because she was asleep.


“Hey babe wake up” I tapped her lightly as she sniffed in air and squeezed her eyes.


“I’m too tired for another round” she said.



“No not that, Lala is at the door and she is blabbing something about a bridal shower happening right now” I whispered.


“If you ain’t gonna wake up…or wait are you dead? I’m sure you are dead, better wake up because I can’t plan a marriage and a damn funeral at the same time, I know when you’ve got money shit works but it doesn’t work that way I’m not going to spend my hard earned money on burying a loose ass like you” Lala voice came again.


“Gosh, at this time of the night? Who does a bridal shower at this time of the


night?” Tasha whispered.


“I don’t know” I replied.


“Well I ain’t going” Tasha said and lay back on the bed.


“You’ve to, you are the bride’s sister remember?” I said and she groaned.


“Gosh I hate this, I should be the one being celebrated right now not that can… Anyways I’ll go” she said and stood up getting dressed. Lala already left and Tasha took her time before stepping out of the room. “Bye, I love you” she kissed my lips.


“I love you too” I replied as she left.






I sat down looking at the wonder Lala pulled off in just ten minutes, this is impossible because it’s too perfect to be done in just a short while. The poolside was already decorated and a big cake saying


‘She is no longer single!” Was placed in the center of this beautiful decorated poolside. Louise being Louise had already secured a plate of shrimp sauce and was aiming for a second plate.


“Loosen up girl” she sat by my side and I smiled; a fake one though.


Tasha walked in few minutes later same with Lala’s cousin.


“Aaliyah, this is Brenda and Hannah my cousins” Lala introduced to me.


“I’m honoured meeting you” I smiled at them and they did the same.


“They are the only ones who came for the rehearsal dinner, you’ll meet my other cousins tomorrow at the wedding, most of them are vet busy so they couldn’t make the rehearsal dinner” Lala explained and I nod. Then I saw my cousins, the only who came. Lena and Gina; uncle Henry’s twins. But I love Lena more, she is much nicer and way less troublesome. I hope Lala doesn’t mention that Tasha is my supposed sister because how am I going to explain I have a sister that my cousins don’t know about.



“Girls let’s gather around and play a game” Lala announced and we all went to a spot not too far from the pool and Lala made us sit on the floor.


“First of all I want to say a very big congratulations to my soon to be sister in-law, I’m so glad you are the one my brother is crazy about. I love you sis” Lala blew me a kiss.


“I love you too” I replied blowing her a kiss also.


“Awww y’all gonna make me cry” Louise pouted and we all laughed.


“Stop it Lolo” I playfully punch her arms and she giggled.


“So girls we are going to play truth or dare, you guys know the rules right I’m sure


everyone of us here has played truth and dare” Lala said and we all nod and some


said yes. Either way we all agreed.


“I’ll go first” Gina volunteered.


“Fine” Lala agreed.


“Brenda truth or dare?” Gina asked and I wonder how she knew her name. Why am I surprised it’s Gina, the over excessive herself. “Errm let me see…truth” Brenda replied.


“When was the last time you had s£x?” Gina asked.


“That’s simple. This morning with a hot dude I met in the airport, we had a quickie” Brenda said.


“Eewww” I said making a disguised face.


“Wow!” Tasha commented.


“Girl, you something else” Louise added


“No wonder, your crack ass didn’t get here on time” Lala fired at her.


“Okay Brenda you’ve got just two truths remaining” Lala added and smiled at me. After going round with different truths coming out and horrible dares like jump in the pool, go lick the floor or touch the boobs of the person close to you, no one seems to notice me to have dared me or ask me anything and I was grateful till…


“Now it’s my turn” Lala said as she faced me. Oh no! “Aaliyah truth or dare?” She asked and I smirked in fear. “Truth…dare… No truth” I stuttered.


“Okay miss, what’s Ryan’s favourite s£x position?” She asked and I coughed while Louise giggled silently.


“No way I’m going to answer that” I shrugged.


“Missionary, dude like it old school” Tasha commented out of the blue.


“You say what now?” Hannah faced Tasha and Lala had a surprised look on.


“Oh please I was just guessing, no biggie” Tasha laughed nervously.


“Look I’m just going to pay the fine” I said.


“Well, I’m… You know never mind” Lala had a suspicious look on.


“I’m gonna go inside, party is totally over for me” Lala got up and left.


I felt like Lala was on to something, thanks to Tasha big mouth. The party was over at about three in the morning and I went to Louise room to sorbs my next two to three hours because I needed to wake up early for my wedding. .


I turned on the bed tiredly as I squeezed my eyes and heard voices.


“Wake up bride, it’s your day” I heard Louise say literally standing over me.


“Fuck” I cursed under my breath.












[Broken vows]


by berlie












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