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I rushed down to the hospital immediately I got that call from Lala, walking down the hallway of the hospital it reminded me of a painful memory of my cancer



program and I cringe thinking about the pain, going some night detoxing and not eating anything but screaming in pain, taking concentrated drugs, it felt like hell “Aaliyah, I’m so glad you could make it” Lala creeped up on me from behind. “Lala” I turned to hug her as she sobbed in my arms.


“A car hit him really hard and he is in the AR right now and the doctor don’t know if he’d survive at all” Lala sniffed and I kinda felt bad, I mean Ryan is the worst but he is still my husband; I think.


“I pray he recovers soon” Lala muttered and I felt her pain.


“Are you okay?” She asked looking at me and I shrugged. Honestly I’m more than okay, Ryan kinda deserves it for being a jerk or cmon Aaliyah no one deserves that even if they are the worst.


“I’m okay- I mean I’m pained but I have faith Ryan would pull through” I said and I think that sums up my feelings though “thank God Ryan’s got you” Lala leaned forward and rested her head on my shoulders. Her hair smelled nice, it had a strawberry flavour kinda smell mixed with something I don’t really know but her hair conditioner is wow.


“He is a fighter that one” I said referring to Ryan and Lala nods.


“He is” she muttered lowly.


Soon we saw Tasha coming towards us and I couldn’t help but remember what happened at the wedding and Lala almost found out we weren’t sisters and my mom almost knew about my lie of a marriage. .




“Mrs Thompson, I’m so glad you have two beautiful daughters to call your own”


Lala said to my mom who stood there confused, good thing I kept an eye on them


and over heard their conversation.


“Two…” My mom tried saying.


“Mom, grandma needs you over there” I interrupted and my mom kissed my cheeks.


“I’m sorry but I’d have to go, hope we have that conversation some other time” my mom scoffed.


“Oh there is plenty of time for a conversation” Lala smiled.


“That’s good” my mom walked away and I looked back at Lala who seemed really happy.


“So bride, where is your sister exactly…”


Lala sipped her wine.







Tasha walked to us with a worried look all over her face.


“Lala, I’m so sorry, where is Ryan I heard he got hit by a car?” Tasha asked and Lala ignored her for a while and then took a heavy sigh.


“He is in the AR” Lala said fighting back tears while Tasha stood restlessly.


“Aaliyah, hope you are okay?” She asked facing me and I nod. “Errm-I-I- I’m feeling a little bit gloomy, I’d go get a cup of coffee, you guys want one?” I asked.


“No thanks” Tasha took a seat.


“Sure, black no sugar” Lala said and I wandered off to the cafeteria.


As I walked a call came into my phone and ‘Grandma Esthy’ popped up as the caller ID.


“Hello grandma” I picked up.


“Aaliyah dear, how are you?” She asked and I took a heavy sigh before replying. “I’m fine, you? How’s Brooks town?” I asked and I could hear her chuckle. “Fine, it’s better than they way you left it at least you don’t come visiting anymore so its better” I could hear the humor in her voice.


“Grandma!” I exclamied walking to the counter to order coffee.


“Its true” she beconked.


“Oh grandma just say you miss my presence” I teased and she giggled.


“You wish” she said.


“Two cups of coffee, black no sugar” I told the waitress.


“What?” My grandma said over the phone.


“No that’s not for you, I’m in the hospital ordering coffee” I said lowly.


“What? What happened darling, hope you are okay?” My grandma asked.


“I’m fine wish I could say the same for Ryan” I scoffed.


“Ryan? That sweet boy, hope he is okay?” Grandma pressed on.


“He is fine, just some minor injury, he got hit by a car earlier today” I said grabbing my coffee then i realised my hands full, I can’t carry both coffee. “Great!” I said to myself.


“…Lord is going heal him” I heard my grandma say and I wasn’t really paying attention.


“Grandma, this ain’t The Lord’s issue” I said angrily because my grandma looks for any avenue to chip in God in every situation.


“Baby, what are you saying? The Lord is everything” she continued.


“Yea right! Grandma can we talk later because apparently I can’t carry two cups of coffee with one hand” I scoffed.



“Okay, regards to Ryan, tell him I’d pray for him, he would always be in my prayer” my grandma said.


“Yea right, right right… bye grandma love you” I rolled my eyes.


“Love you too” she said and hanged up.


God? Is he even real because if he was I wouldn’t have cancer or be married to a crazy person. I grabbed the two coffee and went back to the reception after slipping my phone in my back pocket. I saw Lala walking towards me and took the coffee gulping it down.


“Wow I needed that, what took you so long?” She faced me and I raised my shoulders up.


“Well Ryan is up and the doctor finally took him to a room, he is out of the AR and then he asked me to go see him and I asked Tasha to go look for you so you’d come see him before they gave him sedative to ease his pain but she couldn’t find you and now he is alseep” Lala said and I knew that Tasha saw me but her crazy big fat ass wouldn’t call me because she is jealous.


“Oh bummer, I was on phone with my grandma so it kinda delayed me so has Tasha seen Ryan?” I asked and lala had confusion in her eyes.


“No, I didn’t let her but I don’t know I didn’t want to say anything but I think Tasha has a crush on Ryan” Lala announced and I didn’t know how to react to her words so Lala wouldn’t be suspicious.


“I don’t think so, she is my sister she wouldn’t do that to me” I said trying to play the defensive sister.


“Okay” she raised her hands up as in a surrendering manner.


“So all this happened within that few minutes I just went away” I asked confused. “Yes and the doctor said it’s a miracle that he came out of the AR and they would run a general test on him” lala said and I rolled my eyes. Miracle indeed! We sat a few more minutes in the reception when I got a text from Louise.

“Hey girl, didn’t see you in sewing class, what’s up” I read the text.


“Oh so sorry I didn’t tell you before dashing out, Ryan is in the hospital, he got in an accident” I texted back, it was delivered but no reply because she wasn’t online. “Hey” Michael dashed into the hospital trying to hug Lala but she resisted.


“Don’t touch me or try to hug me with that cremated piece of shit you call a body” Lala said sternly. Honestly I think cruelty with words runs in the Pierce family. “Cmon Lala, I’m trying to show support” Michael tried explained.


“Well, go support other crackheads like you because your support is sure not needed here” Lala said and walked away. “Wow, it seems like you guys are…”


“She is my ex” Michael said.


“Oh! No wonder I’ve never seen Lala like that before” I said realising why she was so harsh.


“Trust me, she is worst, she is way better today” Michael said sitting close to me. “I see so what broke you too off? Let me guess you got tired?” I asked staring at him.


“No way, I just- we broke up after I started helping Ryan investigate his mother’s death and Lala didn’t want that, she said I’m helping him destroy himself and she wants no part of that” Michael said sadly.


“Wow so Ryan broke you guys up” I said and he chuckled.


“I’d say I broke us up because I had a choice to choose Lala but…”


“Yea I get it” I cut in and I do because I had a choice to choose Harvey but I was scared.


“You do?” He asked looking at me.


“Yes I do” I smiled and he did too.


“Do you regret it?” I asked and he took time before replying.


“I don’t know, I think it would be selfish if I regret what I chose.” He said and I nod.


We didn’t talk for a while till I yawned and he glanced towards my direction.


“You tired or hungry” he asked.


“Both” I yawned again.


“You should go home then” he said and I shook my head negatively “Okay, you are being stubborn” he added.


“No way I’m going home, he is my husband, I guess” I rolled my eyes.


“Okay wifey, I see you” Michael laughed and I touched his arms playfully but retreated when Lala walked in.


“I can see you are having fun with this crazy lameass impotent coward” Lala folded her arms looking at Michael and making him uncomfortable.


“Guys, I need to go and talk to the doctor about Ryan” Michael stood up and walked towards the doctor’s office.


“You are not needed here” Lala shouted and got the attention of a sick patient who


was waiting for the doctor.


“Sorry” she mouthed to the patient.


“You know what, I take that back ain’t my fault you are sick” she half-yelled at the patient.


“Lala! I’m so sorry miss” I apologised to the patient and dragged Lala away because she obviously needed air.






I told the doctor to tell Lala I needed to rest so she would give me space. I lay on the bed as Michael walked in and shut the door behind him.


“Hey man, how are you holding up?” Michael said walking towards me and drew


out a chair before sitting on it.


“I’m good, so any news?” I asked.


“Except that the Johes tried to kill you today…hmmm I don’t think so” Michael scoffed and I rolled my eyes as the door clicked open and Harvey walked in. “Hey dude, you looking…”


“Almost dead, thanks to your family. What are you even doing here? To confirm his death or to finish what your family already started.” Michael cuts in angry. “Stop it Michael, I asked for his help to destroy this hate between these two families before someone dies” I blared.


“Stop it, you think you can stop it and take down John Johes? This shit is bigger than you, I’m beginning to think what Lala said was true, me supporting you on this path would only make you more crazy” Michael yelled and I could feel his anger but all I want is to find my mom’s killer and also take down John Johes. “Michael, you got to understand me okay? I’m married to a girl I don’t love and I just got hit by a car which was suppose to kill me, you see if I don’t stop this someone is gonna lose their lives” I explained.


“Fine! But I can’t trust a Johes” Michael agreed looking at Harvey.


“Who said anything about trusting them” I raised my brow.


“Hello I’m still here” Harvey announced.


“So let’s get started on taking down the Johes and finding my mom’s killer” I said and Michael smiled.


“So Harvey anything?” I asked and he smirked.


“Kinda, but we are not going to discuss it in a hospital” Harvey suggested.


“I agree” Michael added.


“Fine” I shrugged.


“Michael you’ve done what I asked” I faced Michael.


“Yes” he replied.


“Good, at least that would get them off my back” I sighed.






I stood outside trying to calm Lala down when a nurse came to tell us the doctor wants to see us. We walked into the doctor’s office and took a seat.


“Hey Miss Lala and Mrs Aaliyah, the reports about your brother’s health just came


back and….” The doctor hesitated.


“And what?” Lala yelled.


“He’s got cancer!” The doctor announced.


“Holy crack!” I muttered lowly.
















[Broken vows]


by berlie









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