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I was still double minded even when in the car with Tasha, a part of me wanted to trust Tasha so bad but I just couldn’t get Aaliyah off my mind, I needed to quench



this once and for all. We got home and strolled into the hotel with Tasha arms tugged in mine, I excused myself and signalled Michael to come with me leaving Tasha all to her self at the hotel restaurant.


“What’s up man? Why did you call me out” he asked really surprise.


“I hate to say this but we need to investigate Tasha” I peered into his eyes as he gave me a disturbed look wondering why I’d say that. “Why man, anything happened?” He inquired.


“I don’t know, I just have a hunch and I can’t get Aaliyah off my mind, what if she is innocent? We would just be punishing an innocent girl…” “Who happens to be your wife” Michael cuts in.


“Who happens to be my wife and me marrying her to protect her would all be in vain. I can’t do that to her” I explained and Michael agreed.


“Don’t worry, I’d see what I can find” Michael placed his hands on my shoulders. “Thanks and get your hands off my shoulders” I tugged his hands away and he laughed.


“In the mean time, help me distract Tasha, I need to find Aaliyah” I pleaded with him.


“I get it, how are you going to find her?” Michael asked.


“I put a tracker in her phone” I tell him and he gave me a ‘really look’


“What? It’s modern day technology and I needed to know her whereabouts incase the Johes are after her again” I vindicated myself. “Does she know?” He inquired.


“She doesn’t need to know” I replied checking my wrist watch.


“Need to go” I dashed off taking a taxi, according to my tracker she is in a place called H&Q around our mansion and I knew the place because I use to go there every time I came to Australia. The taxi drove me there and I came down, only to find Aaliyah devouring the heart of the ocean, I know that because that’s my favourite meal here in H&Q, it contained all my favourite sea foods. She sat opposite a guy as they talked and she seemed very relaxed with this mystery guy, who could he be? I felt anger boil up inside me as she smiled and chatted with this guy. I waited impatiently for some minutes before they stood up to leave. Aaliyah followed him to his car while I boarded a taxi following them bumper to bumper. They pulled over at a mini apartment as the guy opened the door for Aaliyah and she followed him inside. What the hell? Who is this crack head that is harbouring my wife. Wait did I just call her my wife? She is actually, right? I stepped down from the taxi and watch them through the window as she had dinner with them giggling and feeling happy. After waiting for a while, I decided to knock.


“May I help you?” The mystery guy answered the door.


“Yes, I’m here for Aaliyah” I tell him as he called on Aaliyah and she walked towards the door with a smile, on seeing me the smile vanished. “Do you know this guy?” The mystery guy asked her.


“He is my husband” she replied the guy as he whispered something to her.






I stood at the door confused wondering what Ryan wanted and how he found me. “Could you give my wife and I a minute please” I heard his voice and I wondered why he pretended I was his wife because I wasn’t his wife earlier when Tasha and Lala set me up.


“Sure” Gregg glanced at me before going inside and I stepped out on the porch closing the door behind me.


“What do you want?” I folded my arms.


“What are you even doing here and how do you know him” he asked looking really mad.


“Well if you are here to interrogate me, it’s a pleasure to let you know that I’m not available for interrogation” I tell him confidently.


“Are you crazy? Following a stranger home, do you know if he is a serial killer? Or the Johes sent him” he shouted.


“Oh I’m sorry mister Ryan for being so clumsy after you and your crazy girlfriend kicked me out and this so called stranger took me in” I yelled really angry too that he didn’t believe me earlier and now he is yelling at me here.


“You are not just clumsy but stupid and please Aaliyah, you need to be careful” he blurts out.


“Why? Because you destroyed my life and the little freedom I had, I came to Paris to have a normal life because my life back in Hales was really bad and I needed a break from…” I stopped myself from telling him I had cancer as tears flowed down my cheeks. His looks turned sad and he was about holding me when I moved back. “Don’t touch me, you are even worst than cancer and I’m spending a night here, I’ll come get my bags tomorrow before I go back to Paris so good night” I walked out before he could say a word. Two cancer patients, we’d both soon die but I’d loose more because he has a girlfriend and someone who loves and supports him no matter what but me, I just got my parents, don’t get me wrong I’m not ungrateful but I just…


“Are you alright” Gregg asked as I leaned my back on the door breathing in and I didn’t realise I was there or Gregg was looking at me.


“I’m fine” I sniffed and cleaned my eyes with the back of my palm.


“You don’t look fine but you don’t want to share” he said.


“I’m fine” I breathed out.


“Okay, my family and I want to pray, care to join?” He invited me. Yea great! Now he is inviting me to pray to A God I don’t know. “Sure” I gave off a fake smile.


I walked into the living room and they were all seated ready to share the word of


God, I breathed out and prayed silently that this ends soon because I needs to sleep.


“Aaliyah, would you do us a favour of saying the opening prayer” Mrs Baldwin






“I’ll do it” Gregg cuts in as he noticed my discomfort.


“Heavenly father, we thank you and bless your name for this beautiful…” Gregg trails off and I opened my eyes to see everyone closing their eyes. “Thank you Gregg dear” Mrs Baldwin said.


“I’ll take the word today” Mr Baldwin said and I sighed. Kill me now! My grandma Esthy use to do this all the time and the people of Brooks town are very religious and now I’m about to hear the word.


“Today I’m going to talk of instant healing” Mr Baldwin started off. Healing? What is this? Is God trying to talk to me.


“We’ll take our first reading from Mark 5:25-30, Maggie please would you read this for us” Mr Baldwin said and Maggie opened the scripture and started reading. It was something about the woman with the issue of blood, I don’t really care, I just yawned and watch as Maggie read The Bible.


“See, the woman with the issue of blood got her instant healing from touching the healm of His garment. Jesus can do anything when we have faith, he can heal you and me if we believe enough…” Mr Baldwin said and the words really got to me, could Jesus really heal me? Can he cure this cancer. I really took the word to heart and mediated on it not really paying attention to any other thing they were saying. After the long sermon which I thought would never end, Mrs Baldwin took the closing prayer.


“Good night” I tell everyone as Gregg led me to his room.


“We are not sharing the same room, are we?” I asked walking into the room with a little bed placed close to the wall and his wall was painted with white, his wall was filled with pictures of him and his family. Also him and his buddies, I could see A Bible was placed on the table, I turned away and sat on the bed.


“I’ll sleep in the living room, you can have my room” he offered and I smiled.


“Thank you” I beamed with smile.


“You are welcome and you can always talk to me and the bathroom is at the left, just take a turn and you will see it” he advised and I shrugged and smiled. He left the room and I glanced at the Bible.


“Mark 5:25-30” I muttered wondering if I should go through the scripture. No! I can’t, I need to sleep. I yawned and settled into the bed right without having my bath because I was too tired.




The sun shone into the room and the smell of scrabbled eggs woke me up, I stretched myself and yawned before heading to the bathroom, I could hear giggles from the dinning room. I guess the family is awake, I dashed in and ease myself before coming out.


“Good morning” Gregg smiled and I smiled too.


“Good morning” I replied.


“Care to join for dinner?” He offered.


“No thanks, I need to rush to get my bag so I’d go back to Paris” I tell him.


“Have you booked a flight?” He asked.


“No” I replied realising I’m supposed to book a flight before flying. God, how did I forget that?


“And you want to go back?” He asked curving his brow.


“Ah! I forgot” I hit my head with my hands.


“How about you take a shower and join us in the dinning room, we would worry about that later, I left Maggie clothes for you on the bed, hope they fit” he smiled. “Thank you, you are a life saver” I gave him a satisfied look.


“You are welcome” he walked away and I went into the room to get the clothes before heading in to bath. After a long and satisfying shower, I joined them in dinning room and it was smelling good in there, the table was filled with delicacies like scrabbled eggs with toasted bread and that was what I opted for and a cup of coffee to go.


“Good morning Mr and Mrs Baldwin” I greeted.


“Good morning” they chorused. More interesting stories available


“Good morning Maggie, thanks for the clothes” I thanked her.


“No biggie” she replied with a smile as she ate her food happily.



“I’d be leaving today, thanks for the warm reception” I thanked them and Mrs Baldwin smile was calm.


“No worries, we thank God” she said and I smiled. Yea, thank God!


We had dinner and I was heading into Gregg’s room when he stopped me.


“Any problem?” I asked as he held my arms.


“You looked stressed and like I said, I know a guy who could take stress away” he tells me and I giggled.


“Who is this guy?” I asked because he was really bugging me.


“Jesus, the one who gives rest and total healing” he says. Healing? Again? Does this guy know I’ve got cancer.


“Jesus? Really Jesus?” I arched my brow.


“Yes, the author and finisher of our faith, he said come unto me ye that are heavily burdened and I’ll give you rest” he tells me and he sounds more like grandma Esthy.


“You what I don’t have time for a sermon and i thought you were a therapist, I had no idea you were a pastor” I fold my arms and he giggled.


“I’m a Christian therapist not a pastor, I help people go through their problem by teaching them the word of God” he explains and I nod as a text came into my phone, I raised my phone up.


“Aaliyah, I really need your help” I read and it was a text from Ryan. What the


hell? He needs my help for what?












[Broken vows]









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