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I came face to face with a wide spaced bedroom with a king sized bed and pink duvet just like my pink duvet at home but better; far better. I slipped out of the clothes I had on and went into the bathroom. I ran a warm bath and settled in for a few minutes before stepping out to clean my body and put on my clothes.


After freshening up, I strolled downstairs to join Lala and Ryan for dinner. I wore a pair of blue jeans and a yellow top with a yellow fluffy slippers to match.


“Thanks Lala for the hospitality, I loved the shower so much” I thanked her and sat on the black vinyl chair opposite hers and her warm smile in which she replied me with melted my heart.


“You are welcome, Ryan told me you like cranberry pie” she winked and I flinched.



“How the hell did he know that?” I asked and Lala arched her brow. “Isn’t he suppose to know? He is your fiancé” she reminded me and I nod nervously.


“Yea…right…sure”- I stuttered.


“Hello ladies, hope I didn’t miss much” Ryan came into our conversation and Lala smiled.


“Of course not, your lame ass didn’t miss a thing” lala smirked and I couldn’t help but to laugh.


“So funny by the way, where is Tasha?” Ryan asked.


“Dead, I hope” Lala rolled her eyes.


“Lala!” Ryan exclaimed


“Why do you even care, your girlfriend and sister are here so why worry about your sister in-law” Lala said looking straight into Ryan’s eyes. “Nothing” Ryan replied dishing out food for himself.


“Won’t you serve your fiancée first?” Lala asked dropping her fork.


“She have hands” Ryan groaned.


“Ryan! Serve her” Lala ordered tilting her head towards my direction. I giggled a bit because I truly love how Lala bossed Ryan around, it made me feel good that Ryan had someone to answer to.


Ryan dished out some seaweed soup and corn bread for me and gave me a stern look after serving me.


“How rude, how do you deal with him” Lala whispered to me and I chuckled. “Hello peeps, I’m here” Tasha announced”


“Who cares” Lala whispered to me again and this time with an eye roll.


“Do you want some orange cakes? I know you love them” Ryan faced Tasha while she gave a broad smile.


“Okay let me get this shit straight, you wanna serve your fiancée sister and not your fiancée?” Lala asked looking at me and Ryan eye crossed. “No, no…”


“Shut up, I wasn’t talking to you” Lala shush Tasha and I liked it, she deserved that and even more.


“Ryan, answer me or wait I get it now!” Lala scoffed.


“You do?” Ryan and I said at the same time.


“Yes, you too are arguing and you are trying to make her jealous but using her


sister ain’t right Ryan; it ain’t right” Lala dipped her hands into the cookie jar on the


table and chewed it.


“It’s not that it’s just…”


“Shut up Tasha” Lala said again.


“Lala stop insulting my girlfriend!” Ryan huffed.


“Huh?” Lala arched her brow.


“You didn’t let me finish my statement, I meant girlfriend’s sister” Ryan adjusted himself and I coughed a little bit.


“We ain’t arguing, Ryan is just being nice to my sister on my demand” I lied and Lala glanced at me with a suspicious look.


“Anyways so where did you have your first kiss” Lala asked and I choked on my juice while Ryan adjusted himself.


“Okay, what’s going on?” Lala asked after observing our reactions


“Nothing, we had our first kiss at the front of the effiel tower in Paris” I chipped in with an awarded lied and Lala kinda believed; I hope.


“Awww, so romantic, did you guys meet in Paris?” Lala asked.


“Yes” I smiled.


“Where else would we meet, you know I’ve been in Paris since…” Ryan voice broke down.


“Yes since mom died” Lala chipped in sadly.


“So Ryan, Aaliyah, we would go on a one day cruise to get to know each other” Lala faced me and I smirked.


“No need for all those kinda stuff” Ryan rolled his eyes and I did the same. “C’mon asshole, it would be amazing” Lala leaned over to where Ryan sat and punch him on his arm. “Stop it crack head” Ryan giggled and Lala too, they are so adorable. “Ms Lala, your father is on the line and he wants to talk to you” a young man said and Lala collected the phone from the young man. “Hello dad…” she trailed off.


“So Aaliyah, when am I going to have some free time with my man” Tasha faced me and I dropped my phone and faced her too wondering why she would ask me that.


“Tasha, I’m in no mood to discuss this kinda things, you knew perfectly what you were getting yourself into” I barked at her because I was getting fed up.


“Tasha, we ain’t here on some bae-cation, we are here on official business and you know it” Ryan added and I nod in agreement. “But…”


“No buts Tasha, I promise when we get back, we would have all the time to ourselves” Ryan placed his hands on hers while I watch them love-up.


“So what did I miss” Lala walked in and Ryan quickly removed his hands from Tasha’s and I sighed.


“Nothing much, just that we were talking about the wedding preparations” I lied.


I’m kinda getting use to this lying thing and getting good at it also.


“I see, well dad said he is not coming home tonight and he says he is very sorry and he would be back first thing tomorrow morning” Lala announced and I could see the rage in Ryan’s eyes.


“And he couldn’t even tell me directly? ” Ryan stormed his hand on the table.


“He knew if he did you’d be like this” Lala looked at him.


“Like what?” He asked.


“Like a crazy asshole” Lala said smiling but Ryan didn’t find it funny at all. “Anyways, it’s late and it’s time to sleep so let’s retire to our rooms.” She stood up and Ryan happily did the same heading towards the exit of the dinning room. “Not so fast Ryan, change of plans; Aaliyah, go get your things you are staying with your fiancé in his room” she said and I flinched. “What?!” Ryan and I said at the same time.


“Yes, isn’t it a normal thing, you guys are acting like you haven’t shared a room before, like you are trying to tell me that you guys haven’t had s£x” Lala rolled her eyes at us.


“Lala!” Ryan exclaimed and she looked at me.


“What?” She folded her arms.


“Nothing” Ryan replied and held my hands.


Okay that’s new, Ryan just held my hands, it felt nice though, he had this manly yet soft touch; okay enough of all those kinda talk.


“My darling and I would love to sleep, we are tired. Right baby?” Ryan faced me and I nod nervously.


“One more thing” Lala stopped us.


“What?” Ryan groaned.


“Kiss her good night right in front of me” Lala raised her brow.


“Why?” Ryan asked and I swallowed the lump in my throat as Ryan groaned kissing me on my cheeks after Lala gave him a cold look. Lala seems to have a strong hold over Ryan like she can make him do anything.


“Not on her cheeks darling, on her lips and passionately not all those crazy peck on the lips kinda kiss” Lala added and Tasha flinched while I moved backwards a little. (Join Group) “No…we rather not” I managed to find my voice.


“What? You rather not kiss your fiancé?” Lala arched her brow still folding her arms.



“Whatever” Ryan said and pressed his lips against mine angrily while I stood there like a doll not knowing what to do and how to act. It felt good though, his lips had this sensation that it sent through my body and his kiss sent shivers down my spine. I must confess Ryan is a good kisser.


“Well that’s more like it” Lala smiled satisfied and fulfilled.


“Good night guys” Lala blew me a kiss and winked after. Tasha on the other hand


was super mad and very angry.




Ryan’s room looks wonderful, it had this nice and peaceful look, his king-sized bed is bigger than the one in the other room and it felt soft as I sat on it.


“You take the bed and I take the sofa” Ryan’s words jerked me back to life and I sighed as we heard on a knock on the door. I settled in on the bed as Ryan answered the door.


“Hope you guys are sharing the same bed” I heard Lala’s voice as she walked into the room.


“Oh c’mon Lala, you ain’t serious, are you?” Ryan asked and she waved at me dramatically.


“Shut up and go join her on the bed” She stood still and Ryan angrily joined me on the bed and covered himself with the duvet.


“Are you happy now?” He asked while I watched wondering why Lala had so much power over Ryan.


“Not exactly, cuddle her” she ordered.


“What?! That’s insane are you going to stay and watch us have s£x? Is she going to stay and watch us have s£x?” Ryan asked facing me. “I don’t know” I replied scared.


“Maybe” Lala sat on the sofa and looked at us.


“Cuddle, now!” She ordered.










[Broken vows]


by berlie







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