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“Lala I can’t okay” Ryan said and faced the other side.


“Okay fine, it seems you guys are shy, I’d wait outside and I’m not leaving till I hear moans” Lala winked at me and my eyes were wide open. Lala is so bold and bossy and Ryan seems to do everything she says, well everything except cuddling me.


She left the room and Ryan and I breathed out a sigh of relief. Soon the door clicked open and we jerked up out of fear.


“Hope you guys are undressing, I’m still here!” Lala peeped into the room.


“Yes and you are disturbing us” Ryan stood up and went to the door intending to close it but Lala won’t purge, she stood there still peeping and whispered something to Ryan.


“Okay, I’ll” Ryan said and locked the door.


“I’d be on the sofa” he whispered and angrily stormed himself on the chair. I lay on


the bed wondering what Lala told Ryan.


“What did she say?” I asked


“Nothing that concerns you” Ryan flipped through his phone while I sighed. After


thinking so much I drifted off to sleep.




I woke up to the ray of sunshine beaming from the window, I yawned and checked my phone and saw fourteen messages from Louise.


I replied her and told her about the trip and Lala; she wasn’t online so she didn’t reply me. I stood up and checked the sofa but couldn’t find Ryan there. I strolled into the bathroom and took off my clothes attempting to have my bath before Ryan comes back. I heard the door click open and I quickly locked the bathroom door. “Who’s there?” I yelled from the bathroom. “It’s me Lala” I heard Lala’s voice.


“Oh I’m about taking a shower” I replied.


“Be fast because we are going on a sisters outing” she yelled so I could hear her. “Wow…sis..I..but…”


“I…but..this…that.” Lala repeated with humour in her voice.


“Stop stuttering okay? We are going out so get ready and moreover it’s more like a wedding shopping” she said and I sighed.


“Fine, I’d be out in a minute” I scoffed and I could hear her footsteps leaving the room.



After having my bath, I wore a yellow baggy shirt with a slightly ripped jean and white sneakers. I joined Lala on the dinning table for breakfast and Tasha was there also but I couldn’t find Ryan.


“Good morning all” I beckoned as I sat on one of the dinning chairs.


“Good morning” Lala replied but Tasha didn’t say a word but was busy with her tea.


“Do you love morning coffee? Because I love morning coffee” Lala said serving


me a cup of coffee.


“Yes I do but I prefer…”


“Wait don’t tell me; don’t tell me” Lala interrupted.


“Hot chocolate!” She exclaimed and I nod.


“My mom loves hot chocolate so much so do I” I said sadly.


“Why are you saying it sadly, is she dead?” Lala asked.


“No, no I just..I just miss her so much” I sipped the coffee and she smiled.


“I see” Lala also sipped her coffee but Tasha didn’t say anything, she was just humming happily and eating her breakfast silently.


“Why isn’t your sister speaking? Cats got her tongue.. Hey you, why ain’t you speaking?” She faced Tasha.


“Thought you won’t let me speak so I just decided to keep to myself” she said and I chuckled a little bit.


“Nice choice and by the way where is my brother?” Lala asked the question I’ve


been meaning to ask.


“That’s right” I added.


“Aaliyah darling, ain’t you suppose to know?” Lala asked me and I shrugged.


“I…maybe…he…” I tried to find my voice.


“You stutter a lot…”


“He said he’s out to meet with some group of people” Tasha interrupted. “And how come Aaliyah doesn’t know that” Lala looked at both of us weirdly. “I’m sure he didn’t want to bother Aaliyah with that kind of issue and it’s about the wedding preparation. And by the way Aaliyah is pregnant and she needs rest so he didn’t want to wake her before heading out” Tasha lied and I flinched. How could she say such things I’m not pregnant. Lord save me from this mess.


“Oh my God, I’m going to have a little niece?” Lala stood up to hug me where I sat.


“How sure are you it’s a girl” I asked surprised she jumped into conclusion about the s£x.



“Oh c’mon I know one when I see one, so how many months? I’m sure it’s still young because your tummy is flat and oh my God, I gave you coffee, I heard coffee is not good for pregnant women, I’m wanted to kill my niece, why didn’t you tell me and why didn’t Ryan tell me I’m going to kill him…” she blabbed on and I was kinda lost in space because the lies was getting too much and the pretence; Argh! I hate pretence.


“Aren’t we going out anymore” I asked and she shakes her head negatively. “You need to rest darling, I’ll have the maids do the shopping and other preparations besides my dad won’t be back till tomorrow or next” she says and I flinched.


“I thought you told us this morning” I inquired.


“Oh darling, I had to stall Ryan, if I had told him the truth he would have taken the


next flight to Paris” she added.




“Shut up Tasha and go do something useful with your life” Lala interrupted as she supported me to Ryan’s room.


We got to Ryan’s room and she placed me on the bed or I’ll say I sat on the bed because she didn’t do much of the work.


“So who’s the eldest?” I asked taking the picture Ryan placed on his bedside of him and Lala.


“Ryan is the eldest with two years and six months” she said slowly.


“Really? And you boss him around like he is your kid bro” I half-yelled and she smirked.


“Ryan is a tough nut to crack you know, he’s stubborn, he’s hard-hearted but he is just like wafers stick; hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside and I’m sure he is going to be an amazing father and husband” Lala rubbed my belly and I coughed nervously because I didn’t know what to say.


“Do you want water or something?” Lala stood up anxiously.


“No, not at all. I’m fine” I smiled.


“Okay, I’ll go tell the maids what and what to buy for you so you just rest, okay?”


She looked at me and I gave her a fake smile as she walked out of the room. It


pains me to be lying to Lala, she is such a nice and beautiful person, so hospitable.


Wish I could tell her the truth.







I left home really early because I set up a meeting with Harvey Johes so I could investigate my mom’s death. I was really not looking forward to a peaceful conversation rather a crazy outburst as we met in one of the restaurant downtown. “Hey bro” Harvey took a seat opposite mine


“Don’t hey bro me, I’m here to discuss delicate issues and you know” I said with mad rage. How much do I hate the Johes? So f**king much, I can gun down everyone of them and still remain strong without guilt.


“C’mon man, I didn’t come here to argue with you” he smiled and it infuriated me.


I found out he came into Australia yesterday and ask Michael to set us up to talk.


“But that’s my main purpose of coming here” I said sternly.


“Hey, stop acting like I killed your mother, you stole my girl remember?” He asked this time I felt the anger coming from him.


“What girl?” I asked.


“Don’t act stupid. Aaliyah of course” Harvey said and I laughed.


“Your girl? And your father kidnapped her to get at my family? C’mon man say something reasonable” I laughed.


“What do you want from me, I don’t have anything to do with the Johes, they may be my family but I don’t care about them just like you don’t support your father in his shady deeds, I don’t also” Harvey nagged and I gave him a stern look.


“If you say you don’t care about your family, help me take them down and find my mother’s killer then we can both have our peace” I replied and he let out a smile. “You are so obsessed with finding your Mom’s killer that you’ve abandoned everything in your life running after this cause. Sorry I can’t help you” he stood up to leave.


“Even if it involves getting your precious Aaliyah back” I said and he took his seat.


“I’m listening” he folded his arm.








I strolled around the room because apparently now I’m on bed rest approved, signed and sealed by Lala. All thanks to Tasha for complicating my life the more. I yawned because I was feeling bored and got excited as Louise chat head popped into my phone.


“That bitch is crazy” I read her chat and giggled. Lolo with her words; so blunt.


“She is amazing” I replied. Soon I saw Harvey text came into my phone.


“Hey Aaliyah, long time” I read the chat.


“I’m fine” I replied and started double texting with both Louise and Harvey. I felt


good chatting with Harvey, truth be told I really missed him, I missed his


friendship. As I chatted with them Lala came into the room feeling very excited.


“Be prepared Aaliyah! Your wedding is tomorrow” Lala announced and my eyes


were wide open…












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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