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[Broken Vows ]


by berlie










I starred at the celling thinking of my fate and how my life would turn out to be, I couldn’t shake this feeling off as I wondered how my family would cope after my death! Yeah you read that right I’d soon die, according to the doctor I had just three months to live. I covered my eyes with my palm as my eyelid was heavy because I had cried all day, I mean all my life and now I’m still crying, I quickly cleaned my eyes as my door clicked open and my mom stepped into the room. “darling, are you asleep?” she turned on the light.


“Mom, I’m-f-ine” I broke down and sobbed as my mom ran towards me cuddling me.


“Baby, I’m sorry” she wiped my tears with her hands.


I’ve been battling with cancer for years now and I’d never made it to college, I didn’t even write my SAT because my parents said it would be stressful for me. I’ve been on chemo for years now so as to destroy the cancerous cells but no avail,



I even got in a program to cure my cancer but the doctor said there is a fifty percent chance I wouldn’t survive or get cured and if that doesn’t happen, I would die after three months so I presumed I had just had three months to live. My result would be out after three months and I haven’t heard of anyone who remained alive after the program.


“I’m sorry baby that you have to go through this” my mom cuddled me and I wrapped my hands around her thinking of how broken I am right now. “Do you want anything?” She asked and I nodded.


“What baby?” She further asked while I released my self from her arms.


“French fries and ketchup” I pouted and she smiled.


“order coming up!!!” She said like a waitress and I chuckled.


She left my room and later came back with a tray containing French fries, ketchup and a glass of orange juice. She placed it on the table and kissed my cheeks. “thanks mom!” I sniffed.


“good night baby, sleep tight” she sighed and left the room. I pushed the tray aside because I didn’t really want to eat anything but I don’t want my mom to worry so I allowed her bring the food, I gulped the orange juice down, at least that was refreshing and I leaped into my bed weakly and covered myself up with my pink duvet.



The next morning was tiring for me, I’m always tired, I got up and saw that the tray was no longer there and my room was neatly arranged. I guess my mom came to clean while I was asleep. I’m Aaliyah Frances Thompson, an only child of my parents, my parents are not too rich nor poor but we are just comfortable, my dad works in a building construction company while my mom works as a store attendant.


“Aaliyah, come downstairs for breakfast” I heard my name and I sighed and got in the shower and had a quick bath after brushing my teeth. I strolled lazily downstairs because I felt weak, I heard my parents discussing in whispers. I stepped backwards so I wouldn’t be seen as I eavesdropped on them.


“I hope she would be fine…my poor baby” my mom said sipping her mug of hot cocoa. I know that because she takes hot cocoa every morning. She loves it.


“She would be, it’d take her mind off things for a while” my dad said and they had their sad look on.


I came out from hiding and went downstairs.


“good morning mom, dad” I greeted.


“morning baby” my mom replied. she loves calling me baby and treats me like one.


“I made your favs, cranberry pie” she brought it out from the microwave.


“I had to heat it up a little because I made it a while back and I know you prefer it hot” she smiled and I reciprocated with a false smile. The room was silent for a while as I ate then I broke the silence.


“Is there anything you would like to tell me” I sighed.


“No-did you-hear any-thing” my mom stuttered and I rolled my eyes.


“No, just you guys are acting weird around me, I know I’d be dead in three months but at least don’t make me die in sadness knowing you two would behave like this when I’m gone” I huffed and tears rushed down my mom’s cheeks as she ran into her room. Yea f**king great, I ruined their morning after ruining their entire lives. Way to go Aaliyah!


“My dear don’t say that” my dad tried to make me feel better.


“Go make mom feel better, at least you will have her after three months but me, me? I’m dead anyways” I stood up and went to my room, I don’t know why I said those things this but I hated the fact that they act like I’m going to live till next year or get married and have children, I need to face the fact that I’d soon die, no need for pretence, it’s of no use.


I lay on my bed starring at my phone when I heard my name from downstairs. Darn it! What are they going to tell me now. I sighed and strolled downstairs and saw my mom smiling as she held international passport and tickets. “what’s going on?” I managed to say as they looked at me with a smile.


“So here is the thing, we know you’ve done the program and the doctor haven’t told you if you’d live or not…”


“I won’t live, no one gets cured from cancer” I interrupted.


“Be hopeful darling” my dad added.


Yea great! I would be hopeful when I haven’t seen anyone who got cured from cancer, yea right!


“Darling let me finish please” my mom said and I gave her a ‘go-on’ look.


“I remember how you dreamt of going to Paris when you were little so I got tickets for you to travel to Paris” she said with a smile.


“And?..” I raised my brow because I could see in their eyes that they was more.


They looked at each other with excitement and then looked at me.


“We got you into a fashion school” they both screamed at the same time and I gasped. It’s had always been my dream to become a fashion designer and now I get to go to a fashion school in my dream city! Boy, this gonna be the best last days of my whole freaking life!


“Mom, you did what..?” I half-cried.


“Oh baby, I thought…” I cut her short and hugged her tightly.


“Thank you mom” I sobbed.


“Awww, my baby” she said as we both cried in each other arms.


“Women!” My dad scoffed.


We pulled from the hug and they left for work and I had to go see my doctor so he could clarify that I could go for the trip. I couldn’t wait to go to Paris, like what the hell! It’s Paris, the most beautiful city ever!


I came down from the taxi that dropped me in front of the hospital, I strolled down the hallways of the hospital, I literally grew up here because all my life was encircled here and I’m glad I’m finally leaving to spend my last few months in my dream city, the place looked familiar. Scratch that it is very familiar, I mean I came here the day before yesterday to complete the program which was painful for all the participants because the procedure was disturbing and hurtful and we all knew we were all going to die but why go through this pain? I stopped as I saw Dr Humphrey’s office and I knocked on the door. Only the cancer patients get to come straight to the doctor’s office. (Like berlie stories to follow the story) “Come in” his masculine voice came from inside.

“Good day Doctor” I greeted as I entered the office.


“Oh Miss Aaliyah welcome, take a seat” he pointed to the chair opposite his.


“Now let’s run some tests!” He joked because who runs a test in the office.


He pulled out my files and went through them and then called a nurse to direct me to a room, they did some stuff to me that I can’t really explain and I was told to wait in the reception.


As I sat there looking at everyone coming in with their problems I saw Molly, one


of the participant of the program, she looked very pale and tired as her mom


supported her.


“Molly” I called her.


“Aaliyah” she said lowly, she looked weak.


“Good day ma” I greeted her mom and she nodes, she also looked tired, I’m sure she’s been crying all day as her eyes were red and her nose red.


“Why are you here…sorry for even asking that but why do you look pale?” I questioned and she coughed. (Like berlie stories to follow the story)


“I’ve been like this ever since the program, the doctor said my body couldn’t take the procedure and that I might die next week” she said as tears ran down her cheeks. Poor Molly, she is just a teenager at least I crossed to twenty three before I die. The doctor warned us and our parents that some people would be weaker after the program and may not even live to the three months while some stronger and



make it to the three months or even get get cured but the aspect of the cure I don’t believe. I have nothing to live for anyways.


“I’m very sorry Molly” I managed to say and consoled her.


“We would be going now” Molly mom said and helped her walk.


“Bye Molly” I waved my hands at her and she waved back weakly.


“Miss Aaliyah” I heard the doctor’s voice.


“Yes” I sighed.


“You are cleared to travel and I’d send the doctors reports to your parents” he smiled and I smiled also feeling very happy and excited. Who wouldn’t be, I’m going to Paris baby!


I hurriedly left the hospital after thanking the doctor and took a taxi to my favourite


restaurant ever to have cranberry pie before I go home. Paris! Your girl is
















[Broken vows]


by berlie








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