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Episode 58




Vivian’s side of the story continues




I was busy talking with my sweetheart Chinedu on phone, discussing the future and making new plans with him when Clara suddenly barged into my room with tears in her eyes, really shocking me so much with her presence. I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon or even that night. One look at


her as she fell on my bed told me all was far from well.




‘’I will call you back sweety, have to go now’’ I nervously


said to Chindeu, abruptly ending our conversation to face


Clara who buried her head in my pillow crying like a little






‘’what happened?, what’s wrong dear?’’ I curiously asked, drawing close to touch her shoulder. .


‘’I met her there. Jenifer the agent, I met her there’’ she


sobbed while I rolled my eyes and breathed deeply, so


shocked to think straight.




‘’you saw her there and what?, she’s his colleague you know’’ I breathed softly, trying hard not to look silly.




‘’what do you mean?, what time of the day is it?, she was virtually n.aked when she opened the door for me. You need to see how surprised she was seeing me. I don’t know how long they have been sleeping together, or even living together. Why was I so blind?’’ she complained. I drew a little bit back, not exactly knowing the right words to use in consoling her.


Yes I knew Val loved her, he virtually rejected me for her


and so her story kind of shook me up. I really didn’t know


how to react.




‘’so what did Val say?’’ I fearfully asked. She sat up, faced


me and scoffed.




‘’ I didn’t give him the chance to say anything. I didn’t give


him the chance to lie. What would he have said huh?’’ she


fired back with great energy.




‘’oh dear’’ I breathed with concern




‘’I will be leaving for Lagos tomorrow evening, from there I


will head to Abuja and then leave Nigeria. My head is just


filled up. First it was the painful discovery of my real identity


and then this. I just need to leave the country and face my


life’’ she sobbed bitterly.




‘’you have to calm down and think things through. He’s still going to be the father of your baby and I think its better you talk to him before leaving. Yes I’m not saying that he did well by keeping another lady in his house by this hour of the day but for the sake of your unborn child just talk to him’’ I softly begged, drawing out a cold stare from her with my words.


‘’you know I was mad at my parents for holding back the truth about my real father but now I see things differently. I now understand why they did that. I will leave Nigeria and start all over again. Val will never see my baby’’ she breathed seriously while I closed my eyes and shook my head. I knew she really passed through a lot to stick with Val and it was kind of disheartening to learn that the same guy was cheating at the last minute.


However as my sister, I had an obligation to do something


to save her happiness. I had to do something I never


planned doing. I had to call Val and hear his side of the


story. I had to talk to him.








Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the


previous episode




I was close to tears as I headed back to my apartment that fateful evening after failing to talk with Clara, to convince her that Jennifer and I had nothing going on. She really gave me no chance to explain myself, no listening ear, nothing. Of course I knew it was my entire fault. She had every reason to conclude things the way she did, but then nothing ruins a relationship than rushing into conclusions without giving your partner the opportunity to explain things. .






I returned to my sitting room to see Jenifer staring at me


with a worried look.




‘’I’m sorry Val, it wasn’t my fault you know? I never knew she was the one at the door’’ she tried to apologize but I simply eyed her and headed to my room, locking the door quickly to avoid her coming in.


I was shattered. I was broken. Deep down I was scared of


what life had in store for me.






I was still battling with my thoughts when my phone rang


and it was Vivian calling. I quickly answered her call with a


fast pounding heart.




‘’what did you do?. Why did you break the heart of a woman


who loves you so much, why Val?’’ she asked, pushing out


tears from my eyes with the question. How do I explain


things?. No one would believe that I had nothing to do with a


very beautiful colleague seen at my apartment scantily


dressed at that period of the day. I knew explaining myself


was going to be difficult. It was really my fault for not telling


Clara about her presence when I had the chance. But I


couldn’t tell her back then because of my fears and the


situation of things.




‘’Clara is leaving Nigeria. I will be escorting her to the


airport tomorrow evening to catch a flight to Lagos. You


have to think out of the box if you still want her back. This


could be your last opportunity of ever seeing her. I’m not


doing this for you but for her’’ she informed me and hung










Very early the next day, I headed to Jennifer’s room to talk to her. It was an idea that got into my head during the night


and I prayed for it to work.




Jennifer appeared very surprised to see me in her room that early in the day. She quickly sat up and stared at me. .


‘’hope you are not here to throw me out of your apartment.


I’m sorry over what happened. I never knew she was the


one knocking’’ she hurriedly tried to explain while I sat


beside her on the bed.




‘’if you are really sorry over what happened, then you have to help me. I need your help’’ I softly begged.




‘’my help? How ?’’ she curiously asked.




‘’I need you to help me convince Clara that we had nothing going on between us. You are a woman like her and she will believe you easily. Please help me. I don’t want to lose her. She’s leaving the country and this could be my only chance’’ I begged seriously. She dropped her eyes. .Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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‘’I really don’t know how else to convince you that Clara


doesn’t fit you in any way. She has no manners. She’s too


proud. She has no listening ear. Come on’’ she quickly






‘’just help me. I beg of you’’ I helplessly begged.




‘’no I can’t Val, I won’t bring down myself for that over



pampered girl. You can kick me out of your house if you want. Nothing is going to change my mind. I’m sorry’’ she replied defiantly, while I bit my lips in frustration. .



‘’she’s taking the 4pm flight to Lagos today and this is my only chance’’ I begged once again.




‘’good for you’’ she hissed and headed to the toilet.








By 3:30pm that fateful evening, I was already at the airport


all alone waiting for Clara and her cousin to show up. My


heart couldn’t help but pound very fast. I couldn’t afford


losing her for anything.




At exactly 3:58pm, I felt someone’s touch from behind; I


turned to see Jenifer’s smiling at me. I couldn’t believe my






‘’I’m here to help you Val even though she doesn’t deserve


your love’’ she poured out softly, melting my already weak


heart with her words.








Hmmmm between Clara and Jennifer who do you think


loves Val most?




To be continued




**CLARA(The State Governors Daughter)**






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