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Louise crazy screaming and the ray from the sun woke me up, I squeeze my eyes and stretch before heading to the bathroom to wash up.


“We are going to the fair” Louise sang as she put on some clothes and makeup. Harvey, Louise and I planned on spending the entire day at the fair today, something like a picnic.


“Harv just texted, he said he will come pick us up soon” I tossed my phone on the bed running into the bathroom to grab my shorts. “Come pick us up? With a car or what?” Louise asked.


“I don’t know maybe a horse” I laughed.


“Joke is dry, so dry” she packed all the food into baskets, although we ain’t allow to cook, Louise seems to have some sort of deal with the school cook. “Lolo, we can buy food at the fair” I shook my head.


“I don’t have extra money to waste” she replied.


“Here, I have beignets, I have shrimp soup, I have orange cakes, I have…” “Is there cranberry pie?” I interrupted.


“Of course! How can I forget your favourite?” She smiled and we both heard horns from outside.


“Guess Harv is here” I said.


“And he came with a car, he is so hot” Louise commented peeping through the window.


“Shut it Lolo” I said and also went to look at him through the window,he wore nice shorts and a s£xy shirt which he left the two first button and buttoned the rest, he is indeed very hot and manly and with those abs. I’m drooling. “Aaliyah let’s go” Louise jerked me out of my thoughts.


“Sure!” I snapped out and took my bag running after her.


“Hey Harvey” Louise waved at him.


“Hi Louise” he smiled and tilted his head up, he is so cute. Man, I’m lucky to have this kind of friend.


“Where the hell did you get this ride from?!” Louise exclaimed at his car which was an open roof kinda car.


“My dad gave it to me to use just for the day” he replied.


“Sure your old man gave this to you because this car worths millions or even billions, too good for a cop.” Louise said entering the back seat. “C’mon Lolo” I rolled my eyes and kept staring at Harvey.




“Hey” we both said at the same time.


“You look good” he complimented and I smiled.


“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself” I smiled again.


“Is that your own way of saying I look good” he smirked.


“You guys coming in or not?” Louise yelled and we both came to realisation.


“Sure” I stuttered and Harvey opened the door for me while I entered and we


zoomed off.



“Thought we were going to the fair?” I asked because we pulled over at a resort far from school.


“Change of plans girls, we are having a day at the resort” Harvey announced.


“This place is freaking beautiful!” Louise exclaimed excited.


“How you gon pay for this?” I asked.


“Long story but my dad…”


“Your dad again” Louise raised her brow.


“Yes, let’s go have some drinks, Aaliyah you are taking shots today” he winked. “No oh no, I can’t” I quickly shunned them off, too bad I’ve got cancer talk more of taking shots on cancer that means instant death.



We walked to the mini bar and Louise ordered drinks while I just marvelled at the place.


“You like here?” Harvey creeped up on me from behind.


“Jeez, you scared the shit outta me” I snapped out of my thoughts.


“I’m sorry” he apologised cutely.


“Want me to show you around?” He asked and I glanced at Louise, a guy was


hitting on her and she seemed busy.


“Sure” I replied.


We walked round the place and I couldn’t help but love what I saw.


“This place is beautiful” I commented.


“But not as beautiful as you” he smiled and I couldn’t help but blush.


“Stop kidding around Harv” I punched his arms playfully.


“I’m not” he held my hands and took them in his.


“Let me show you something” he smiled and I followed


He took me to a reserved place well designed and decorated with three chairs and a table with all sorts of food.


“Wow Louise would definitely drool over all this” I marvelled at the beauty.


“And you?” He asked.


“Me?” I pointed to myself.


“You don’t like it?”


“I love it so much” I said smiling.


“You guys left…wow!” Louise exclaimed walking towards us and I chuckled. “Hey cop son, how come you got money to pay for all this” she said already taking


seat. “Lolo” I said.


“What? I’m sincere, is there something you are not telling us?” She asked and I shrugged.


“Oh nothing, trust me my father works hard and I work too so this is just my special treat.” He said glancing at me while I look away really shy.


“So Aaliyah you can have all the cranberry pie you want” he said and I chuckled. “Thanks Harv, you are making Paris amazing for me” I thanked him while Louise devoured the food.


“Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom” I stood up and wandered away after we have had enough to eat. I walked through the resort, truly it’s a beauty. I moved my eyes from place to place till it fell on a familiar person. What the hell is Ryan doing here? He looked lonely drinking.



“Hey” I walked up to him. He tilted his head to have a very good look at me and ignored me totally. He is so mean and all shades of bad.


“Hey I’m talking to you” I waved my hands to his face and it drew attention from other customers.


“I’m sorry” I mouthed to a very young couple sitting close to Ryan.


“Hey ain’t you going to talk, well I’m not leaving here till you say something” I took the chair close to him.


“You are such a pest” he finally spoke.


“And you are such a loner, isolating your self from the world” I tell him and I could see him smirk.


“I’m simply exercising my right to freedom of doing whatever the f**k I want” he stood up and walked closer. With every step he took I moved backwards.


“What are you doing” I kept moving backwards.


“Want a drink?” He offered and I flinched.


“Wh-at are you talk-ing about?” I stuttered.


“You want a drink?” He said really slow.


“No thank you but you want to join my friends and I? we are at the back” I pointed into thin air and he shakes his head negatively.


“Jerks café, on Monday by seven pm. Don’t be late” he said and left.


I felt relieved that he didn’t torture me over his designs. I went back to join my friends at the back and we chilled for a while.


“This was nice guys, I’m going to get a drink. Want one?” Louise asked facing me.


“No thank you” I replied with a smile.


“I wasn’t even going to bring for you” she left.


“You are afraid of liquor?” Harvey asked and I laughed.


“No way I’m not afraid just keeping my body clean.” I scoffed.


“You’ve got cancer or something” he teased.


“What…you..” I stuttered.


“What will make you think that?” I finally found my voice.


“Just joking” he laughed.


“You should have seen your face” he laughed some more but I wasn’t finding it


funny but just played along.


“HIV?” He pressed on.


“Oh stop it Harv” I tapped him playfully.


After the outing he dropped us off at the hostel.


“Thanks Harvey you an asshole” Louise said taking her basket inside.


“What?” Harvey faced me.


“That’s you are amazing in her own way” I mouthed.


“Oh some French girl shit” he nods.


“Yea some French girl shit. Anyways thanks Harv for everything” I walked backed a little and watch him enter his car to leave. “Bye” I waved.


“Bye” he zoomed off.


I walked into our room and met Louise on my bed.


“Get off my bed” I yelled.


“No way, your bed is way softer than mine” she stretches more on the bed. “Get off” I playfully tried pulling her but landed in the bed also. (Join Group)


We watched the celling for a while without saying a word.


“So you and Harvey huh?” She broke the silence.


“There is no me and Harvey” I stood up from the bed. [please guys like author MQstories, she got some really nice stories I personally recommend so check em out ]


“But I see how he looks at you” she scoffed.


“Like we are friends” I arranged my clothes.


“No like he is into you” she said and I turned to her.


“We are just friends and I thought you were the one liking Harvey, don’t turn the table around” I folded my arms looking at her.


“That is some ‘I just met you for the first time kinda crush’ it’s nothing but if my


two best friends ever starts dating, now that’s something” she replied giving me a


happy look.


“Louise!” I snapped.


“I totally ship you guys” she said smiling.


“We are just friends Louise, nothing more” I huffed.


“Trust me no guy would spend all his savings just to take your dumbass out and feed you expensive food without any motives” she pointed out


“We are just friends Lolo. Good night!” I exclaimed and lay on her bed facing the other side. Does Harvey really want something from me or it’s just pure friendship?


“Lolo just f**ked my brain up” I sighed.













[Broken vows]


by berlie








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