Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

I went on telling her about the drugs and my sisters. ” Oh my God that woman is really stained in

her heart” she shook her head.

” How can she treat your entire family like that. It’s not like you people took something of hers. It’s

just too much I think she’s sick in the head, a normal person cannot harbour so much hatred in her

heart, it seems so impossible” she added.

” Now let’s talk about you” I changed the subject slowly rubbing her hands.

” How are you holding up and am sorry for not coming yesterday, I had a long day and I only got

home late at night. Being faced with Clara’s macho man who wanted to get the recording from me.

I thank God, I saw him earlier before he entered the yard and I was ready for him. I left the house

through the back door and called on the cops who caught him searching the house. I bet he was

foolish to think l would keep such information in the house after everything that went on” I told my

story to Jen and she listened quitely.

The following day was the trial day and the lawyer I hired presented his case before hand to the

Judge emphasising the fact that Clara was the murderer.

Clara was brought in looking so messed up, her hands in cuffs as compared to Jennifer who was

allowed to walk freely given the conditions of her case.

” Court rise!” The court marshal called out as the Judge walked in. We were signalled to sit. I took

a chair just behind Jennifer and the lawyer.

The prosecutor presented his statement which accused Jennifer of murdering my mother, he

asked her a few questions which she responded to, clearly and accurately, stating what happened

between her and myself and the events after.

He wanted to pin her on the fact that she had an intimate relationship with me which could be an act that would lead her to do certain things for example accuse Clara since she was my legal wife.

Jennifer’s lawyer also argued that point staying the facts that l was picked when I was still ill and

so she did favour me by taking me for prayers and giving me medication which my wife never did

for me.

Both my sisters were called to testify and Mulenga and Clara’s nephew too stated their testimonies

to Clara’s doings. I saw her head down she couldn’t look up at anyone.

Clara was present to give her account against Jennifer but all her allegations seemed to be failing.

In the end the Judge ruled Jennifer innocent and set another trial to prosecute Clara for now being

the main suspect in the murder. Staying she would be charged jointly with other charges of drug

trafficking, forging of documents to obtain the Kamanga company and properties using fraudulent


A lot of people that came for the hearing to hear the case of the famous story on social media now

cheered loudly as the Judge pronounced Jennifer not guilty on all charges labelled on her.

I couldn’t stop smiling as l waited for her to get changed into her clothes from the prison she was


To be continued…

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