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Queen Jaja knew this story all too well, and it was one she had hoped she would never hear again. Her predecessor had made a certain sacrifice that had brought darkness upon the land for two days and all who had participated in the sacrifice were struck by thunder on that very day.

“But why is that sin still haunting us?” Queen Jaja asked.

“Because that child is back,” the Chief Priest said. “She is in this palace and her spirit will draw her mother closer.”

“We need to find the child before the mother does,” Queen Jaja said. “Then she will be used for the sacrifice.”

“I pray we find her soon,” the Chief Priest said. “My Queen, I will be on my way now.”

He walked out of the Queen’s chambers, leaving her with her thoughts.

“Who could she be?” the Queen wondered

Behind Her Smile

Episode 7

Two weeks had passed since Miriam last saw the prince. She’d been avoiding him ever since their previous encounter.

Holding a watering can over the flowers in the backyard, she watched the beautiful flowers sway sideways as water overpowered them.

“You’re really doing a good job in avoiding me,” Michael said advancing to her.

“Good afternoon, your royal highness,” Miriam greeted, avoiding his question.

“Miriam can you stop please?” he pleaded.

“Stop what, your Highness?” Miriam asked, avoiding his gaze.

“This whole thing your doing,” he whispered. “Do you even know what it took me to come back and here you are avoiding me?”

“My Prince, I am not avoiding you.”

“Am I really your Prince or has that changed?”

“Of course you’re my Prince.”

“Really? Like really your Prince?”

Miriam’s could feel her nerviness surfacing. “Your highness, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Can I stay with you?” Michael asked. “I really want to spend some time with you but you seem very busy these days, so I was thinking if I could stay here and help you out.”

“No, your highness,” Miriam said, hoping he would just leave. “The Queen will kill me if she sees us.”

“Miriam, please stop,” Michael said.

Michael had called her by her name. He only did that when he was dead serious. Her nervousness intensified he stepped in toward her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He felt it again; the same emotion that surged through him when he touched her. Miriam flinched, feeling it too.

“No, Mikey,” she yelled. “Please go, you’re distracting me.”

“I’m sorry Mimi,” Michael said. “I only wanted to spend some time with you but I can see you don’t want me around as much as I do. I will just leave. Sorry again.”

Miriam’s chest rose and fell as she watched him leave. What had she done? How could she have chased away the only man she had ever loved?

Love. She thought about the word and its implication.

She was not to fall in love. History would repeat itself if she did, and she could not let that happen.

“It is bound to repeat itself and there is nothing you can do about it,” a voice said from behind her.

She turned around, but found no one. All she felt was an eerie breeze, chilling her to the bones. Fear took dwelling in the pit of her stomach.

“Leave this palace and stay away from the Prince before it is too late,” the voice warned. “Because he is bound to die.”

“Who are you?” Miriam asked the disembodied voice. Feeling a sudden presence behind her, she looked over her shoulder.


Chioma was sitting in her room when she felt a strong wind. She could tell something was wrong. She could feel the presence of someone who shouldn’t be there.

“Who could it be?” she asked. “What is this I am feeling? I feel something terrible is going to happen. Where is it coming from?”

A sudden darkness consumed the room. Moments later, the darkness returned light to its place.

Chioma rose from her bed and hurried out of the room. She wasn’t scared, only nervous. Whatever was happening was dead serious.

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