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” He cannot be getting all happy with that mad woman. His portion was to suffer as long as he still

lives. I would have waited to marry the man I loved if not for him.” I spat angrIly as I gulped the

wine in my glass. I was talking to no one in particular as I had become a loner. Most of my friends

never really wanted to hang out with me they seemed to be concentrating on their so-called

marriages and I always laughed at the idea of them thinking I envied them. I was an independent

woman. I made my own money and didn’t depened on a man to give me some left over money fo

my makeup, manicure and other relevant staff a woman needed.

Even though Henry turned out to be a womanizer which led to his death. I was still blaming Ben for

everything. I just wanted to see him broken and finished.

I had no idea how he did it, but when I heard my friend tell me she saw a new garage in town and

the owner was Ben, it got me to start a plot to destroy them.

” That Jennifer has it coming for crossing my path!” I screamed pouring some more wine in the

glass, it was beginning to make my head a bit fussy.

” Hey, do you have some free time this afternoon I have something for you. I called my right hand

man, Chonga.

” No mam am on my way right now” he responded ” Good !” I cut the line and walked down stairs to the living room. My stupid nephew was sitting

watching some movies like he always did. I hated seeing him around if not for the small errands I

sent him out to do, I could have flushed him out of my house already. Unfortunately my father was

late and my mother always talked too much I didn’t want to have an episode with her if I took back

her favourite daughter’s son.

I didn’t care l was close to my late sister. I just hated people who thought they were good and

better than me. And the boy sometimes had guts. Imagine one day he told me to my face how I

was being unfair to his uncle Ben. I couldn’t let him finish his insult by reminding me who took me

to school and gave me whatever I needed. I slapped him hard he would never do that again.

Now that cost his going to the University. His acceptance had come a few weeks after his stupid

talk and I let him stay at home. I told him I wasn’t going to pay for his school anymore.

” Since you think you have matured enough by talking nonsense to me, you will surely find your

own school fees” I giggled and watched him walk away his face cast down.

” That should teach you to respect me stupid boy” I scoffed and went on with my business.

” Mam am here” l heard Chonga call from the door as I waited for him in the living room.

” Oh come on Chonga” I raised my hand at him and he walked to sit on the couch across were I


” I called you here for something very important. I want you to get me some photos from a

woman’s phone” I told him straight up.

” What?” He asked surprised.

” ls that going to be a problem?” I asked him and I saw him still looking confused.

” Okey here is the thing, my ex husband’s lover took some photos of him when he was still mad

you know what I mean,” I shrugged knowing Chonga was the person I always used for my dirty

works and he knew most of my deeds.

” I see, so you want the pictures from her phone?” He asked in his hoarse voice.

” Correct, and that’s not all, I want you to get all the information you can about her. I will direct you

to a garage and workshop were Ben is working you can start by following him and know where this

girl is. Then am sure you won’t find it a problem to get the rest about her right?” I asked him and

he nodded his head.

” Don’t worry mam consider it done!” He responded proudly.

” Good, I will wire you a deposit now and later when the deal is done, the remaining amount” l

added and stood up as he walked to the door.

I smiled at the thought of how Ben and Jennifer would be like when the social media blew their

photos and the perfect story I had for them.

” You could have remained a crazy man, it was easier my dear ex husband. Now you will have to

face me out here in the world of the normal” I let a laugh as I walked back to my room.

” Dalitso bring my food now!” I shouted to my nephew and heard him respond instantly. Just how I

liked him, alert and responsive.

I replayed the scenes I made at the Bank some days later as I lay in my bed. Chonga had told me

where Jennifer was working and I took my special time to pay her a visit. I wanted someone to

hear the story somehow so that when I finally got it to the social media, I would have witnesses to support my story.

” Well, that went on well” I sighed pulling up the pillow and sat in my bed now trying to contact

Mwebantu Media, Knowing the way they loved such stories, it would go viral in an instant.

I could bet the humiliation they would both have to go through when people saw that, the feel of it

pleasing me.

” Okey thank you I will be ready for you” I responded to the journalist who I had called to come

give the story.

The following morning she was at our meeting place and I gave her the photos and the story. She

promised me before lunch time the whole world would have read my story.

” Good ” I told her. ” I want that woman to pay for what she made me and my family go through

after making my husband mad” I faked a sad face and she smiled.

” Don’t worry it will be done.” She said.

At 1 o’clock I checked the media page and was glad the story was there with 1000 comments

within 30 minutes I felt like celebrating.

I decided to go home and grace myself with some cold wine and probably call on one of my toy of

a man to come give me a round of s£x.

I took a long cold bath as I waited for my toy man to come and after 40 minutes of waiting I heard

the gate open and I smiled to myself.

” Am here!” I called him when I heard John call my name from my bedroom.

He opened the bathroom door and stopped in the door way licking his tongue with lust.

” Are you going to stand there and watch me or you will act like a real man and make me proud ” I

flushed him a seductive smile and he went on tearing the clothes from his body I swallowed hard

at his buldged muscles.

” mnmmmhmh, aren’t you a hottie!” I pulled him into the tab and he came on me his piece perfectly

ready for me I felt myself get more wet.

He was doing his thing giving me the reason why I liked calling him for s£x when I heard the door

to my bedroom bang open like someone just rushed in.

I was still thinking of shouting out to whoever had gotten in my private room like that when I heard

his voice cursing loudly as he called my name.

” Ben?” I asked surprised.

” Who is he?” My toy man asked still working on getting himself calm under the water were our

bodies were still connected.

I could tell he was at the worst time of being disturbed and he was reluctant to stop..

Before we knew it, the bathroom banged open and the furious Ben stood there looking down at me

with a disgusting look.

” How dare you, bang in my house like that!” I screamed at him.

” Your home my foot! You witch!” He shouted back.

” This is my house I worked so hard for it in case you have forgotten. Now come out of there or I

swear I will pull you both out!” He snapped angrily.

” You won’t dare!” I spat back pulling my toy man closer.

” Okey. Suit yourself he shouted and threw my dryer which was hanging on the side into the tab and he went to connect it to the socket.

” Out!” I screamed before Ben could switch it on rushing out the tab water dripping from our


” Are you mad!” I shouted at him as we stood naked in front of him.

” You are so disgusting!” He spat out and I could swear in my entire life I had never seen him that


” What the hell is wrong with you Clara? What did I ever do to you for you to do such unspeakable

things to me! ” he shouted this time pulling me out of the bathroom.

I looked around for the coward of a man I was having s£x with but he had suddenly disappeared

on me.

” Let go of me Ben or you will regret this!” I yelled at him but he pushed me towards the wall with

so much force I hurt my hand.

” Don’t even think of scarring me with your witchcraft cause right now am ready to cut your head

off in an instant. You think you can just destroy people’s lives like you create them?” He asked

panting in anger.

” Those photos and lies you published in the social media? What’s your plan huh? You want

people to hate and think ill of an innocent woman who has done literally nothing to you. She’s a

good person and she can not in a million ways be compared to you!” He hit the wall making me


I knew l had to gain my courage or he would intimidate me. What with the charm and the

protection I had on my body in form of tattoos, no man could intimidate me as he was starting to.

I laughed loudly moving away from the wall.

” Good woman indeed. Now listen to me you crazy, I will do with you whatever l please. Yes,” I

paused holding his hand which I saw coming to hit my face.

” I cannot be intimidated. I made you go mad at some point and am ready to even kill that b**** if

she comes in my way. I don’t care wether she’s an Angel sent from heaven or hell, if she messes

with what is under my domain she will pay with her life!. If I say you suffer then it shall be as I

want” I shouted now looking at Ben straight at his eyes. I saw him flinch a bit and I smiled the

effect of my charms were working.

I hated myself for allowing him to get that far insulting me. All I needed to do is look into his eyes

and say whatever I wanted and it was done.

” Now,” I sighed rubbing my hand on his chest as I connected my eyes to his. ” You have disturbed

me with the enjoyment I was having with my man. That will make you pay dearly.

Remove your clothes and get ready to give me the s£xual satisfaction I need” l smiled lustifuly

pulling him towards the bed as he followed me like a Child.

I undressed him and started playing with his man until it stood ready for me.

” Ben, make love to me like you did when we first got married” I smiled kissing his lips as he

continued staring at me.

” I know you are good in bed, that’s the only thing I enjoyed from that filthy marriage to you

anyway” I laughed and pulled him down making myself comfortable on top of him.

” You are not doing it like before Ben, something wrong? ” I whispered in his ears as I pushed myself on him. I saw him cover his ears like I was screaming in them.

He continued struggling and started fighting to loose from me.

” Let me go you witch! ” he screamed and sat up. I knew something was wrong with him.

” I swear on my life, you will regret hurting the woman I love Clara and never lay your filthy fingers

on my body again!” He shouted as he pulled up his trousers.

I was just staring at him shocked. It was the first time a man was rejecting me and it hurt. The very

fact he mentioned he loved her hurt even more.

I watched him as he ran downstairs and out the door.

” We will see who will laugh last” I shook my head and went to dress myself. I was so pissed I

needed to let my anger by hurting someone so much and I knew who exactly was going to feel the

pain I was going through, his stupid mother.

To be continued…



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