Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

I took my time dressing up avoiding going to see him. I couldn’t believe he was making me feel so

nervous all of a sudden. It was different when he was still sick. I wasn’t so shy of him, now that he

was okey, he kept on giving me goose bumps.

I pulled out a pair of loose jeans and a t-shirt before walking out to the living room.

” So how did it go?” I asked avoiding his eyes.

” Jen!” He called my name instead ” look at me” he ordered and I smiled pretending I was okey.

I raised my eyes and looked at him.

” Why are you avoiding my eyes?” He asked calmly and drawing closer. I felt sharp tickles rush

through me even before his skin could touch mine.

” Ben please I….l….”

” Am getting you” he raised my head upwards.

” Tell me am just your friend and you don’t want me this close to you” he whispered.

Okey now I was loosing my mind. The unfortunate part of sin is that the more you allow it, the

harder it gets to avoid falling.

Now that I had allowed him that close, I felt my strength run out, he was making it impossible to

even breath.

” I got the papers and found this too” he spoke now moving away like to purnish me again.

Showing me the certificates and the money but I wasn’t interested anymore, all l could feel was my

mind’s confusion, what with his smile.

Without warning I grabbed them and placed them on the table getting on his laps.

” What are you….” he tried to speak but I placed my lips on him and felt him relax as he smiled holding my back closer.

” What took you long?” He breathed heavily between kisses and spread my legs on either side of

his thighs and leaned back to allow me access to his face as he smiled invitingly.

” You are a temptation that am failing to fight” I whispered as I leaned on him and kissed him

harder , feeling his man raise I felt my knees go weak.

Slowly he pushed his hands under my t-shirt

And I flinched as sharp tickles rushed in my blood. I don’t remember how he did it but I found

myself completely nude and he took charge getting me back on top of him.

For a moment I thought I was going to loose my senses as he kept carresing my sensitive parts

and not breaking from the kisses. I held on to his head and neck wanting him to award me by

getting inside for my veins felt like they would burst out with so much pleasure.

Slowly and gently he pushed himself inside me and I let a scream, making him smile as he pulled

me closer with moves so steady and hard I couldn’t believe he was even human. How possible

was it that a mare human being would make me so mad and lost in my thoughts I wanted to live in

that moment for ever.

” I want more and more of you. You are my sanity” he whispered in my ears as he increased the

verocity of his movements turning me down and taking the top position as he placed me flat on the


Just when I thought I won’t survive the pleasure he was giving me as he moaned softly, I felt

myself burst out and my whole body went weak as he too fall forward on me landing his lips on


” Are you even possible” was all I managed to speak after almost 5 minutes of silence. I allowed

him lay on me as we breathed slowly our ribs rubbing each other.

He let a small laugh and shook his head.” I was almost asking you the same question. ” He

responded and we both fall back laughing.

” Honestly that was beyond this world!” He let a scream making me smile.

” Now what was that about the papers?” I asked him and he sat up holding them up to me and

explaining how he managed to get them after he remembered his secret vault from the basement.

” So what now?” I asked trying to ignore his hand that kept rubbing my thigh as we sat without

getting back into our clothes.

” I don’t know yet. But I have to figure out a way to start over. This money can get me something

started. But for now it’s difficult to think with a woman so beautiful seated nude next to me.” He

giggled looking at me.

” You are crazy!” I smiled and he nodded his head.

” You have a short memory do you? You are the one that picked a mad man” he teased pulling me

closer to him.

” I won’t survive another episode Ben” I winced as he rubbed his lips on mine.

” Well, since we have money now, people can buy us both coffins if we die in each other’s arms”

he shrugged displaying his silly smile.

To be continued…

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