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(I love you pt2)


Lucifer’s POV


I walk inside the casino and glanced around as people do their business. I sigh and turn around but was stopped by Theo.


“What’s up Theo?” I asked bringing out a stick of cigarette from my pocket and lit it up. I took a drag and rubbed my temple with my finger.


I felt uncomfortable after seeing Calla this morning. It just unlike me. Her word keep replaying itself in my head.


“I have come a long way to give up Lucifer.”


Like seriously?


“Lucifer!” Theo called and I quickly turned around my claw digging inside his arm and he winched in pain.


“I am sorry, you were out.” He groaned and I removed my claws from his arm. Nobody is allowed to yell at me like that. Especially when I am deep in thought.


He healed up immediately and exhaled.


“That was close.” He mumbled. “Lucienne said that she is coming to visit you today.”




“Lucienne? Why?” I asked.


“I don’t really know, she just said that she is visiting you.” He said and I nods.


I left him standing there and enter my private elevator. The elevator stopped at the fifteenth floor and I got out.


“Lucifer.” My secretary bowed and I nods before walking inside my office.


I sat down on my chair and checked my phone, there is a message from Calla.


I open the message and read it.


**I just want to know how your day is going.


I love you, xoxo**


I love you, I font know if those three words make me mad or less angry.


I picked up the telephone and placed it on my ear.


“Sir, Mrs Lucienne Carter Dwayne is here.” My secretary said inside the receiver.


“Let her in.” I told her before dropping the telephone.


The door was suddenly pushed open and she walk in, her head held high and her face giving out nothing but confidence.


“Lucifer.” She bowed her head before sitting down.


“Why are you here?” I asked her. She dropped her beg on my desk and inhale sharply.


“I just came to check up on you.” She said with a smile. “Well I appreciate that but as you can see, I’m very fine.”


“Are you really fine?” She asked and I rose an eyebrow questioning her doubt.


“When last did you drink a blood? In fact I am so sure that you have never drink from Calla. Unless you drink from her she can never be acknowledge as your Queen.” She said and I nods.


She is right.


Without drinking from Calla she can’t be acknowledge as my Queen, the demons still respect Nessa’s name as my only Queen.


Since Nessa died I haven’t drink any blood, I used to drink blood from my subordinates but the blood from my mates is the most powerful which is why I couldn’t resist Nessa’s blood when she offers it. But Calla, I can’t drink her blood.


I felt like if I do she will run away or something. Most especially she is pregnant, I can’t take any blood from her.


“I don’t know what to think about Lucienne.” I said with a sigh.


“Think about it Lucifer, if you don’t drink from Calla…..then you can drink from me.” She offers. The


thought of drinking her blood got me intoxicated.


My mind was only focused on her neck as I heard her blood rushing.



I teleported right beside her as she tilt her neck. My canine grows and I sink my teeth on her veins. She held tightly unto me and groaned.


I keep sucking her blood but suddenly pull away.


No this isn’t it.


“Thanks Lucienne, but this will do.” I told her and walk back to my chair.


She stood up from the chair and walk out.


What to do now?


*Calla’s POV*


I sneaked inside Lucifer’s study and glanced around. I can’t believe that I’ve never enter this place before.


There were two shelves that contains books, on his desk are lots of files and a laptop.


I walk towards the desk and glanced around, the study was big and beautiful. Well decorated.


I went to the shelves and glanced around picking up a book.


The tittle caught my view.




What is this kind of book doing here? I sat down on his chair and flipped on the first page.


“When demons get mated to their mate it is strongly advice to drink from their mate as well. First to control their thirst for blood, secondly to secure the position of their mate in hell.”


What is this thing saying? Demons? Bloods?


Does Lucifer drink blood? He…..he haven’t drink my blood yet, what does that mean?


To secure their mate position in hell!


Does that mean that I am no one to him except for his mate?


Oh my goodness! Why?


Why haven’t he do it?












(Heir of hell)




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