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(Begging for forgiveness)


*Karla POV*


I stare intently at the photo Trina was showing me, though I was watching but wasn’t listening to any of her talks.


I was preoccupied with so many things, from Nessa and Calla being half sister and her naming me after her sister back to my father killing my mother because of her half sister.




Everything just makes me angry! I wasn’t angry because Lucifer killed Nessa, my problem is that he doesn’t even felt remorseful for killing her in front of me.


What about Calla? Heard she is back and pregnant, good for her now Lucifer won’t kill her yet since she’s carrying his baby.


I don’t know how I feel about her just yet, hell no my aunt is going to be my step mother anytime soon. It is pretty annoying.


“Are you even listening?” Trina asked, nudging me by the side.


I snapped back to reality and scratched the back of my neck embarrassingly.



“I’m sorry Trina, I zoomed out.” I said laughing nervously.


She huffed and stood up from the couch.


“Oh whatever, always have something to say.” She mumbled and I furrowed my eyebrow.


“Come on Trina, don’t act childish it could have been anyone.” I tried reasoning with her.


Trina and I have known each other for quite a long time now, I think for about ten years now. Funny how throughout this ten years she had put up with my weird, Los if temper and cold behavior.


I feel a presence in the house, three presence to be exact.


Who could they be? Maybe a friend of aunt Lucienne or uncle Theo.


“Okay, I want us to do something special today.” Trina said. I listens attentively to what she gas to say.


I know that she is doing all this for my mood yo lighten up.


“What could that be?” I asked.


“Let’s bake strawberry shortcake, it will be fun.” She said and I rolled my eyes. Boring!


An hour later








Unfortunately it was Calla that came to visit aunt Lucienne, that means she is carrying twins inside her.



When we took the shortcake to the living room where aunt Lucienne and Calla were sitting down, Trina practically threw herself on Calla not minding that she is pregnant.


“Oh my goodness, Calla I missed you.” She said, smiling sheepishly at her.


“I missed you too honey, The last time I asked of you, I was told that you went on a summer vacation.” Calla said.


“Yes, but it has been six months since I came back, I will see you later,I’ve got to go now.” She said and Calla nods with a smile.


Trina and I chatted for awhile before she decided to go home and prepare lunch for her brother.


When she left I also went upstairs, totally ignoring our visitor. She is a stranger to me now, a total stranger.


*Calla’s POV*


“Do you think she hates me now?” I asked Lucienne as I watch Karla climb upstairs. She stopped typing on her phone and shrugged.


“She will be fine.” She replies with a smile. “Now tell me about your journey.”


I think for a while, should I tell her my story?


I started telling her everything, from staying with Lexi to traveling all the way to Pennsylvania before the attack of the Earth coven and finally Lucifer rescuing me and my pregnancy with twins.


“Really? You mean you’re with twins?” She asked in disbelieve and I nodded.


She engulfed me in a hug, her fingers digging inside my hair.


“I’m so happy for you Calla.”


“Thanks Lucienne, can…..can I talk to Karla? Alone.” I asked, she thought for a


while then nods her head.


“Third room at the left side, good luck.” She said and blew me air kisses. I smiled and stood up from the couch then started climbing the stairs slowly.


I got to her supposed room and knock gently on the door but there was no answer.


After the fifth knock, the door was thrown ajar and Karla stares at me.


“What are you doing here?” She asked in that same monotone voice as her father.


“Karla….can we talk? I mean sit down and talk.” I pleaded with her.


She opened the door wide and I stepped inside her warm yellowish colored room.


Guess she is a fan of yellows.


I sat down on a couch beside the window in her room.


“I’ll repeat myself, what ate you doing here?” She asked yet again. I swallowed a lump that already formed in my throat as my eyes swept across his.


“Forgive me.” I begged, my head hug low in shame.


Suddenly I became even more a shame of myself. I am pregnant for someone who is already my brother in law.


Yes I didn’t know, but then…..










(Heir of hell)




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