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(Charmed him/forgiveness)


*Karla’s POV*


I just think that Calla is cute, she is my aunt and soon to be my step mom. She is kind and beautiful.


She is doing everything she could for Lucifer to forgive her. Right now she want to make lasagna for him. I really admire her, I just can’t seem to get angry with her. I wanted to hate her, why didn’t she die too?


Why is it that only Nessa and her mother died? She should have joined them is just not fair to me.


“How do you make lasagna?” I asked her.


“Just watch and learn Karla, watch and learn Karla.” She taunts. I laughed and kids my head.








“Wow, your food taste so wonderful Calla. Lucifer will fall all over for you again.” I said and she giggled.


“I just hope so.”


“Open that cabinet at the far end of the kitchen and bring out that big bowl plate inside with the cover.” She told me and I did as she said.


“Karla, you know we will be really great companion. Why don’t you live here with us?” She asked.


Live here?


“Hum, I’ll think about it.” I replied as she cover the plate. She placed the plate on platter and a bottle of water with a pineapple juice.


“I’ll be back shortly.” She told me before walking away.


I dished out mine and hers and carry it to the dinning room.


“Hey, who cooked?” Aveline or whatever her name is asked.


“Calla did, she made lasagna for her husband.”



Husband? I like the sound of that.



“Wow! I bet it will be delicious.” She said and walk inside the kitchen. I sat down on a chair and dig inside my food.


Thus is so good. She is a chef anyway. Lucifer’s chef.


*Calla POV*


I knocked on Lucifer’s door, the door was slightly open so I walk in.


“Good morning.” I muttered as he was on phone when I walk in. He nodded and continue with what he was doing why I dropped his food on the table in his room.


His room is quite big, like twice or thrice my own. A big giant king size bed at the middle of the room, at the far end of the room lay a big sleeping couch. A big table. A giant mirror and drawer I guess are containing Nessa’s makeup kits. The room was pitch black. Typical Lucifer.


“What is that?” I hear his voice behind me.


“I made your favorite lasagna.” I replies, “I really woke up early to make this.”


He nod and sat down on the couch and I opened the plate for him. I saw smile at the corner of his lip and I smiled as well. At least he loved it.


I sat down on his bed watching him as he eat the food. He caught me watching him and chuckled.


“Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked amusingly.


“I am just happy, you are eating the food I made. After how many months?”


He dropped his spoon and sigh.


“I want to eat this food wholeheartedly Calla, why don’t you let me?” He asked.


“I am sorry.” I quickly apologized, looking everywhere else but him.








After he finish eating his food and drank water and juice I picked the platter and made to turn around.


“Get ready, we will be going to visit my doctor soon.” I told him and he nods.


I walk out of the room and climb down the stairs slowly.


I walk pass the dinning room and saw Aveline and Karla eating. Such a child(note the sarcasm) They couldn’t even wait for me.



I dropped the plates inside the washing basin and went back to the dinning room.


“Couldn’t even wait for me huh?” I asked with a smile.


“Sorry Calla, but your food is too delicious to wait.” Aveline replies. Oh I am so flattered.


“Thank you Aveline, you’re a great cook too.” I told her and she blushed.




I sat down on my chair and started eating my food.


Not to boost, I am really a chef.


Thirty minutes later.


Immediately Lucifer and I got out of the car cameras was what faced us.


“Where are they from?” I asked Lucifer as he pushed me behind him. He brought out his gun from his torso and shot it up.


“If you value your life very much, get your filthy camera out of my way.” He growl.


I placed my hand on his back and rub it slowly.


“Its okay, I’m not hurt.” I whispered.


“Lucifer, just one question, one question.” A reporter said and he nods.


“Is she your wife? Introduce her to the world.”


Lucifer grabbed my hand and sneaked his hand around my waist.


“She is my precious wife Calla Blackwell Lucifer Xavier Carter, and she us carrying my babies.” He said and I watch him in shock.


“You have charmed me sweet kitten, I forgive you.” He whispered.


Say what?











(Heir of hell)




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