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(I love you pt1)


*Calla’s POV*


I held on tightly to his arm staring at him nervously. I just keep praying that he stays with us. He shouldn’t leave yet.


“Please.” I pleaded, ” for our kids.”


I heard him groan lowly as he walk back inside my room and sat down on the bed. I smile to myself and slowly turned around to face him.


He was busy undoing his shirt buttons, after undoing his buttons he placed his shirt on my chair and picked the cup of water from the coffee table and gulped it down then lay back on the bed.


I couldn’t read his expression. I don’t know if he is angry or not.


I lay back down, contemplating if I should touch him or not. After much thinking, I placed my hand on his inked tattooed chest staring at his face. I know that he isn’t asleep, he doesn’t sleep.


“Do you hate me Lucifer?” I asked, my heart beating heavily. “It makes me sick, the thought that you hate me now.”


He was silent, not saying a word of response.


He sweep my hand away from his chest and growl lowly.


“Sleep or I’ll excuse you.” He snapped.


This isn’t my Lucifer, his tone is different now. He seems very disgusted with me.


I bite back the treacherous tears that threatened to spill out of my eyes. I am not weak. I won’t prove to him that I’m weak but I……I just can handle him hating me.


He is the only person that I love, my soul, my mate, the father of my unborn kids. I can’t do without him even if I want to.


“I am sorry.” I said and hiccupped, “I’m sorry that I am a witch, a true witch. But I love you Lucifer, I love you so much.”


“It is killing me.” I whispered and sigh.


“Can you just let me concentrate? Stop with the crying games.” He hissed and turn the other side. “Sleep.”



I turn off my nightstand and closed my eyes trying to think about anything else but Lucifer. Soon I was out like a light.










I rubbed my eyes as I sat back against the headboard. I groaned as the sin pierce directly inside my eyes.


“Dumb f**k sun.” I groaned. I glanced at the other side the bed and sigh. He left already, he didn’t even wait for me to wake up from sleep. I wonder if he even stayed long here or he left after I fell asleep.


A knock came on the door and I groaned out a ‘come in’.


A maid walk in and smiled at me.


“Good morning Miss Blackwell.” She greeted and I nods. “I’ll go run your bath now then you’ll come out for breakfast.”


I groaned at the thought of me leaving the comfy of my bed to somewhere else. Not until my stomach growl violently.


I guess I’m very hungry.


“Where is Aveline?” I asked as I got down from the bed. I slipped my legs inside my flip flops and walk towards the bathroom with the maid.


“She is cooking breakfast.” She told me and I hummed.




I walk inside the living room and sat down on the couch. I pay back down on the couch, my eyes fixed on the ceiling.


“Hey Calla, breakfast is ready.” Aveline said causing me to stand up.


“Aveline, have you seen my husband?” I asked before I could stop myself. My husband? Where did that came from?


“Hum mm…..he…I think he is in his room.” She said and I nods.


My husband, I can’t….


I stood up from the couch and walk inside the dinning room.


“You prepared macaroni?” I asked as I sat down on a chair.


“Yea, I saw it in the menu you kept inside the cabinet.” She said and I smiled.


“Thanks Aveline.”



After eating my portion of food, I drank a cup of pineapple juice and took Lucifer’s own. I slowly climb the stairs with the food in my hand.


I got in front of his room and knocked on the door.


After waiting for some minutes the door was swung open and Lucifer came into view, he was wearing a dark blue shirt and a black suit. His hair was brushed back and his lip cot with lip balm. Guess he is going to the office today.


“Are you just going to stand there?” He snapped me out of my thought. I gently bite on my bottom lip and shook my head.


“I….I brought you breakfast.” I said and smile calmly, ” it is macaroni and sauce.”


He stares at me, then at the food on my hand.


He steps away from the door, allowing me inside his room. I glanced around the room and I couldn’t help the smile on my lips.


The portrait of Nessa on the wall is nowhere to be found.


I dropped the food on the table and turned to face him as he was fixing his tie. I walk closer to him while I glare at me with hooded eyes.


“Can….can I fix your tie?” I asked bite the inside of my cheek, “please.” I added.


Before he could utter a word, I covered the space between us and grab hold of his tie slowly fixing it.


“Do you remember the day we met for the first time?” I asked staring at his s£xy rainbow eyes that always turn dark or blazing red whenever he is angry. He didn’t say anything so I answered myself.


“When I first saw you, I thought you were handsome. Even when you wanted to kill me I still feel that thing in me that was attracted to you.” I chuckled and stepped away from him. “We have come a long way to give up Lucifer, I have come a long way to earn your love baby. I can’t give up now, I won’t.” I assured him. Something tingled in his eyes but vanished immediately.


“Good luck.” Was the only thing he said before grabbing his phone from the table and walk out of the room.










(Heir of hell)





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