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#Grand_finale_episode 14#


(The end to come)


‘Love is like a drug,


When addicted you act silly’





*Calla POV*


It has been two weeks now since Lucifer told me the names he want to give his kids when they are born.


It is funny how serious and dreamy he was when he was talking about them.


“What got you smiling Calla?” Karla asked munching on her vanilla pancake as we watch TV.


“I just remembered something eventful that happened to me.” I said and chuckled, “I still can’t believe that ik having Lucifer’s children, I’m only supposed to be his chef.”


Karla sat down well to face me.


“Fate can be joyful and contradicting at the same time, but the best part is you found your mate, someone whom you’ll spend the next few millennium loving.” She said dreamily brushing her hand on her hair. “I can’t wait to find my mate.” She sounded dejected and dreamy at the same time. But dejected? I wonder why.


“What kind of man do you want as your mate?” I asked her watching her intently as she took a deep breath.


“A man who understands the worth of love, a man who puts family first. A man who’ll always support me no matter what. A man who understands the need of having a family.” She replied and chuckled. “I guess I am very much selfish because I don’t even know if I understand the ways of love. I don’t think I know what love is, I just feel it.”


“Don’t say it like that Karla, when you’ll fall so deeply in love with your mate you won’t even know. It will be like magic and it happens freely. It is fate that joined you both together and not a forced love.” I told her and she nods going back to what she was doing earlier.


“Where is Aveline?” Karla asked.


“Right here gossipers.” She chipped in and we laughed. “Sorry to interrupt the mate gossips but you both should know that a human is here.” She added pointing Bach to herself.


“For your information Aveline, a human can still be mated to other creatures, be it any kind of shapeshifters. Be it werewolf, dragon, Lycan or a demon.” I pointed out. She scrunched up her face in disgust.


“Please don’t mention vampire in it.” She begged.



“Vampires are also creatures with a soul Aveline, don’t forget that I am mated to the devil himself.” I told her and she raised up her hands in surrender.


“What are we having for dinner tonight? It is 6:00pm already, time to cook.” Aveline said.


“I don’t know, I crave mashed tomatoes and steak with milk waffles. I’ll like to have potato chips as snacks as well.” I told her.


“Your wish is my command Queen.”




That word just pierce my heart into two immediately Aveline uttered it. I couldn’t seems to get what Lucienne told me out of my head.


If he doesn’t drink from me then I’ll be nothing but his mate and baby mama. He will chose the person he drinks from as queen.


What do I do?


How do I get him to drink from me?


“You think too much for a pregnant woman my queen.” A voice jolt me out of my thought.


“Cole! Oh my goodness Lucas, it has been long I last saw you both.” I said and giggled as they bow before me.


“It is our pleasure to meet you again Queen, a very great pleasure.” Lucas said and I grinned widely. I don’t know why I like this two men so much. Maybe because they were the first people to show me love here?


“Good evening princess.” They both bow lowly for Karla. I watch as her demeanor changed instantly.


She focused her attention on Cole.


“Karla? Are you alright?” I asked her and she batted her eyelashes together. She closed her eyes and opened them again.


“I am good. Let’s go and make dinner before Lucifer returns.” She told Aveline who only nods her head.


She seems off.


“Sorry for the poor hospitality guys, what would you like to drink?” I asked with a smile.


“Since the queen is kind enough to ask, just bring us a bottle of whiskey.” Cole grinned as he said that.


Oh that man is dead funny sometimes he made me forget my worries the first day we met.



I managed to stand up from the couch with my heavy pregnancy and walk towards the bar. I grabbed an already half bottle of whiskey and two shots and take it to them.


“Now this is what hospitality is.” I said with a smile.


“So what bring you both here today? It has been like seven to eight month I last saw you both.” I pointed out. It wasn’t a complete lie. I last saw them sometime before I ran away.


“Lucifer want to discuss something with us, we just dimmed it fit to come early and spend sometime with you before he returns from the company.”


“You both did well, guess I’ll be in my room now I need a bath. Try and make yourself comfortable.” I told them before walking away.


The end to come, it is very near. I can feel it. Lucifer is about to return to his realm. Our journey on earth is about to come to an end.










(Heir of hell)




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