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(Welcome to hell)


‘Be it Lucifer or God


The line between love


And hate is very tiny’




*Calla POV*


I watch as Karla keep staring at the door more than ten times this afternoon.


She look stressed. I wonder what was eating her up.


“Are you okay Karla? Maybe you can get a glass of water?” I asked but she shocked her head.


Gosh! Where the hell is Lucifer?


I heard his slow steps coming from the stairs and fixed my eyes up. Watching him took the steps slowly.


He was wearing a black T-shirt that hugged on his body tightly and a black plain trouser.


From the corner of my eyes I saw Aveline wiping away her tears.


Oh poor kid.


“Aveline, I’ll come back for you soon. Okay, don’t cry anymore.” I told her and kissed her forehead.


She sniffed and nodded.


Lucifer turned his hand and made a earsplitting sound as he create a tunnel. I don’t know exactly what to call it.


“Get in.” His icy cold voice came.


Karla glanced at me before stepping inside the tunnel and she varnished.


I took a quick glance at the mansion again. Oh gracious I’ll miss thus place. This place that held so many memories of us. I’ll miss it.


I went towards the tunnel and stepped inside it.


Darkness engulfed me as I tried to breath.


I opens my eyes but was clouded by darkness.


“Do you think she will be awake now?” I heard a voice asked.


“Maybe she just passed out, she will be up soon.” Another voice said.


I opened my eyes and saw two women, their is this aura around them.


“You’re awake.” One of them said rushing towards me.


I glanced around the room. There was a golden table and the bed I was laying in is big enough to accommodate three people.


The room is well furnish, everything is pure gold. I haven’t seen such a beauty before.


It is marvelous.


“Where am I?” I asked calmly.


“You’re in the palace of Lucifer.” The woman replied.


She help me sit down on the bed and I look around more.


“Where is he?” I asked.


“Who are you asking of my lady?” She asked yet again.




“He is in a meeting with the high rank demons.” The other woman explained.


“Can I get a water please.” She nods and walk away.


This place doesn’t look like hell at all. It is incredible.








“So you’ve lived for three hundred years?” I asked the woman whose name I came to know as Zara.


“Yes, dinner will be ready soon. Lucifer might not come so don’t think much about it.” She said and I nods.


“Where is Karla?”


“The princess is present at the meeting as well.” She replied.




“This food is tasty.” I moaned as I chew on my steak.


“It is I must agree, are you ready for tomorrow?” Karla asked.


“What is happening tomorrow?” I asked her raising an eyebrow. Nobody told me anything about tomorrow.


Tomorrow is just tomorrow like every other day.


“Lucifer said you’ll be officially welcomed tomorrow.” She replied full mouthed.


I unknowingly dropped my steak and glared at her.


“Welcomed? How? What do you mean by that?” I asked but she just shrugged.


“How am I supposed to know?” She asked and I glared at her.


After dinner the woman whom I later figured out is a maid in this castle led me back to my room.


The castle is quite huge, I’ve never seen a castle this big. Or should I rather say that I’ve never seen a castle before?


“How are you doing?” A voice asked from my back. The voice I’ve been dying to hear since some hours back.


“I am fine, this place is nice and the demons that I’ve met are nice as well.” I retorted.


He came behind me and sniffed my hair, his finger soothing my neck.


I relax my back against his chest as he held me.


“Tomorrow you’ll be officially welcomed to hell, after you give birth to my little ones I’ll think about what to do with you.” He whispered. My breath itch and I took a deep breath.


“Really?” I whispered asked. I felt so vulnerable at the moment.


So in love.


So submissive.


“Yes really.”


He kissed my neck and back away.


“Come and sleep.” He told me calmly. I accepted and went towards the bed and lay down.


“Will you sleep here with me tonight? Please.” I begged. He nods and started undoing his button.


He lay down beside me, his hand around my waist.


“Now sleep.” He command and just like that I closed my eyes and slept off.











(Heir of hell)




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