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(Convincing him)


*Calla POV*


I ignored Lucifer’s call and keep having good time with my friends. How can I just got here and he wants me back?


That’s just cruel men!


“Who was that?” Arles asked and I shrugged. He doesn’t see me calling his phone when he went out. Why can’t he let me be?


“Lucifer, he wants me to go home now.” I told him and he quickly dropped his cutlery.


“You have to go if he needs you there Calla, Lucifer can be heartless when angry.” He said, trying effortlessly to convince me.


I stares into space at the thought of what was wrong. Why did he sounded so hot and scary on phone?


Did I do something wrong?


“Calla?” Lexi called and I snapped out of my trance. “You zoomed out, everything okay?” She asked and I nods with a fake smile.


No, everything is not fine but I can’t tell them that. Apparently I just got here and I don’t want to ruin this evening for us upon me being late.



Arles squeezed my hand and send me a smile, I lay my head on his shoulder.


“If you are thinking about us then we will be fine.” He said and glanced at Lexi. “But you can still continue with your food Calla, before it gets cold.”Arles said, nudging me to eat my food.


I really really appreciate my friends. They stood by me at all times. I am so grateful for that.


I grabbed my chicken nuggets and took a bite. I closed my eyes and moan at the taste. So tasty!


“You can keep it down pregnant woman.” Lexi joked and look around. “There are lots of eyes on you already.”


I roll my eyes and giggled. Really, like I care. I could care less what any motherf**ker wanna say now.


After eating and discussing for awhile, I glanced at my wristwatch and it was 7:20pm. When did it got so late?


“Guys, I guess I’ll take my leave now. What about coming to visit me during weekend?” I asked picking up my clutch from the table.


“If Lucifer won’t get mad then yes.” Arles said and I chuckled.


“Of course, I’ll keep you both updated.” I called the waitress who brought the bill and I ended up paying.


“I would have paid your highness, but it’s all good you’re already taking care of your subject.” Arles announced. How do I feel about him addressing me as ‘your highness?’. I don’t really know.


“I’ll be on my way now, bye guys.” I said and walk out of the restaurant.


Yikes, where the hell is Ray?


“Calla, are we leaving now?” Ray asked from behind me and I nods. He opened the car door for me and I got in.


I just feel absolutely disappointed in myself right now, I added to Lucifer’s anger. He must be really mad at me.


Thirty minutes later, Ray enter the code and the gate opened then he drove in. He stopped the car in front of the entrance door and I got out then he drove towards the parking lot.


I released the breath that I was holding and sigh. I just hope that he is nowhere at home right now. I can’t face him.



I pushed the door open and walk in quietly, I walk inside the living room and found no one there. Thank goodness!


I made my way towards my room, trying to be as quiet as I can.


I pushed the door open then closed it behind me but was pinned down against the door. I panicked, my heart beating erratically.


“You really are disobedient now, ain’t you?” He whispered into my ear. I took a deep breath, wanting to hear his voice, wanting to feel him closely behind me.


“I….I was with my friends.” I stuttered. He chuckled softly then turned me around.


“Do you know how dangerous it is staying out late with my kids? What the f**k is wrong with you?” He


asked angrily. I bend my head and sigh defeated.


He was right and I was wrong.


“I am sorry.” I whispered,I sincerely apologize.


“You should be sorry, because the next time you will disobey me then you will have yourself to be blamed.” He said before releasing me.


“Why did you call me earlier?” I asked going to sit down on my bed.


“To get your a*s back here and rest.” He said before trying to leave. I quickly stood up from the bed and grabbed his hand.


Ever since I got back here, this is the longest we’ve spoken. I can’t let this opportunity slip off me.


“Can you….can you at least please stay with us tonight?” I pleaded with him,trying to act as cute as I can.


I need to at least get to share something with him at this special period in our life. In my life.




Do you think Lucifer will succumbed to Calla’s request?


Two days hiatus








(Heir of hell)




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