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(You are nice)


Calla’s POV


He was Nessa husband, even though I didn’t know earlier before now I still feel guilty.


I just hope Karla will forgive me so that her mother can forgive me as well.


It is crazy how even in the land of the dead, Nessa still hold grudges for me.


“Please Karla, I didn’t know. If only I knew earlier.” I mumbled and looked up at the ceiling.


“How are the babies?” She suddenly asked which surprised me but I smile calmly, rubbing my hand on my big stomach.


“Good, they are doing pretty good.” I replied and she nods then sat down on her bed.


“You’re nice, aunt Lucienne likes you including Trina.” She said and chuckled. “She has not been herself all the time you ran away.”


Lucienne is a nice person, she proved to be a nice person the moment we met.


“She is a good person.” I concurred. She give me a small smile and cleared her throat.


“It is okay, you didn’t know and it doesn’t even matter now since you love Lucifer and I’m so damn sure that he loves you too.” She said and i nods approvingly.


I grinned and stood up from the couch, my eyes darting around the yellowish colored room once more.


“You have a beautiful room by the way.” I said before walking towards the door.


“See you soon Karla.” After saying ‘goodbye’ to her, I climb downstairs but couldn’t find Lucienne anywhere.



I walk towards the kitchen where I heard little whimpers coming from.


Sitting on the kitchen counter, Lucienne held tightly unto Theo, they were both in an intense make out session.


I blushed furiously at the sight in front of me and quickly walk away. Don’t they feel ashamed to even do it while I’m here?


I dropped a more for Lucienne before walking out of the house.


“Let’s go.” I told Ray.




I sat down on the couch while Aveline search up a movie for me to watch.


She put a station where she claimed that an interesting movie was going on.


“What’s the name of the movie?” I asked Aveline.


“The tittle is I Robot,Will Smith starred in it.” She said and I nods.


“I love Will, but his wife is just too complicated and crazy.” I said angrily. Jada Smith is a crazy woman!


She was blessed with a very handsome husband with an adorable pink lips but she is acting silly.


Too silly to my liking.


“I’ll get you a cup if juice to help you relax.” She said before walking off to the kitchen.


I laughed at the scene where Will was questioning a robot.


Like seriously? Can a robot hurts its master?


Aveline came back with a glass of juice and hand it over to me, then stood behind


me massaging my shoulder.


I moaned softly and giggled.


It felt good.


“Is Lucifer home?” I suddenly asked her, it has been a whole day and I haven’t seen


nor converse with him.


I missed him.


“He is inside his office with Mr Theo.” She replies. Theo is here? I bet they must be discussing about me.


“What would you like for dinner? I’ll like yo go grocery shopping.” She said.


“Do we still have strawberries inside the fridge?” I asked her, changing the subject.


“Yes.” I’m sure she is thinking about my sudden topic about strawberry.


“Ask Lucifer what he want for dinner, I’m taking whatever he orders.” I told her.


She stopped massaging my shoulder and come over to massage my legs.


I stopped her from further movement and stood up from the couch.


“Oh sh*t! I forgot my meeting with Lexi and Arles this evening.” I told Aveline and quickly headed to my room.


How could I have forgot? They will be so mad at me.


I walk inside my closet and picked up a lose pant and a baggy shirt. I wire them and put on my makeup.


I grabbed my phone from the bed and send Lexi a quick text.



Will be there in thirty minutes, I can believe that I forgot!



After my little charade I felt food with my appearance and picked up a black clutch.




Ray drove me to the restaurant where I’m to meet up with both Lexi and Arles. Walking inside the restaurant, my eyes immediately caught them. They were both discussing and laughing at whatever Arles said.


“Hello guys.” I greeted and took a seat beside Arles.


“Girl you kept us waiting.” Lexi said and I nods.


“I am so insanely sorry guys, was caught up with the massage Aveline was giving me.”


“How is our mini devils?” Arles asked and I chuckled.


It is really a surprise that Arles is actually a demon.


He really is good in hiding things.


A waitress walk towards us and hand over the menu to us.


“We will call you when we’re ready.” I told the waitress before she leaves.


Five minutes after knowing what to order, we all ordered our foods and keep on discussing.


My phone suddenly started ringing, I rose an eyebrow at the unknown number.


Who could this be?


I picked up the phone and swipe right to the answer icon before placing it on my ear.



Get here right now.”


The voice I have been missing since yesterday.


What is wrong now?


What have I done?











(Heir of hell)



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