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(The big fight)


Calla’s POV


After my small but big talk with the old witch, I was feeling really sleepy and hungry. I yawned and placed my hand on my stomach.


“Do you maybe have anything eatable here? I’m so f**king hungry.” I said, glancing around the place.


She chuckled and stood up.


“Don’t underestimate me true witch, you might be a true witch but I sure am an older witch.” She said and took a step away from me but then stopped.


“Do you have a talisman?” She asked and I rose an eyebrow.


“Talisman?’ I asked and she hummed and widened her eyes.


“You don’t?”


“Old witch, forget about talisman or whatever. Just get me food.” I said in irritation. Why is she asking about some talisman all of a sudden? She glared at me and walk away.


I rest my back against the wall and groaned, my head hurts everything hurts.


I closed my eyes and my mind drifted back to Lucifer, the man that I love, the man that once loved me but now the man that considers me as a prey.


What do I do for you to forgive me Lucifer?


I really am sorry, I truly am. When a couple have misunderstanding they forgive each other if they claim to love each other.


You told me that you love me Lucifer, has the hate you have for witches consumed that love?


What about our unborn child that have the blood of a witch? Will you kill him or her when born?



I sign and rubbed my bottom lip with my thumb. This lip was once kissed by him.


This br**st was once fumble by him. But I’m so sure he doesn’t give a damn now.


I ran from him yo this remote area, now I have to deal with witches. Isn’t my destiny just great?


The earth Coven!


Who are they?


The old witch came back with a plate of covered food and placed it in front of me.


“Thank you.” I said and open the food then remembered how Lucifer used to treat me before we started catching feelings.


This witch might have poisoned this food so its better safe than sorry.


I scooped a spoonful of the rice and brought it close to her mouth, she furrowed her eyebrow in confusion.


“Hope you don’t mind? I learnt something from Lucifer, be a step ahead of your enemies. So please take a bite of your food.” I told her and smirk. Truly he taught me well.


My Lucifer.


She scoffed and eat the food, few minutes later I started eating mine. After I was done with the food I thanked her again and she cleared the plates.


“Follow me, I’ll show you to your room.” She said and I stood up, I picked my handbag and pulled my box along with me.


She opened a door for me and placed a candle light for me to see.


She turned around and walk towards the door.


“Sleep without your guards down.” She said and walk away. Sleep without your guards down.


What does she mean by that?


I frantically lay back down on the bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling. I guess it’s time to sleep.


I rubbed my tummy and muttered a good night to my baby. I’m sure that he or she will be so damn delicious , I don’t care if I sounded cannibalism but damn its not a bad thing to gush over my unborn child. I know that he or she will inherit the beauty of the father, I just hope they don’t inherit his coldness like Karla.








I woke up and looked around the day was so bright that I keep wondering if it is still morning


I stepped down from the bed and stretch my nightwear before walking out of the room.


I met the old witch. I think I should stop calling her old witch.


I met Xega inside her living room pick in beans.


“Good morning.” I greeted, she raise her head and look at me.


“It is noon Calla, go get ready. It is time.” She said and continue with what she was doing.


I groaned and turned around walking back to the room.


I brushed my mouth and took my bath then wore my silver colored jogger pants and shirt then wear my flip flop.


I walk back to the living room and met her walking around.


She glances at me then walk towards the front door. I took a deep breath and followed her.


Please Lucifer, support me. I don’t think I can fight her alone.


We got outside and she suddenly cast a spell which sent me backwards.


What the f**k?


She smirks and walk closer to me.


“You are really weak.” She said and I scoffed.


“You haven’t seen me yet.” I said. “Basalmasulta.”


She spit out a blood and glared at me. I mentally commend myself for a job well done .


“Doesn’t feel so good now, does it?” I asked mischievously.


She started moving her mouth, she was casting a spell and soon I felt myself on my knees in front of her. My neck tilt to the side.


She walk up to me and grabbed my neck, she tightened her hand around my neck and I groaned out in pain.


I was angry, my survival mode kicked in and I cast and unknown spell that I’ve never seen before.


“Pamlaemosuros anganda.”


She sprouted back and fall on the ground, her mouth full of blood. Her upper cloth torn while she wriggled in pain.


My mouth fell open at the sight in front of me. I didn’t just almost kill her did I?


She managed to stand up and pointed a finger at me.


“You are using black magic.” She deadpanned, anger visible in her eyes. I don’t care I didn’t know what she meant by black magic but I do know that it is evil.



She charged at me again, this time my back hit the floor violently, her eyes darkened and her body shaken.


I groaned in pain as I found it hard to stand up.


She groaned as she fell down on the ground, her eyes fixed on me.


“That mini devil is showcasing its power already.” She groaned. “You need to die mini.”


I can’t…..I can’t let her do this, nobody will kill my child without a fight.


Not even you Lucifer.












(Loving the devil)




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