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Calla’s POV



Few hours later I was already inside my room, I took a bath and walk inside my closet. The few clothes I left behind which consist of shorts and lingeries and camisoles are the only thing inside my walk in closet.


I sigh and tightened my towel around my body, I walk out of the closet and get out of the room.


Maybe I should check if Lucifer can lend me his shirt.


I grab hold of the staircase and manage to climb up the stairs one after the other. I got to the end of the stairs and walk toward his door, I knock on his door and heard a grumpy ‘yes?’.


The door open and Lucifer walk out, I guess he was sleeping.


“Why are you here?” He asked me and I sigh.


“I….I was….I was….just thinking if I can get a big shirt from you.” I stuttered, I


mentally slapped myself for stammering.


You can do better than this Calla.


He glanced at me up and down and walk back inside the room, shutting the door on the process.


Is he going to bring the shirt or not?


The door opened again and he throw a shirt on me.


“Thanks.” I said with a smile but he just ignored me and closed the slammed the door close.


If I said that I’m happy with the silent treatment then I’m lying. I don’t like it at all, I hate it but then I couldn’t do anything but accept the fact that he won’t be talking to me anytime soon.


I just hope and pray that he didn’t let me live just because of this child.



I went back downstairs and went back to my room,after changing to the big shirt he gave me I was very hungry.


A knock came on the door and I mumbled a come in.


A maid walk in with a tray in her hand.


“Ma’am here is your dinner.” She said and dropped it on a table.


“Who sent you?” I asked eyeing the food hungrily. I am so f**king hungry.


“I just thought you would be hungry by now ma’am.” She said and I rose an eyebrow in admiration.


She is new, I don’t know her before.


“What is your name?” I asked her.


“I am Aveline, the new cook.” She replied with a smile, wow. I like her already. She is so sweetl!


“Thank you Aveline, I’ll let you know when I’m done.” I said and she nods before walking towards the door.




“Yes ma’am.” She turned around with a smile.


“Just call me Calla, you don’t have to call me ma’am.” I told her.


“Okay ma’am.” She replied with a hearty laugh. She walk out of the room and closed the door behind her.


Guess I won’t be lonely here again.


I opened the plate of food and gulped down hungrily at the sight of fried rice and chicken.


Oh well, I am in for this.



I grabbed the cutleries and started digging inside the food, I was busy stuffing my mouth with the food and also gulping down my juice.


After eating I drank a water I took the plate and platter and walk out of the room in search for Aveline.


“Hey Aveline.” I greets when I saw her washing dishes inside the kitchen.


She rushed towards me and collect the platter from me.


“Calla you shouldn’t be moving around carelessly in your condition, just call me when you need help. Okay.” She said and I nodded.


“How old are you?” I asked curiously. She is definitely not that old.


“I am twenty one, I just finished my college education where I studied food and nutrition, but Lucifer’s twin sister Lucienne offers me a high paying job here.” She said and chuckled softly. “I just have to take it.”


What a sweet soul!


And we actually studied the same course in college.


“I studied food and nutrition too.” I said and she laughed so hard.


I feel like I’m discussing with my little sister.


“Calla, you’re so sweet. I didn’t know that you’re so much better than madam Lucienne told me.”


“How long have you been working here?” I asked.


“Two months I guess.”she replied and I nodded.


“It is late, I’ll be in my room now.” I told her and she grabbed my hand.


“Why are you grabbing my hand?”


“To help you inside.” She replied and I sigh. She is stubborn!


But…..I am scared, so scared…..what if….what if she ends up being Lucifer’s




No Calla, don’t allow negativity inside your head.


Let’s be positive.


Lucifer is now mine and mine alone.


This three months, I’ll get his love back.










(Heir of hell)



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