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(On the run!)


Lucifer’s POV


Yes not seeing her for over two months makes me want to go crazy, but I refuse go let my emotion get in the way.


If I wanted to find her quickly I would have, all it will take is her smell but I don’t.


I want her to suffer until she surrender herself to me.



I walk inside my dungeon and rest my back against the wall. Nessa was sitting down on the ground. Her face on her palm.


“Are you here to finally kill me?” She asked raising her head up. I sigh and walk closer to her and squatted down before her.


“Nessa, stand up.” I told her and stood up too. I sigh and brushed my hair off my shoulder.


“What now? You think I know where your little mate is? Well newsflash I don’t know and don’t give a damn about her Lucifer, I can’t believe you could do this to me. You lock me up for months Lucifer…..months.” She said and started crying. I

sigh frustratedly and walk to the door.


“I am not here for pity party Nessa, you knew that she is a witch but still decided to not tell me, why? Do you have a thing with her? I don’t care but you will get your punishment in full for lying to me.” I snapped and walk out of the dungeon and locked the door behind me.


I sigh and sit down on a couch, scrolling through my contacts I dial Karla’s number.



Hello dad, she greeted. I took a deep breath rubbing my temple with my finger.


Karla, I want to see you immediately.” I told her and the other side was quite.



Okay dad, I’ll be there soon.”



I tried to at least be in a talking terms with my daughter. I wasn’t close to her because of Nessa’s death but now Nessa is back.


Today I’m going to pass my judgment on both Nessa and that witch and her husband.


Nessa POV



Damn Lucifer, he is stupid. Stupid if he thinks that he is going to kill me because of that stupid witch.


I sigh, I guess it is time for the evil wizard to help me. I can’t be here for life. I sure


won’t allow him to kill me without putting up a fight even though I know that he


will kill me with just a push.


I will fight for my freedom!


I sat back down on the ground and closed my eyes.


I want to be free from this hell hole as soon as I can, I can’t continue like this. It is ridiculous.


Few hours later the dungeon door was opened by a guard and I was ushered out. I was happy because I can finally breath in fresh air. If an ordinary human was lock in there, he or she won’t have survived. That one is guaranteed.


I suddenly saw myself at our world, in the throne room.


Many demons were present, I stood in front of Lucifer with a furrowed eyebrow.


What is he planning?


Two couples were brought in by the guards, the woman’s eyes were fixed on me.


She gasped when she saw me.


“Vanessa? Vanessa is that you?” She asked.


“Who the hell are you?” I snapped and she furrowed her eyebrow. Who does she think she is? Shouting my name like that?


“It is me, your mother.” She said and I groaned in frustration. Mother indeed. I don’t have a mother, I don’t even remember sh*t.


“Listen woman, I don’t…….” My head began hurting me. I grabbed my hair


painfully my eyes red.


“Take….her away….from me.” I begged as I started seeing blurry images.


“What is happening to her?” I heard Lucifer ask, the priest came forward and placed his hand on my head.


“She is getting her memories back.” The priest said.


I keep seeing a vision of a teenage girl leaving the house with her bag and a woman running after her.


I gasped when she calk my name, is that me?




Vanessa walk out of the room with her box, her mother following her and begging her.


“You can’t just leave Nessa, we are your family.” Her mother said, she scoffed and stopped on her track.


“No! Dad was my family until he died, not you or your precious Calla and your dear husband are my family.” She snapped. Her arm was grabbed by her mother who was already crying.


“You can’t do this Vanessa, I am your mother. Where will you go from here? Stay with us please.” She begged but they all passed through a deaf ears.


“You get married again just few months to father’s death. You married and gave birth. After that I became the fourth wheel of your precious family. Thank you but I don’t want to be here and I don’t want to be a part if this family anymore.” She said and walk towards the door. “And please don’t try to find me.”






Oh my goodness!





Calla is my half sister. That means…..that means I am a witch too!


T.b c










(Loving the devil)




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