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(He just don’t care!)


Calla’s POV


I smile widely at the new realization, throughout my way back home I have been so exceptionally happy.


I will soon be a mother to twins, I’m sure that Lucifer will be pleased when he hears about this.


“Are we still going to the mall?” Ray asked as I got inside the car.


“Yes, please take me to the mall.” I replied with a smile.


I got to the mall and started from the babies section. I can’t wait to spoil my boy with blue and spoil my girl with pink.


I started picking clothes for them, beautiful twin clothes.


“Madam, you can check out this pusher for your kid.” The sale girl said, showing me the said pusher.


It is beautiful!


I checked the price and smile.


$10,000. Not bad.


“I’ll pick two of those please.” I told her and she smiles.


“Ma’am you can also check out our flasks and plate for new born babies.” Guess she figured out that I’m a first timer.


“You know what? Just pick anything you think will be big enough for two kids to use, I’m carrying twins.” I told her and her face brightened.


“Wow! Congratulations ma’am. You are so blessed.” She beem with smiles.


“Every woman is blessed in there own way sweetheart.” I told her and she nods.


“You are right there, now let’s check out the shoes and socks.”


An hour later I was through with Pocking of my babies clothes and my maternity clothes.


Everything was loaded inside the trunk if the car.


“Congratulations on your pregnancy Calla.” Ray said and I nods.


I haven’t seen Lucienne nor Karla since I came back. I wonder if they resent me now.


The drive back to the house wasn’t long, i came down from the car while the other guards help me with what I bought.


“Lucas, Cole….when did you guys came?” I asked excitedly.


“Not long ago Calla, pregnancy suits you.” Cole said causing me to blush.



“Thanks guys, I’ll be inside the house. Please brings those to my room.” I told them before walking inside the house.


went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before slamming it close and walking back to my room.


Where is Aveline? Didn’t she heard my voice? Where could she be? Maybe sleeping I guess.


I opened the door of my room and sat down on the bed smiling to myself.


Few minutes later the door was pushed open and Lucifer walk in.


I gulped at his presence and held tightly onto the scan result that I was holding.


“Hi.” I greeted but he ignored me and walk towards the window. He open the window and allowed the breeze to come in.


“Where did you go to?” He asked. Is he angry? I can’t even read his expression.


That is a thanks for him to be the devil meanwhile he can read me like a book.


“I….I went to the hospital.” I told him and he rose an eyebrow.


“Are you sick?” He asked, at least he cares.


I shook my head and handed over the scan result to him. He took it from me while I carefully study his facial expression when he started opening the paper.


His eyes suddenly lit up and a smile was very evident on his face.


“Are..you happy?” I carefully questioned. He nods and hand me back the result.


“They are my kids so I’m happy.” He said in his monotone voice. Sometimes I just can’t comprehend this man.


“I’m happy too.” I mumbled. A knock came on the door before it was pushed open and Lucas and Cole walk in with my shopping bags.


“Lucifer.” They both bowed.



“What is going on?” Lucifer asked.


I visit the mall to get things for my babies.” I replied while dismissing the guys.


He stared at me for awhile before disappearing.


Again I felt lonely!


“Calla…..Calla.” A voice called behind me. I yelp and stepped back.


“Nessa…..you are dead, what are you doing here?” I asked her. What is she doing


in my room?


“You are pregnant.” She said and chuckled. “You think he will forgive you because of the child? He doesn’t care about you. He just don’t care for you but only for his kids!”


She is right, Lucifer doesn’t care about me now. But then Vanessa is my sister why treating me otherwise?


“Why do you hate me so much?” I asked and she scoffed.


“You took everything away from me, firstly the love of mom and also the love of my husband. You took away the love of the only people I ever had. You caused my death!”


I…..I caused…..her death? How?


“Nessa listen….we can talk about this as sisters, don’t be angry with me even in the


dead.” I begged. She chuckled loudly and let her tears flow inform of blood


“Tell Karla to forgive her father, that is the only way to earn my forgiveness.” She said before fading away.


I am stuck!











(Heir of hell)




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