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(Just keep running)


Calla’s POV


I lay back down on my bed, my eyes fixed on the wall, the ray of sunlight was shiny in my cheek as the day became bright.


I tried sleeping after that dream but I really couldn’t. I ended up searching for Lucifer’s pictures on goggle and looking through it.


Why is everything keep getting scary and f**king confusing?


After speaking with mom, I felt a little more good and better. Not until that strange witch showed up in my dream one’s again.


It was frustrating!!



I stood up from my bed and slipped my leg inside my flip flop. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I splashed water on my face and cleaned it with my towel.


Walking out of my room I headed downstairs, Lexi was already preparing breakfast of steaks.


“Good morning.” I greeted and walk behind her go pick the coffee mug from the cabinet.


“You slept well?” She asked and I hummed, I took a sachet of Nescafe and pour it inside the mug then add a small quantity of lukewarm.


“What is your decision about last night?” She asked, now facing me.


I really don’t know, I don’t know what to do but hell I won’t go to him now.


“I don’t know what to do Lexi, I’ll just stay hidden in this place for a while.” I replied. She sighed and continue with what she was doing.


After preparing breakfast she left for work and I called my family doctor.


I gave her the direction of where I stay, she came and prescribed some safety measures and pills for me to take.


“A month later”


It was a surprise that Lucifer haven’t caught me yet, or he just left me to torture me?


What is his plan anyway.


My baby bump is already very much visible, I was excited at the taught of having this baby.


I have totally by pass what that witch told me in my dream, I don’t care because I’ll be so damned if I abort my child.


This child is precious to me, even though the father detest me I know that deep down I still have a place in his heart.



I rubbed my tummy and smile at myself, I frantically removed my hand when a


hard knock came on the door.


Who the hell is it?


I took slow quiet steps towards the door and peep in through the key hole.


Lexi was standing in front of the door impatiently. I turned around the door knob and opened the door widely for her to get in.


She walk inside and quivkly closed the door behind her. I rose an eyebrow confused at her sudden attitude.


She took a deep breath and dragged me upstairs, my hand hurts but she didn’t seems to notice instead she keep dragging me.


She pushed open the guest room and dragged me inside before locking the door behind her.


“You are acting weird Lexi, what’s going on?” I asked for her to elaborate, I don’t understand her sudden change in attitude.


She turned to face me, her eyes fixed on my stomach.


“Start running.” She said and I furrowed my eyebrow. What does she mean? Is she chasing me out of her house or what?


“What….why will you say that? Where do you want me to go?” I asked dejectedly.


Why will Lexi say such thing to me? We’ve been through a lot together.


“Lucifer…..lu…..Lucifer……” She stutters, I walk up to her and placed my hand


on her cheek. She was burning hot.


“Start running Calla, he will kill you!” She screamed.


“What?…..how did you?”


“I saw him today Calla, he …..he surely knows that you live with me Calla.” She


walk inside the closet and dragged out my box. “Quick, you have to leave.”


Oh mother nature, please save me from Lucifer. I pushed all my belongings inside the big box and with the help of Lexi we carried the box downstairs.


I called an uber and within ten minutes it came. I hugged Lexi with tears in my eyes.


I don’t know where to go.


“Don’t worry Calla, you will be fine. Leave the city and go to a village where he won’t find you that easily.” She told me and I nodded.


I enter the uber and just like that, I found myself in a car going to any remote village I come across.


“Where are you heading to, Miss?” The uber driver asked.


“Do you know any village closer to this place?” I asked him, my eyes was getting heavy I really want to place my head on the bed and sleep.


“Yes, there is a village in Pennsylvania. It’s not really far from here. A two hours journey.” He replied.




I hope to have the rest of mind I want there.


“Take me there.” I told him and lean back against the leather seat.


This is going to be a long ride.













(Loving the devil)




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