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(Going to the hospital)


Aveline POV


I place a pot on the cooking stove and pour in some water, then quickly tie my apron on.


I have to make her food quickly before she gets hungry.


I broke the pasta inside a bowl and went back to the cooker, I opened the lid off the pot and found the water boiling then I picks up the bowl and pour in the whole pasta inside the pot.


She demanded for pasta and sauce with some salad. Oh pregnant women. They can be crazy sometimes.


I made lasagna for breakfast but she ends up vomiting when she smells it.


I went back into cutting the tomatoes and onion and vegetable, then chop the carrots and cabbage for salad.


I placed a frying pan on the second cooker and pour in some vegetable oil.


I am Aveline Martinez, a college graduate and the last of three children.


Working as a chef has always been my life ambition.


I’ve always wanted to be a high chef which the world recognizes both internationally.


Crazy how I found myself here serving Lucifer and his family.


Calla is a simple person, even as a witch she is so damn pretty and kind. Lucienne told me everything about their supernatural powers, i was scared at first when she told me the day Lucifer nearly killed me.


But then, I found myself accepting their nature, I can’t believe that Lucifer is actually the devil everyone talks about.


Does that mean the devil is this hot and handsome.


I actually don’t fancy him, I know that he is Calla’s. But then when we see something good we have got to appreciate it right?


I pour in the onion and tomatoes inside the frying pan and turn it with the spatula.


“Are you done with the cooking?” I heard Calla’s voice behind me and I quickly turn around.


“Oh….just a little bit more, give me more twenty minutes.” I replied and he nods


before walking out of the kitchen.


I open the pasta’s pot and pour the pasta inside a sieve then place the pot back and pour the pasta back inside with a little amount of water.


I wiped away my sweat and glanced at my phone. Note fifteen minutes to go.



I pour in the salad that I made inside a plate, and placed it inside the refrigerator the went back to the sauce.




I carried her food towards the living room but stopped at the noise coming from there.


“You can’t keep ignoring me Lucifer, font be too hard on me.” I heard Calla said.


I’m sure she is talking to Lucifer.


“What do you want me to say, witch?” The venom in his voice was very clear.


He wasn’t happy with Calla. I sigh and made my presence known.


I can feel Calla’s pain, she didn’t create herself. She didn’t know that she is a witch so who is to be blamed? Absolutely not her!


Calla’s POV


I sat down on the chair as Aveline placed my food on the dinning table in front of me.


“Do you want anything else?” She asked and I shook my head.


She walk to my side and placed her hands on my shoulder, squeezing it gently.


“I just want you to know that, he will definitely come around soon. Sorry I eavesdrop on you.” She said and I smile.


“Thanks Aveline, you can leave now.” I dismissed her and she left while I started eating the meal that she make.


I keep wondering if Xega is still alive, that place she lives in not a community at all. The worst subarea I’ve ever been to.


After eating my food, I picked up the glace of apple juice and drank it.



I called Aveline who cleared the table while I walk back to my room to get ready for my hospital visit.


A pregnancy is six months and I’ve never even for once visit a hospital. I don’t even know the condition of my baby nor the s£x of my child.


An hour later, I picked the dress Aveline gave me and slipped inside it. Guess I’ll be visiting the mall after going to the hospital.


I left my room and got to the sitting room but the other maids were cleaning up the place.


Guess Aveline is busy as well.


I open the front door and walk out.


“Ray.” I called but didn’t heard his voice.




“Yes Calla.” He walked out from the parking lot. I sigh and rest my back against the wall.


“Come and take me to the hospital.” I told him.


“Just a minute Calla, let me go and retrieve the car key.” He told me and I nodded.


He came back all dressed and press the key.


“Which hospital exactly?” He asked immediately I got inside the car.


“Maria Jesu hospital.”


An hour later, the doctor did a scan on me and then I was just so surprised.


I never thought this could happen.


Oh no way, but yes I am excited. Never in my life have I thought that I’ll ever birth twins.


Inside my stomach is two babies, a boy and a girl.












(Heir of hell)




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