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(Heir of hell)






(She is pregnant!)


Lucifer’s POV


I was in a meeting with the high rank demons, my mind constantly going back to Nessa.


I sigh and rubbed my finger against my temple, she deserved what she got. Maybe this time she won’t be so lucky to wake up again.


My problem now is Karla, I haven’t seen her for days.


I remember what she said when I knocked on her door.


“You took my mother away from me, you are really cold.”


Yea, she is right!


This Lucifer is cold, I don’t go back on my words. Be it on child or wife.


“My wife and I will be returning to earth now if you don’t mind king of hell.” Theo said, bowing his head lowly.


I nodded and my gaze landed on Calla’s friend.


“You, come up here.” I said pointing at him, he stood up from his chair and walk towards the throne.


“Lucifer.” He bowed and I roll my eyes. Quit the show please, i might just kill you.



“You are a friend of Calla since college, she never told you where she went?” I asked and he nodded.


“You can as well speak up if you value your life.” I said between gritted teeth. I hate bring ignored. I hate it when I am turned into a non living being.


“She didn’t tell me anything, Lucifer.” He said and I nodded then shooed him away.


Suddenly my eyes turned red, my eyes closed and I could see hear her cries.


She called my name and I involuntarily found myself rescuing her.


I grabbed her by her waist before she could get inside the fire and heard her gasp.


I wasn’t even looking at her, my Ange were fixed on this witches.


Yes I want to kill her, no one else will except me. I’ll be the one to make her happy and also the one to break every piece of her.


“It is so downgrading that you lay your silly stinking hands on her.” I roared. I opened my hand and a ball of fire appeared. I threw it at the witches, burning up the place while their cries echoes through the flames.


I teleport back to my mansion, inside my room.


I stepped away from her immediately, my eyes grazing her body.


She is pregnant?


Tears were streaming down her eyes as she go down on her knees.


“Please Lucifer, you can kill me if you want, I won’t judge you. But please let it be after birthing my child…..our child…..please Lucy.” She stutters. Our child.


My eyes darkened at the thought of her hiding the pregnancy away from me.



“For this child you will live but just until you give birth, I don’t go back on my words Carlota Blackwell. You will die in my hands after three months.” I said and just like that, I left the room.


Calla’s POV


I was scared to death, my heart was beating fast like never before.


My eyes scanning the place in search for my knight in shinning armor but I found none.


Where are you Lucifer? I keep asking myself.


Then at the last second, he showed up. His demeanor as mighty as ever.


I couldn’t believe it. He really came to my rescue. He really heard my cries.


I was also more surprise that he left me alone after begging him not to kill me yet.


He promised me, he gave me his word not to kill me until I give birth.


At least I have more three months on earth.


I glanced around the room, my eyes quickly spotting a giant portrait drawing of Vanessa at the headboard of the bed.


I couldn’t help but feel fresh tears coming out of my eyes.


She is my sister and I never knew, I didn’t know.


It felt like I took her husband from her, I can’t forgive myself.


I wonder what she had thought of me as. A whore? A husband snatcher?


Hell, she never for once act like we are related. She despise me.


I sigh and sat down on the bed, it was so for and giant, bigger than the one in my room.


I just noticed that this will be my first day of stepping foot inside this room, inside his room.



I lay back on the bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling.


I won’t beg for my life, I am grateful for the fact that he saved me from death and also permitted me to have my child. I couldn’t ask for more.


It is better for me to be kill after birth than to be killed with my pregnancy. I wouldn’t have ever forgive myself.


I wonder what it is he felt for me. Hatred? Or love?


That just be an understatement. A man that want to kill me definitely hate on me.


I don’t care Lucifer, because this three months. I’m going to show you what true love is.


I am going to let you know what a soulmate is.


I am going to make you realize that you can’t do without me.












(Heir of hell)





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