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(Darlene and Dane)




*Lucifer’s POV*


I watch Calla fidget on her seat, her eyes sometimes on me but when I look at her she quickly look away.


It is funny how she turned from an incredible smart mouth woman to a shy kitten.


I looked at the doctor and sigh.


“Carry out your test on her.” I told him and he nods. I watch as she lead Calla further inside the room and ordered her to lay down on it. She did and he unbotton her shirt leaving her only in her sport bra.


He placed his hand on her stomach and concentrated. The doctor rubbed something on her stomach after which he gazed at his screen.


Ten minutes later.


Calla and I were sitting in front of the doctor, the doctor wasn’t even looking at me.


“Miss Blackwell, your children are in perfect condition, all you have to do is take your medicine daily and do some work out but not the gym type.” He said to her and she nods.


We both stood up and left the hospital. I still couldn’t come to term that I just addressed her as my wife earlier. I guess it’s just the heat of the moment. I just thought of saying that immediately.


Luck was on her side I guess.


“Lucifer can you please take me to a pharmacy shop? I want to get the medicines my doctor prescribed for me.” She said but I was quiet. “Please.”


“When you get home tell Ray to take you there.” I replies and face back the road. She scoffed and look put of the window.


“I can’t believe that you don’t even care about your kids.” She said and chuckled softly. “You’re a d!ck anyway, blaming me for what’s not my fault. You’re a d!ck!”


I bring the car to a halt in the middle of the road and grabbed hold of her neck.


“Don’t you ever, ever in your life curse me again. Do you understand?” I asked, venom laced in my voice.


She shook and quickly nodded.




I continue driving ignoring the cars that have already collided with each other. I drove to the house and she got out of the car without saying a word. Well that’s what I thought.


“You’ll have to work hard to earn my forgiveness Calla, see it as a punishment for keeping that huge secret from me.” I told her before she got out.


I got out of the car as well and throw the key to Ray.


“Call Cole and Lucas, I need them asap.” I told him.


“Yes Lucifer.”


I made my way towards the front door but stopped when I heard Karla’s voice. I smelled her earlier but she is still here?


I walk to the direction of her voice. The swimming pool. I saw her swimming with the cook.


She saw me and stop swimming then bow her head.


“Lucifer.” She said and I nods.


“Why are you still here?” I asked her.


“Calla told me to stay with her for awhile.” She said and glanced up at my face before bowing again. “If that’s okay.”


Why will Calla tell her to stay?


I closed my eyes, my eyes searching for the conversation between those two.


“Reveal.” I muttered. I saw where they both slept and when Calla want Karla to live here with us?


I opened my already red eyes and sigh before walking out on them.


I got inside the house and met Calla sprawl out on the couch. The sight is funny but I wasn’t in for a funny business at that time.


*Calla POV*


Too stupid that was a f**king imagination, I was imagining him forgiving me. He wasn’t.


He just called me his wife for the sake of the camera but he is Lucifer, he can do and undo.


I lay down on the couch, my leg wide open. It felt like my core is on fire. I closed my eyes and soon a quick breeze pass me, I opened my eyes to see Lucifer watching me intently.


“You’ll have to work hard to earn my forgiveness Calla, see it as a punishment for keeping that huge secret from me.” His words keep playing back in my head.


How dumb I am to even think that he will forgive me so quickly. This is an hatred he have for the witches for centuries now. He won’t just wake up one day and forgive me even if I am not guilty? I guess I am guilty. Maybe if i had told him about the witch stuff earlier he would have trusted me and forgive me.


But I lied to him, I kept him in the dark. I guess I’m not so innocent after all.


He rose an eyebrow and tilt his head to the side, watching me intently.


“What would you like to name your kids?” I asked him with a smile. I could care less about my sleeping or that he was angry.


Just live in the moment Calla.


“Darlene and Dane.” He said and I couldn’t help the earsplitting laughter that came out of my mouth.


“Really? Darlene and Dane Lucifer Xavier Carter.” I said and he twitched the corner of his mouth.


He smiled. He did smiled. I guess this babies will help me gain back my love.










(Heir of hell)




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