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(I don’t give two sh*ts about it)


Calla’s POV


“Why….why will you say a thing like that?” I asked but he was quiet, eating his food like he didn’t just tell


me this. “This is my legacy!”


“What legacy exactly? So that I could remember the fact that I killed my own wife because of that?” He asked his voice rising.


“So? So what? I am your mate Lucifer, I am the mother of your unborn children. I love you. I love you so much, this is my legacy Lucy. My ancestors will be proud.” I tried to convince him.


“I don’t give two sh*ts about it, I don’t give a f**k! Just let me have this dinner in peace.” He said and continue with his food.


I sigh and sat back on my chair. What can I do to get back my Lucifer? He is the only one that I have.


“Do you want orange juice? Aveline made some earlier.” I told him.


“Okay.” He replied and relax back on his chair. I stood up from my chair and walk towards the kitchen. In the morning I’ll wake up early and make lasagna for him then prepare to see my doctor.


I picked up the jug filled with orange juice and two cups then return back to the dinning room.


I dropped the jug on the table and pour in some juice for him then for myself.


“I’ll be visiting my doctor tomorrow, will you like to come along?” I asked as he stood up from the chair.


He stopped for awhile.



“Yes, text me the time.” He told me then walk away. I smile to myself. At least he agree to come with me.


Quit magic, I don’t think I could ever do that. How can I quit something my mom and step sister died for?


“Aveline!” I called. She walk out of the kitchen with her apron on.


“Yes Calla?”


“Please take this dishes away, I’ll be in my room now.” I told her and she nods. I stood up from the chair and slowly headed towards my room. I got to my room and open the door, I walk inside my room and met Karla sitting down on my bed.


“Hey Karla, what’s up?” I asked sitting down beside her. Why is she here?


“How are the twins doing?” She asked and touched my heavy stomach. She giggled as they started kicking.


“Wow! They are kicking.” She said and smile. I’m happy that they are making her laugh.


“You want to pass the night here with me?” I asked and she nods.


“Aunt Lucienne and uncle Theo went to the underworld, they will be staying there for three days so I thought I could stay here with you and my step siblings.” She explained.


“You don’t need to explain Karla, I am so excited that you’re here.” I told her with a smile.


It is true, i am so happy that she came here willingly on her own just to stay with me. It makes me happy.


But then…..


“Did Lucifer knew that you’ll be here?” I asked her.


“He already smells me, he knows that am here.” She replied and started undoing her shirt.


“I’ll take the left side, you can tell me if you don’t feel comfortable. I can take the couch.” She said and I giggled.


“We can stay together.”


She removed her shirt now wearing only her spot bra and short then lay down on the bed.


I lay down beside her and closed my eyes muttering a good night.








I stir in my sleep when I heard someone calling my name.


I opened my eyes and quickly closed it. The sun was shinning directly into my eyes.


I slowly open it again and saw Karla holding a coffee mug in her hand.


“Good morning.” She greets and sat down on a chair facing me.


“Good morning Karla, you shouldn’t have done that.” I said raising myself up and sat down my back against the headboard.


“Who would have done it? Your cook?” She asked and rolled her eyes.


She hand over the mug and I took a sip of the coffee. It taste different.


“This taste different from the normal coffee.” I pointed out and she nods. “What did you added into it?”


“I mashed up the leave aunt Lucienne gave me to add into your coffee so that you can be fit.”she explained.


“Okay then, where is Aveline?” I asked.


“She is doing the laundry.” She replied. I came down from the bed and dropped the coffee mug on the table then walk inside my bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and added some toothpaste before brushing my teeth. After brushing my teeth I wash my face and walk out of the bathroom.


“I want to make lasagna for your Dad, you don’t mind helping me do you?” I asked and she shook her head.


“Come on, let’s go and make a delicious food and get your mate back.” She said causing me to laugh.


I can’t believe that Karla and I are now this close. It is so unreal.


“Yes, you’re right. Let’s go and get my mate back.”










(Heir of hell)




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