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(My wild cat)


Calla’s POV:


I woke up the next morning but couldn’t find Lucifer beside me.


His side of the bed was cold signifying that he left long ago. I sigh and sat back against the headboard.


A soft knock came on the door and I mumbled a come in, covering myself well with the duvet.


I was feeling strangely energetic this morning, does it have something to do with hell?


This door was pushed open and a young girl walked in.


“Good morning my lady?” The maid bowed and I nods in recognition.


This kind of life is not in my blood, I find it really awkward for people bowing down before me.


“I am Alana, your personal maid. I’ll help you up from bed and run your bath after which you’ll have breakfast and we go on a tour of the castle.” She all but said in a goal.


“Who appointed you to me?” I asked her.


“My lord Lucifer.” She replies, I nods once again and signal for her to come closer, she did.


“Where is he? I want to see him.” I whispered to her.


She gulp and glanced around.


“Trust me.” I told her.


“He is in the throne room my lady. Please don’t let him kill me. I’m not allowed to tell you but you’re my lady and I can’t deny you answers.” She all but explained.


I think I like this girl already.


“You are a good girl Alana dear. You will be rewarded.” I told her and stepped down from the bed.


“I’ll show you your closet.” She opened a door and I walked in.



Oh my f**king kinky mouth!


What is a whole mall doing in my chamber?


“Do you know who did this?” I asked her.


“Her highness, last Lucienne did.”


Oh Lucienne. She is a fashion designer, I should have known.


I grabbed a long robe from the rack and wrapped it around my body.


“Lead the way to the throne room sweetheart.” I said to Alana.


In a matter of five minutes we were already on our way to the throne room.


I bet I’ll miss my way if I dare try to wander off alone here.


She stood in front of a giant door and look at me pleadingly before bowing her head.


I stare at the door and took a sharp intake of breath. This is frustrating. Frustrating like when I want bacon and I was given a steak.


I pushed the door opened and a nostalgia hits me. The visual in front of me made me regret my decision of coming here.


In front of me, in front of his majestic throne is Lucifer, s**king blood from a brunette.


I slapped my hand on my mouth as I gasped loudly. He released the girl, immediately his eyes met mine.


Blood on his mouth makes him look nothing less than a savage vampire.


I felt dizzy immediately, my abdomen started hurting. Water was streaming down my leg. I grabbed hold of the pillar to support myself.


He speed towards me, I didnt knew how he did that and didn’t care to know. He sweep me off the ground and the next place I found myself was inside a room laying down on a bed.


“Hold on tight my lady, you can do it.” The woman said.


It is not time yet.


It supposed to be tomorrow.


My babies couldn’t wait.



I was in a huge pain.


“You have to push when I tell you to my lady, you can do it.” She said. I glanced around but couldn’t find Lucifer. He left.


He didn’t even stay by my side. Alana was beside me holding onto my hand.


“Push.” The lady said. I pushed. I did what I supposed to do.


When I pushed for the fifth time I was already losing all my strength.


I don’t want to die while giving birth like Nessa. I don’t want to die.


I grabbed hold of Alana’s hand with tears in my eyes and sweat all over my body.


“Lucifer… Lucifer…….tell him……tell him I need him….now…..please.” I said between tears and sniffs.


She nods violently and dashed out of the door.


I closed my eyes and soon felt a presence beside me.


“Lucifer.” I whispered as she covered my palm with his.


“You can do it, my wild cat.” He whispered. As if I was waiting for him to give me a go ahead order. I pushed and the next thing I heard was the cry of a baby. My baby.


“We’ve got a baby boy here my Lord.” The woman told Lucifer.


“Keep going my wild cat, bring out the second royalty.” He said and kissed my forehead.


“When I tell you to push, you push. Work with me my lady.” The lady said and I nods.


“Now push. Push!!” She practically shouted at me. I pushed and pushed. I pushed with all my might.


I pushed with everything in me, my back arched off the bed as I squeezed Lucifer’s hand tightly.


“You. Can. Do. It.” Lucifer said. He breaks the words one by one into my ear.


I pushed with gritted teeth and throw my head back on the bed.


“Congratulations once again my Lord, we got a girl.”


I smiled. A happy smile creep unto my face.


“You did it my love. I love you.” Lucifer whispered before kissing my forehead.


He said those words again. Those words that I can’t remember when last I heard it.


He love me!











(Heir of hell)




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