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(What makes a Queen)


Calla’s POV


I sat down on my bed, my eyes painful from the amount of tears I shed earlier. Why didn’t he let me know that he ought to drink some from me?


Since we have been together for a year now, whom has he been drinking from?


The thought of him drinking from another woman caused me to gag.


The door was slowly push open and Lucienne walk in.


“Hey Calla, how is you and mini devils?” She asked and I shrugged secretly cleaning my tears.


“They are fine.” I replies, “what are you doing here?” She stared at me for awhile before sitting down on a chair.


“Are you okay Calla? You seems off.” She said and I exhale sharply. “Is something wrong?”


Why is she being so persistent huh?


“I am fine Lucienne, just tired.” I lied, well not really a lie because I was really tired.


She stared into my eyes but I quickly look away.


“Were you crying Calla?” She asked standing up from the chair and walk towards me. “What’s wrong?” She grabbed hold of my chin and raise up my face to look at her.


“You were really crying, what happened? Did Lucifer hit you?” She asked concerned.


“No, he never hit me. He has never hit me before.” I said sincerely. I doubt if Lucifer will ever lay his hand on me.



“Why then? Why are you crying?” She questioned. Should I tell her? Will she be of help?


“Tell me more about demons Lucienne, is there something else I’m supposed to know?” I asked her. She stares at me for awhile and sigh then went back to sit down on the chair.


“Demons sucks blood you must know that.” She said watching me intently. “I guess Lucifer haven’t told you this but you can’t be his Queen if he doesn’t drink from you.”


What the actual f**k!


I….this is serious. I felt like purging I stood up from my bed and rushed inside the bathroom. I vomited


inside the WC and flushed it away. I stood before the giant mirror inside the bathroom splashing water in my face.


“You are fine Carlota….you are good, just go out there and hear what she has to say.” I cooed myself. I pushed the bathroom door open and walk back inside my room.


“Sorry about that…..I don…..I don’t know what happened, guess it’s something I ate.” I told her and she


rose an eyebrow staring at me yet again.


“It must have been because of the blood, you are pregnant Calla so most of this thing will make you feel disgusted.” She told me. I nods and started to fidget with my fingers.


“Why….why haven’t he drink from me yet?” I asked her the one question I dread it’s answer but also the


question that drives me completely insane.


“Maybe he feels like you ain’t ready Calla, but don’t worry. I am sure that he is thinking about it.” She cajoled causing me to scoffed.


“He is thinking about it? For goodness sake I felt like a fool! He doesn’t tell me anything. Why? Why!” I shouted my tears pouring again.


Lucienne sigh and stood up.


“It takes more to be a Queen Calla,what makes a Queen is bravery, obedience, love,respect, power. Are you ready for the task?” She asked awaiting my answer. I just keep staring at the door not knowing what to say.


“You are not ready.” She said before walking out of the room.


F**k it!


F**k being a Queen! I don’t bloody care.





I was eating my dinner when Lucifer walk inside the dinning room, immediately his eyes found mine he sigh and walk up to me.


“Are you good?” He asked and I nods. Just ask if your kids are good instead.


He sat down on his chair and pick up his steak. My eyes following every little movement he made.


“Lucienne told me.” He said and chuckled.


“You really think you can handle being my Queen, you will soon die anyway.” He said and I frowned.


“I am not dying Lucifer, I still have two months and a week with you. I can prove myself within that period of time.” I said and he shrugged continue eating his food.


“I want you to take my blood.”




“Why?” I asked with surprise, why will he say ‘no?’


“Because I said so Calla, now and if you will be a good girl and shut the f**k up.” He seethed out.


Oh gracious!


I stood up from my chair and walk towards him, my hand on his shoulder as I massage his tense body.


“We used to be a lovely couple, you used to look at me like I’m the most beautiful girl on earth.” I said and chuckled, ” you used to make me feel loved.”


He dropped his cutleries and grabbed hold of my hand yanking them away from his body.


“I loved you Calla, hell I f**king love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. I love you bit you toy with that love and trust I have for you. You f**king toy with my feelings damn it!” He yelled, banging his hand in the table.


I took a deep breath as I reminisced back on his words.


“I didn’t toy with your feelings Lucifer, I simple did not know.” I replied calmly.


“So then? Will you quit magic?” He asked and I stared at him in shock.




Quit magic?




What do you think will be Calla reply?








(Heir of hell)




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