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(Russian roulette)



Calla’s POV



“Lucifer has been looking for me for over three decades now.” She muttered. Is she being real?


How can this be….oh mom you have killed me.


The man I’m living with, the man who is my mate, devil is my mate and his looking for my mother and I.


“Mom…..what didn’t you tell me?” I asked, my heart racing crazily.


I was losing it.


“I didn’t want you to practice magic Carlota, it is dangerous.” She replies, oh shut it mom.


“You want to know what’s more dangerous? What is dangerous is me leaving in the house if Lucifer and you know what? I am his f**king damn mate.” I yells, I was angry.


She covered her mouth with her palm and stare at me.


“Mate?” She whispered.


“Yes I’m his mate and his dead wife is back from death and already know that am a witch, the second she tells Lucifer we’re both dead!” I yelled again, this is getting crazy.


Life drains out of her face, she keep watching me.


She quickly stood up from the couch and rushed upstairs then come back later with a book in her hand. She hand it over to me and I stared at it blankly.


“What is this?” I asked.


“Guide to practice magic by witches.”


“There us no way in hell I’m practicing magic mom, the second I practice magic Lucifer will know that I’m a witch.” I said and shook my head, I’m not going to take it.


“I’m leaving mom,” I stood up from the couch and made to leave but she placed the book on my palm.


“Keep it for your own safety.” She mumbled. I nodded and walk out of the apartment.


Won’t Lucifer know that there’s a magic book in his house?


I lay on the bed, my mind moving back and forth. I keep turning and tossing.


I couldn’t sleep.



Why is my life like this?


A witch? Like seriously?


I come down from my bed and walk over to the window.


I stood there staring at the city.


In a matter of three days my life has became so complicated.


So what Lucienne told me is true, that means Vanessa is also a witch?


I was confused, is she a witch and doesn’t know?


Or does this have anything to do with her coming back alive?


I sigh and walk back to the bed, I grabbed my phone and checked the time.




It is almost midnight and I can’t sleep, I inhaled a sharp breath and drank some water from the water bottle on my drawer before laying down on the bed.


What do I do now?


I don’t even know how to perform magic.


I just have to not know, I don’t want to know.


I won’t practice any magic. I want to keep being a human.


As long as I don’t know Lucifer won’t find out anything.


I exhale and inhale then closed my eyes to sleep.






I saw a old woman inside a cave, candle lights were put in a circle. A book in the middle and the woman sitting in front of the book.


She was whispering a word, her eyes closed.


I look around me and unimaginable fear gripped me.


Where am I?


Everywhere was dark, the only light inside the cave was the candle lights.



I was forced out of my hiding place and brought to my knees in front of the woman.


“What are you doing here child?” The old woman asked, how on earth is someone this old still alive?


“I….I…I don’t know….I just….found myself here, just like that.” I stuttered, she


stare at me a little then look back to the book on the ground.


“Amerilus lupeus.” She chanted. I watched as her eyes darkened under the light.


Oh my goodness!!!


I yelped out of my sleep, i quickly turn on the light and glanced around my room.


I….it was really a dream.


The day that I learnt about witches, I also see a witch performing magic in my dream.


Isn’t this just like RUSSIAN ROULETTE?


A bad one actually.


I couldn’t sleep meanwhile it is 3;25 in the morning.


I guess I’ll just find something else to keep myself busy.


I saw the magic book laying randomly on the bed.


Could it be?


I don’t really want to know anything, I won’t be tempt to open this book. Because if I do, my life will change drastically.


Should I call Arles? It is quite early, I guess I’ll wait.


I have to confide in him, at least he is a human who cares for me during my good and bad time, he won’t leave me I just know it.









(Loving the devil)




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