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#Season_two_episode_three #


(A witch or a demon)



Calla’s POV


I grabbed my phone from my dresser and dial mom’s number.



Hello honey her voice boom with happiness from the other side.



How are you mom? Are you back? I asked, secretly praying for her to say yes.


We are still inside the taxi sweetheart, you can visit if you want, she replies, that’s a good answer. I really need to get out of here.



I will be there before 10:00, I just have to pick some things, I told her and hanged up.


I walk inside my closet and pick an outfit to wear.


I wore my clothes and pick a silver heel.


I picked up my phone and walls before walking out of the room.


I heard voices but couldn’t make it who it is.


I got to the living room and found Vanessa and Karla sitting on a couch, they were both facing each other.


I really pitied Karla, she leave her seventeen years believing that her mother is dead then suddenly she raise again.



“Hi,Karla.” I greeted when our eyes meet.


She smiles at me, wow that’s a first.


“You’re going out?” She asked and I nodded, I glanced at Vanessa who was still looking at Karla, somehow I understand why probably hates me.


If I died and wake up again then see my husband with another woman I’ll get hurt with anger too.


“Yes, my parents are coming back from Florida today.” I replies and she nods.


“How is Trina, haven’t seen her since last time.”


“She went to visit her parent in Pennsylvania.” She retorted, I really do miss that girl.


She is fun and good.


“Okay, see you both later.” I waved at her and walk out of the living room.


Getting outside I froze at the number of men standing guard around the mansion.


“What the actual f**k is going on here?” I whispered. I glanced around in search for Cole and Lucas but couldn’t find them.


“Hi Calla.” I flinched and stepped back but then it was just Ray standing like a ghost behind me.


“Oh my goodness Ray, you scared the sh*t out of me.” I said and frown playfully.


“Sorry about that Calla, Lucifer made it clear that I should take you where ever you wanna go.” He explained and I frown deeply. Like what? A child?


“Why? I just want to go and visit my parents.” I said convincingly. Now my plan to stay with my parent is about to fail.



“He ordered and I must obey unless you don’t want to leave Calla, I’m sorry.” He said and stepped back.


Oh yea, he is the big boss. The only one that can order people around.


“Okay then, that will save me some cash. Let’s go.” I said and he walk to the garage.


Five minutes later we were already driving along the highway.


I toss and turn around frustratedly. He always seems to get to me even though he is far away.


Who the hell knows where he went to.


“Can you lover the air conditioner, sh*t is getting freddy here.” I muttered slowly. I looked out of the window and sigh. Soon we started passing by familiar places, XC hotel, my favorite Starbucks, then the ice cream joint and finally my apartment complex.


Ray got out of the car and I did also. I walked towards the elevator and glanced back at Ray.


“You’re staying here?” I asked confusingly. He is too old to stay under the scorching hot sun like this.


“I guess I’ll just follow you up instead.” He told me, I nodded and lead the way.


We got inside the elevator and I pressed my floor number.


The elevator became silent, I glanced at Ray and smile. He look really cute for a man like him.


Is he a witch or demon?


“Are you also a creature like Lucifer?” I asked, he stared at me and smirk. Well that was hot.


“Yes I am,” he replied, that makes sense though. He doesn’t age.


“How old are you?” I asked and bite the inside of my cheek. I’m asking too many annoying questions like Lucifer said earlier. “Sorry for asking, I just term to be a little curious.” I told him and he smile, flashing me those pearly whites.



“I am 45 in the human world.” He said. In the human world?


The elevator stopped and we get off, I still wonder what his real age is.


I unlock the door and pushed it open inviting him in.


“Mom, dad, I’m home!” I yelled. I saw my mom come out of the kitchen and smile.


“Oh my little Calla, I missed you.” She said and hugged me.


I wrapped my hands around her and placed my head at the crook of her neck.


I really miss her too.


“Hi dad,” I greeted him and hugged him as well.


“Everyone meet Ray, my…..my….my boss’s driver.” I stuttered. How do I address


Lucifer in front of my mother?


Mom this is Ray Lucifer’s driver or mom this is Ray my mate’s driver.


So hilarious.


Mom stared at Ray and suddenly frown, I glanced back at Ray but he was clueless of the look.


“Nice to meet the parents of this gorgeous Queen.” He said causing me to blush. Gorgeous Queen like seriously?


“Can I speak with you for a moment Calla?” My mom asked and I nodded, I followed her inside the kitchen and she turned to face me. Her once happy face turned sore with regret or fear?


“Who do you work for?”











(Loving the devil)




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