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Lucifer’s POV


When she s*cks me, I was partially mad and f**king happy.


My mind was clouded with the fact that she might have done same with another man.


After s*cking which by far is the best I’ve ever had.


My eyes darkened, my mind alert. All I wanted at that moment is to have her under me.


To fully make her mine, to mark my territory.


“Be gentle.” She whispered, I smirk and look back at her throbbing p*ssy.


I grabbed my c*ck and put the tip inside her, she felt so damn tight.


That was when I realize what’s happening. She is a f*cking virgin!


“You are a virgin?” I asked and she gently nodded.


My upper lip twitched up into a smile before I could stop myself.


I slowly enter her, she was so tight.


I groan as I enter her, inch by inch. Just as gentle as she want it.


I settle down inside her and look up to find her staring at me, she bite her lower lip and nodded for me to continue.


I began moving slow and steady at first.


She brought her hand up to grab my hair but I was fast enough to pin her hand right back beside her head.


“F*ck it Lucifer, faster!” She yelled, I smirk as I watched her face.


I like it when she’s feisty.


Like she ordered, I started going faster. My mouth found her full perky nipple, I rubbed my finger tips on it before taking it inside my mouth.


“Oh f**k!” She moaned.


I keep going faster on her, she keep clenching and unclenching her p*ssy around my c*ck.


“Keep doing that sweetheart, keep doing that and I might just cum inside you.” I seethed out.


Somehow those words slipped out of my mouth.


How can I say that?





Calla’s POV


He keep f*cking me hard, his hand trail down to my aching clit.


He rubbed slow circles on my clit making my muscles relax a bit.


My mind was everywhere, the sΒ£x was everything.


He rubbed faster on my clit and pounding faster inside me.


“F*ck, you’re tight.” He groaned as my muscles tensed once more. I glanced at his lips and pulled him for a kiss. Something sharp pierce my tongue causing me to winch.


He noticed my discomfort and broke the kiss.


His canine teeth was so long, I’ve never seen it like that before.


Is he also a vampire? I didn’t comment on that.


I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I clenched around him causing him to release a low groan as he slowed down a little bit.


“I’m gonna cum, oh f**k! I moaned loudly, he resumed pounding faster inside me and I let it loose, my toes curl up around him.


All of me, my vision blurry, I throw my head back to the side as I release everything.


“I love you.” I moaned, my eyes tightly shut.


He pulled his d*ck away from my already sore p*ssy and cum right on my lap.


He leaned down and kissed me before getting out of the bed.


Where is he going? I wanted to ask but I couldn’t, instead I kept my mouth shut as he made his way out of my room. He didn’t even glance at me.


I groaned painfully when I touched my s*x, I was damn sore. My whole f**king body is so sensitive.



Getting out of the bed I slowly made my way towards the bathroom, leaping on the way.


After cleaning up myself I returned to my room and sleep off.






Next morning I woke up with my body aching, every damn place is aching me.


My mind went back to last night which caused smile to creep out of my face.


We had s*x!


The best pleasure and intimacy I ever get with anyone. Then I remembered what happened next.


He left, he left me without even looking at me.


Was it something I said?


I remember telling him that I love him, was that why he left?


I suddenly felt tears clouding my eyes.


I don’t care if he say it back or not, I know that he’ll never love me but then he shouldn’t have left me like that.


After taking my bath I wore his shirt which he left behind last night.


I walk out inside the sitting room and sigh, I guess he he is down yet or maybe he already left.


I got inside the kitchen and decided to make a soup, bean soup then later I’ll go to the mall.


I opened the fridge and the food stuffs are almost finished, I guess I’ll be going to the grocery store later.


Turning my front to the cabinet,I picked up a little pot and turned around to placed it on the kitchen island.


I gasped as I saw the same figure I saw in my room the other day beside the kitchen door.



“F**k!” I flinched and placed my hand on my chest. I became scared, this person is creepy. ” Who are you?” I asked, gulping loudly.


“Vanessa Lucifer Xavier Carter,”


Who the f””k is that?


Vanessa Lucifer Xavier Carter.


She walk closer to me and removed her hoodie.


A beautiful woman with a jet black straight hair was standing before me, she looks so beautiful.


“Nessa?” I heard Lucifer’s voice calls her.


She turned around to face him. So much emotions in their eyes.


This person is Karla Mom!


Oh my God!






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