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(When it begins)




In the year 1824, Lucifer gave a command to all the living creatures. Be it shape shifters, werewolves, vampires and most important the witches not to ever try and



perform magic in his territory and most especially not when he is sleeping in the volcano.


This rule has been kept, century upon century. During the early nineties, a particular coven. The true witches performs a magic when Lucifer was asleep in the volcano in his territory.


He was mad, he killed those he saw until he kill almost everyone of them, but then a certain true witch escaped his grasp.


She escaped to the human world, decades on decades Lucifer continue to look for her.


A true witch is a very powerful witch that has the power to kill other witches and demons.


Lucifer always sleep in the volcano every once a decade, and whenever he is in there peace and quiet is what he need else all he sees is blood.


During one of his stay in the volcano, his peace was once again interrupted by a danger signal.


He woke up and teleport straight to where the danger is from.


He saw a demon trying to kill a woman. Is she human?


His fingers turned to long claws and pierce into the back of the demon.


He saved Vanessa from death that day and then started feeling a connection yo her.


Not just that she is a demon, not a full demon but also his mate.



Lucienne’s POV


“She was behaving weirdly.” Karla complains after calla left.


She is right anyway, Calla was acting strange this afternoon.



Asking questions which not even a demon is capable of uttering without getting killed.


“Maybe she’s just curious.” I reply, and stood up from the couch.


I walk to our room and met Theo sleeping, I went closer and sat down on the bed my eyes fixed on him.


I touched the grown stubbles on his jaw and feel him tensed up under my touch.


He opened his eyes and stares at me.


“Vanessa is awake.” I whispered, he nods and look away from me.


“I feel it, I catches her scent yesterday when I came back.” He mumbled. That must be after she came to take Karla.


“You are worried.” He said and kissed my hand.


“I just feel so restless since I spoke with Lucifer’s new mate.” I whispered and exhale deeply.




“She just asked questions about witches, and it’s really getting suspicious.” I told him.


He stood up from the bed and walk to my dressing table, he picked up a bottle water and opened the cover then placed it on his lip.


He sip on it then dropped it on the table.


“Are you insinuating anything?” He asked raising an eyebrow.


Of course I wasn’t insinuating anything. It was just suspicious.


“No I wasn’t, just kinda confused.” I said, I stood up and walk closer to him then wrapped my hands around his waist.


I placed my lip on his and kissed him passionately.



He returned the kiss and grabbed my a*s, he squeezed it and pushed me against the wall.


“Our world is calm, Lucifer is still in the volcano.” He whispered and I nodded. I break away from him and walk to the bed, I lay down and patted beside me for him to lay.


“You know what I felt the first time I met her?” He asked as he laid down on the bed. “I felt a dark energy, but then I didn’t bother about it.”


It is something to be bothered about, I don’t ignore my instinct.



Calla’s POV


I left Lucienne house and get a cab to my parents apartment.


“Calla? Did anything happened?” She asked. I shook my head and sat down on the couch.


My mind was failing me, i couldn’t think straight.


Am I really a witch?


“Mom, i want to ask you a question and I need a answer, a real answer.” I told her and she nodded, I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes.


“Am I a witch?” I asked, her eyes widened. She keep staring at me.


“Wit…..witch?” She stutters.


“Don’t play the stuttering game now Mom, just answer the damn question.” I snapped at her.


She swallows and rubbed her palm together.


“Come on Mom, tell me.”


I sigh, what the hell is wrong with me?


“I am a witch, you are a witch.”she replied, what the actual f*ck is going on?



Witch? How is that possible?


“We are the last surviving generation of the true witches.” She whispered.


“How? I’m a human my whole life, why didn’t you tell me?” I yelled, I was angry.


If this is true then my life is in danger, our life is in danger.


Lucifer will not back down until he kill us.


What is my fate now?












(Loving the devil)




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