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(Running away)


Calla’s POV


I stood up from my bed and hurried towards my closet.


I pulled out my box and started pushing my clothes inside my box, my heart was racing erratically.


I need to get out of here as soon as I can.


I pushed everything I have inside my box, I was only wearing my light nightwear but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do is get out of this house before he returns.


I pushed the box out of my room and picked my phone and the magic book that I threw across the room earlier.


I pushed my door open and pulled my box along. I was being quiet so that I won’t wake Vanessa up.


Now my problem is the guards, I just hope they’re asleep.


As i pushed the front door open I glanced around but couldn’t find any of them.


I thanked my maker and quietly walk out of the house.



I walk towards the street and make my way to the highway. I flagged down a cab, the cab man came down and put my box in the hood of the cab and I got in.


The cab man was occasionally glancing at me but I didn’t care, I’m not I the situation to care what he think of me.


I don’t know where to go, I seriously don’t.


I just hope that Lexi is around, I can’t go to my parent.


They will be in danger as well.


The cab stopped in front of her complex and I got out, I pulled out my box from the hood and pay the cab man.


Thank goodness I still have the money he gave me with me.


I wrapped my nightwear tightly around my body and pulled my box towards the complex.


I enter the elevator and press the 7th floor, my head against the metal wall.


This is really crazy, I caused this, I caused everything.


If only I told him earlier, maybe….just maybe things wouldn’t have turn out thus




The elevator stopped at her floor and I got out, I was tired but still managed to knock on her door.


After the second knock I heard her steps coming towards the door.


“Who is it?” She asked, her high pitched voice echoed across the wall.


“It’s me, Calla.” The door was suddenly yanked open, she was shocked to see me in just my nightwear, with my box beside me.


“What’s wrong girl?” She asked, she helped me with my box and closed the door behind us.


I don’t know where to start.


I walk to her living room and sat down on the couch.



Her apartment was small but well furnished, she is living a good life, her family are not as poor as mine.


“Calla, what’s going on? Why are you only on your nightwear and with your box by this time of the night?” She bombarded me with questions.


I sigh and started telling her everything I know, from Lucifer being the real devil and me being a witch.


After i was through with my story, her mouth was opened in shock.


She chuckled softly and smacked her face timidly.


“Am I in a supernatural world or something? What the hell are you talking about?” She asked,her eyes almost popping out of her eyes.


Even though I was not in the mood but I couldn’t help but chuckles softly.


“Lexi I’m being serious here.” I sneered at her, she kept calm and sat down opposite me.


“I’ll stay here for some days, he must be looking for me by now Lexi, I have to practice my power in a secluded place like this. So please, don’t tell him I’m here no matter what.” I said, she look at me and nodded calmly.


“You have my word bestie.” She replies with a smile.


At least I’m save for now, I know that tomorrow is another day. I have to find somewhere to go to else I’ll put Lexi in danger.


I don’t ever want her to be in trouble because if me. Initially all my friends he knows are in trouble. Especially Arles!


Lucienne’s POV


A hand tap me in my back and I quickly opened my eyes.


It was Karla, she was somewhat scared.


“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I asked, tapping my hand beside the bed for her to sleep in.



“I feel weird aunt, father is very angry and I can feel it. He only sees blood right now.” She said. I quickly stood up from the bed and picked up my phone from the nightstand, dialing my husband’s number.


F**k this p**sy a*s nigga pick up the damn phone.


After the third ring he picked up.


*Baby, what’s going on? Karla wasn’t feeling Lucifer’s anger.* I said, they are both together in Dallas so he supposed to know what’s up.


*It turn out that Calla is a witch, and we’re back. Lucifer placed both Nessa and the guards inside his dungeon. He is very angry cienne.* He replies. Oh my goodness! Any being that enters his dungeon doesn’t make it out alive. Will he really kill his wife?


*And what about Calla?* I asked eager to hear that she’s okay.


Yes she is a witch, almost every demon will want to kill her but then…..


*She ran away before we came back*


“I’m coming.” I hanged up the phone and angrily smashed it on the wall. This is sickening!!!


Calla is a witch?


That explains it!


“Karla, you stay here. I’ll be back.” I teleport right inside Lucifer’s living room but everywhere was a mess.


There he was emerging from the stairs. His eyes were fixed on me like an hunter hunting it’s prey.


I backed away fearfully.



He keep walking closer to me and suddenly stopped, his fingers turned to a long claw.


“Tell me where the f**k she is.” He seethed out angrily.


I’m dead!!!












(Loving the devil)




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