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(Watch me tell him!)



Calla’s POV


Lucifer drove for about thirty minutes before he stopped at XC hotel?


“Lucifer, why are we here? I mean…..I thought….” I trailed off not knowing what


to say.


Truth be told, I didn’t expect him to bring me here after how many months?


“Today marks the third month of us meeting here, keep tab little one.” He said with a smirk before getting down from the car.


I pushed the door open and got out, staring at the giant hotel in front of me. Lexi will be so mad at me, for three months I didn’t call her, well neither did she.


I just wonder if she is okay.


Lucifer sneaked his muscular hand around my waist and led me towards the entrance door.


A guard quickly opened the door for us and bowed his head, not looking at his eyes.


I know that he was being exceptionally nice today because it is my birthday. He wouldn’t have let it go if it wasn’t.


Well I’m grateful that my birthday actually saved me.


When we walk inside, the people inside the restaurant turned around to look at us.


Their eyes particularly glued at me, making me extremely uncomfortable.


“Look at her one more time and y’all will be 6ft deep in the earth.” He seethed out.


I know that wasn’t a threat.


The Lucifer I saw on TV that day and heard a lot of stories about his animalistic killing will do as he said.



“I’m okay.” I assured him with a smile.


We walk to the extreme end of the restaurant and sat down on our table.


A waitress walk to us and smiled politely at me which I kindly return.


She bowed her head lowly for Lucifer and quickly turned to face me.


I didn’t know her, maybe she is a new employee.


“Here is the menu Lucifer and Miss.” She hand over the menu to both of us.


I go through the menu silently, occasionally stealing glances at Lucifer.


He wasn’t even looking at the menu but was occupied with his damn phone. She brought out her pen and note pad from her apron pocket, ready to take our orders.


“Hmm, please get me fried rice and orange chicken with some salad.” She wrote it down on her note pad, glancing at Lucifer.


I sighed and placed my hand on his causing him to look up.


“You’re keeping her waiting.” He glanced at the Waitress who quickly look away and shrugged carelessly.


“Get me the same thing she requested for, A bottle of the best wine on the rack and call the manager for me.” He said shortly. She nodded and rushed far away from our table.


I wonder if Lexi already left, I have to see her.


He placed his left hand on my thigh, squeezing it softly while the other hand was typing something on his phone.


“I want to see my friend.” He look up at me and raise a brow.


“A friend?” I nodded and look up to the part leading towards the kitchen.


“Can I see her before the waitress cones back? I won’t take long I promise.” This were my words to him and he nodded.



I stood up from my chair, dropping my bag on the table and walk towards the direction of the kitchen, swaying my hips as I walk.


I peep inside the kitchen and found Mr Norman the head chef giving out orders again.


I miss this, i miss cooking.


Yes I do cook for Lucifer but it is completely different from this.


Cooking for Lucifer is just like cooking for someone’s husband.


I saw Lexi at her post with a spatula in her hand. I beamed with smiles at the sight of her.


Gosh I missed her so much.


I walked inside the kitchen, my stiletto heel clicking on the floor caught everyone’s attention.


They were shocked to see me, Lexi was surprised.


She rushed to me and throw her hands around me.


“I hate you Calla.” She said and sniffed in.


“I love you too, bestie.” I said and chuckled. She released me and rake her eyes up and down my body.


Am the chefs were looking at me.


I smiled at them and turned to face head chef .


“Good pm Mr Norman.” I greeted with a smile.


“You look beautiful Calla.” He compliments.


“Thanks Mr Norman, can I borrow my friend for some minutes? I want to show her something ” I told him while grabbing unto Lexi’s hand. He nods and I dragged her out of the kitchen.


“I heard that you’re with Lucifer now.” She said and I nods in reply.


I took her to our table where Lucifer and the hotel manager were discussing.


Lexi was afraid of him so she stood beside me while Lucifer dismiss the manager.


“Baby, meet my friend Lexi.” I was surprised and proud of myself at the same time.


I called him ‘baby’ for the first time.


Lexi look down on her toes and fidget with her fingers.


“Be mine.” I mouthed. He smirked and look at Lexi.


“Nice meeting you Lexi.” He said and bring out his hand for a handshake.


Lexi looked at me and I signal her to do it.


“My pleasure, Lucifer.” She replies calmly.


“Okay, you can go now.” He dismissed her. I glared at him and glanced back at Lexi.


” I’ll definitely call you tonight.” I promised her before she walk away.


“You were harsh.” I told Lucifer while digging on my food.


He rolled his eyes and started eating.


An hour later we finished our elegant dinner.


“Thanks for today baby.” I told him immediately we got home. “I love you.” I kisses him on the lip while he wrapped his hands around me.


“I love you, mate.”


We walk inside the house and found Vanessa and Karla watching TV.


She stood up and walk towards Lucifer, a smirk on her lip.


She planted a kiss on his lip and took a glance at me.


“Hi, daddy.” Karla greeted and bow lowly.



“Karla, come dear.” I was also surprise because he is being affectionate with Karla which is rare.


Both of them left for upstairs while leaving both Vanessa and I alone.


She turned her attention to me and scoffed.


“He is already feeling magic in this house, why don’t you save yourself and leave.” She suggested, well for her own good.


“And why should I? He is my mate.” I challenge, raising an eyebrow.


She laughed darkly.



“Oh really? Your mate , if you’re confident why don’t you tell him?” She asked, being the one to roll her eyes now. “Or I will tell him myself.”


My heart skipped a bit.


“You won’t do that.” I sneered at her.


“Oh watch me tell him.”












(Loving the devil)



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