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Calla’s POV


I stood in front of Arles work place waiting for him, soon as I walk towards the door he walk out.


Seeing him makes me miss him more, I engulfed him in a hug. Holding him tightly, he swirl me around, my leg dangling in the air and I laughed.


“Put me down,…..put me down.” I said between laughter.


He put me down and I steady my breath.



He let his eyes rake up my body, a dirty smirk playing on my lip.


“My face is up here, Mister.” He look back up to my face and smile.


“You look more beautiful than I can remember.” Be complements. I giggled and started playing with my hair.


He always have a way with his words. Always making me blush. Not in a romantic way though.


“What happened to your arm?” He asked, pointing at my wounded arm.


“Just a little scratch, not something big.” I said with a smile.


“Let’s go now, shall we?” He asked, offering me his left hand. I took it with a nod.


When we got to the parking lot, he opened the car door for me.


“So where are we going?” I asked him as we enter the highway.


“Our favorite spot.” He winked at me before looking back at the road.


*oh and go* has always been our spot ever since we knew each other.


It’s amazing that we’re still going there again.


We got to the restaurant and took our table at the back (my main spot)


A waiter came to us and hand over the menu,I glanced back and forth at the menu and return it.


“Just get me milk waffles.” I look at Arles.”what do you want?”


“Get me the same thing.” He said waving the waiter off.


“So how is life with devil?” He asked, I furrowed my brow in confusion. Devil?


Oh, Lucifer!


“You make it seem more scarier than it is.” I accused, he just shrugged and look out of the window.


“Have you meet him before?” I couldn’t help but ask that one question that has been eating me up.


He stare at me for long five minutes then chuckled.


“I’ve seen him before, in his full form?” He replies.


The waiter brought in our order and we started eating.


“Have you gotten a girlfriend yet? I’m dying to meet her so that I can gossip you to her.” I said and giggled.


I imagine myself telling his girlfriend all the silly pranks we played on ourselves.


“I have a girl, but then I also don’t have.” He whispered. I dropped my waffles and scrunched up my face.


“What do you mean,?” He gazed outside and then back to the empty waffles.


“Lunch break over, let me drop you off.” He walk over to the counter and pay before walking out with me.


“Just drop me at the bus stop, I want to visit a friend.” He nodded and stopped at the bus stop.


He opened his door and got out the same time as I did. He walk over to my side and held my chin in his hand.


I closed my eyes and he left a peek on my cheek.


“We you later.” He whispered and I nodded.


Fifteen minutes later!



“Do you know anything about witches?” I asked Lucienne as we sat down in her living room, Karla was sitting beside me.


“Witches are arrogant creatures, there are witches but just few of them.” She said and smiled, “why are you asking about witches anyway?”


I can’t tell her the truth.


“I want to know more about them, especially the TRUE WITCHES.” I said and she sigh. She crossed her leg and dropped her wine glass.


“There is nothing Lucifer detest than true witches, he killed them all decades ago but then it later came to his notice than one of them. The heir to a powerful coven is still alive.


He has been looking for her ever since then and won’t rest until he kill every last one of them.” She explained.




That is scary!




“50 years ago,the true witches performed magic in his territory. Something he highly forbids. But the witches defiled his command because they were lead to believe that they can kill him”


Doesn’t make sense to me.


“If he see’s a witch can he know?” I asked, if I am a true witch like Vanessa claimed why haven’t Lucifer notice?


“He will know immediately only if the witch has been practicing her power, but if a true witch haven’t been practicing her power there’s no way Lucifer will know because he can’t smell it in her.” I glanced at Karla and she was staring at me weirdly.



“Moreso, a true witch can know a fellow witch, whether she practice her powers or not.” She added.


A true witch can know a fellow witch.


If I’m truly a witch which I highly doubt, a true witch at that then…..


“When will he be back?” I asked staring at Lucienne.


“In four days time, it depends.”


“Did Vanessa did that to you?” Karla asked pointing at my bandaged arm.


I nodded and glanced at it.


My mind was clouded, how did Vanessa know if she is a demon?


Does that mean she is also a witch without knowing?


T.b c








(Loving the devil)




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